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    Opinion poll .. hybrid hunting whips..

    OK. So what is everyone's opinion of those hybrid hunting whips - antler handle at one end, but normal jumping style (no thong/lash) at other - I think David Thorne does them? I can definitely see the point, but suspect they may be frowned on. What do you all think?
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    Full/Working Livery Yards near(ish!) West London

    I know that this has been done a million times before, but am looking for recommendations for full and/or working livery accessible from Hammersmith/Shepherds Bush, ideally not too expensive (!! ha ha) and definitely with some turnout. Any ideas? Am potentially looking to house 15.2 cob-type...
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    I am thinking of buying a horse which has apparently passed a 5 stage vetting test. Do I need another (?independent) vet to have a look at the horse? If I contacted the original vet are they bound to pass on info they know? Any advice?