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    Taking on a Rescue dog.

    Just noticed you mentioned feeding the GSP, I have just started mine on a raw diet - including veg pulped, and am finding that they have a little more energy:eek: although they are 9 and 10 and they look fab on it, lovely shiny coats and no stinks or bad breath AT ALL and only small poops that...
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    Taking on a Rescue dog.

    aww congratulations on your new doggie, I have had GSP's for more than 20 years and I absolutely adore the breed, I shall always have a pointer in my home. They are loyal and gentle and highly intelligent, but highly motivated too!! I have one that is very hunty and one that is terrified of...
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    Holly had her photo taken by dollys new owner

    oh wow its a pointer, they always look good!!
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    Coloured stallion 'Mars'

    Hi I have a gorgeous ten year old mare by Mars who stood at Badgerswood Stud and I think that I have come across 2 stallions by him on the odd occasion that I have been "looking at horses" on the internet in the past, I shall have a think and a look and see if I can find either.
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    Ai services and reproduction vets in scotland

    Hope she is doing well and that you will soon have a goregous baby. Ben at Scotland AI is definately the best, however you could look for an AI tech to come and inseminate at your yard but you will need to be pretty bang on with your ovulation date which will probably require a scan from the...
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    Holly the model: German Pointer- Pics

    in my opinion you can never have enough GSPs in your life, they are the most affectionate and entertaining creatures alive! I have 3 rescues at the moment and I am very fortunate that I am home all day with them as they certainly like - no - demand human company. All my rescues have chronic...
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    would you back a 9 year old.....

    well! as her previous owner, I have been completely honest with you and can only say that in my opinion and based upon what I have witnessed with this mare I do not consider that she is worth the risk of being backed as was fully explained to you. As you have stated I advertised her to a...
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    Post- surgery advice

    you could try johnsons baby powder as this will sooth and dry it up without the skin cracking and stop the itching, sudocreme or nappy rash cream will help also. Hope this helps, have also used tea tree spray again soothing and mildly antiseptic.
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    My Beautiful girly :-) anyone else have a gsp ?

    Cant get enough of them, we have 3. An 8yo liver and white bitch bred from the Bessalone kennels, superbly beautiful but very needy and the best pet in the world, a 7yo white and liver! bitch free to good home in the paper so know nothing about her but had her since she was 4 months and she has...
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    E and L insurance

    Dreadfull, dreadfull, dreadfull - I use More Than and have had big claims of up to £2,500 each dog and they pay up promptly. Go for a lifetime policy so that they can not put exclusions on your pet at the renewal.
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    horse arena scotland

    hi, im in aberdeenshire and have just completed my menage with a sand surface and have manage to do it within a budget of 8k. The site required a lot of ground clearance/work as was originally a building so all of the cement and founds had to be dug up and buried elseware then a huge soakaway...
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    Chronic diarrhoea in lactating mare ,,

    have you tried koaline & morphine or scourstop type treatments, I always use something along those lines for a scouring foal and routinely get good results within 12 hours, hope this helps. Also, Is she in season, perhaps a hormonal inbalance or overload could be causing her to be so loose.
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    Anyone been invoiced for Danilon recently?

    Just been invoiced for a box of 60 £48.60 which works out at 81p per satchet.
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    Looking for a nice foal

    Hi I have a gorgeous cheeky colt foal with Donnerhall lines, born in early April and very bold with super movement. I shall pm you with some information I am a private breeder and he is very reasonably priced as I am really overstocked!
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    Breeding myths...

    Re Menstruating women around stallions I have a 3yo colt who is the first entire that I have had any experience with so I am just learning from day to day. He has covered and is well aware of the "girls" on the yard but I definately have not had any interest of any kind from him when...
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    Breeding Survey

    Please count me in this is a great idea and I always keep a basic note/record of my mares changes throughout their pregnancies particularly towards full term and I have a record of them all for the past few years. This allows me to compare notes on a particular mare from year to year in the...