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    What would you expect to pay?

    Personally i would not pay any more than £1,500 it is 11 years old and not done anything, you can get a much younger TB for less than 1k!
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    I'm a coward can anyone suggest a way to get confidance with drops?

    Hi Penshaw Equestrian centre is quite flat they only have 1 field which is on a hill and have fences both up and down hill, they have a xc schooling day this saturday with fences upto 3ft, also Glouster Lodge (sp?) is also nice to ride around, they have events there but you can also hire out the...
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    Being Nosey!!!

    How long have you been riding for? 19 years How Many horses have you got? 1 What is your main discipline and why? love dressage hate SJ but also enjoy xc Do you have lessons and if so how often and with whom? I have about 2 per month off my German instructor Sonia cant remember her surname as...
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    Work and horses!

    my boss to is not horsey i work 9 to 5.30 monday to friday and i am on DIY. Luckily my stables are only a 10min drive from work so can go there at lunch times if i need to. Also at christmas i got the call everyone dreads, my horse had had an accident and i had to go, my boss was great she let...
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    Does anyone want a Peacock???

    We had the same thing happen about a month ago, a peacock turned up at our stables and has since stayed, the yard owner has chickens and it has taken up residence with them, but has also been spotted living in one of our fields with the horses!
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    CAIR? For or against?

    I was really old school and thought that it was just a fad and nothing like traditional flocking but was talked into getting one when i needed a new saddle after my horse had had a long spell out of work due to injury. I have to say that my horse goes really well in it and it is really...
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    Drill rides- ideas for my lesson tonight please

    Hi there, i often do this with some of my lessons and have really good fun teaching it, i like to get them going down the centre line in pairs and then once they are all on CL get them to do an individual half circle to the track, or again down CL and split off at X and go to opposite corners ie...
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    Smallest Towing Car?

    I used to have a Mondeo and single trailer and it was great went up the steepest of hills no problem and horse always travelled happy and chilled.
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    Oh my dear lord.

    At least theives will not want to steal it so you could leave your tack any where knowing it would be safe!!
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    Loading - follow-up to previous post!

    Please can you tell me what you did and where to get one of the rope halters from, my mare has started to be very difficult to load, we have tried the feed in bucket, lunge lines etc and she will eventually go in after about 30 mins and a few helpers, any info that you can give would be great as...
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    Unaffiliated XC North East England

    I hired the course at Gloucester lodge 1 day last summer to school my mare - they have a good range of jumps including stone walls had a really good time, cant vouch for warren farm as ive not been there, hope this helps!
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    Another newbie!

    Hi im from Sunderland and have a bay mare 16.1 IDxTB who is 9 called April who i have had for just over a year, we do a little bit of everything from ridden classes, dressage and a little cross country. Thanks for the welcome everyone.
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    Another newbie!

    Hello, all I thought i would take the plunge and join in, as i have been lurking for a while and love all the advise that you guys give.