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  1. Noodles_3

    TB x Dales breed

    She sounds like she was absolutely lovely and a big character! Bless her. Some horses just come into your life and really do change things for you. I've been unlucky in the past with losing my confidence and not finding a suitable match for me but this girl has brought me back and I'm having so...
  2. Noodles_3

    TB x Dales breed

    Wow she is a big girl! My girl is 14.3hh very petite! Sometimes from the side she looks to have a Roman nose, God knows why! On her papers it definitely says mum was dales and dad a TB .. Or the other way around I always forget! Fab breed though. The only thing she doesn't like is puddles! I...
  3. Noodles_3

    TB x Dales breed

    Some pictures
  4. Noodles_3

    TB x Dales breed

    I can't post any photos at the moment as using my mobile. I just wanted to see if anyone on this forum has any pictures of the above breed? My share horse is this breed and she is the most fantastic little mare ever!! She is so sweet, clever and most importantly so well behaved when ridden. I...
  5. Noodles_3

    Bareback Riding

    I hacked bareback today! Pony is fab with saddle or without. However my balancing skills are awful! I could easily slide off the side doing a pace faster than walk lol.
  6. Noodles_3

    What do people think to this foal?

    So the question is..... Are you buying her?!
  7. Noodles_3

    Looking for horse share but confused about an ad

    Hi igglepop, did you go see this lady? How did it it go if so? Good luck with your search.
  8. Noodles_3

    Loan / Riding Grimsby

    Hi I'm from Grimsby and I have used Cottagers Plot riding school in laceby. I know they can't always get to the phone so maybe pop in? They are friendly there. Not sure of any loans at the moment but I always see people advertising often on horses for loan and sale in grimsby on Facebook. Also...
  9. Noodles_3

    Project: Spaghetti Legs

    She is lovely! You have done so well with her. Just shows what a bad or wrong person for a horse can do to it. You got there in time with your mare and she looks like she's thriving with her new life! Well done :)
  10. Noodles_3

    Nostalga -- old magazines

    I'd love buy some copies of horse and pony! I was addicted to this magazine as a child
  11. Noodles_3

    Pony ill - urgent ideas?

    So sorry to hear this :( stay strong xxx
  12. Noodles_3

    Cob snobs need not apply>>>

    Totally with you! People are bonkers, critise the advert and try make the pony sound nothing then when the poor owner defends her pony she gets knocked for it! I am sorry but some of you are pathetic and really need to stop being so picky. The world would be so boring if we were all so perfect...
  13. Noodles_3

    weird dreams about old horse

    I even have dreams / nightmares about my pet hamster I had as a child who died in 2000! I dream I go back to my old house and it's empty except for his hamster cage and I approach it slowly wondering if he's still going to be alive after not seeing him for all those years. It's quite freaky!
  14. Noodles_3

    Very fat quarter horse..

    No help but have you got a pic of your QH? :) don't really get to see many of them here!
  15. Noodles_3

    Aquila Sports Horses

    I know a lady who bought her mare from them earlier this year and she is a lovely little thing. Sold as described I believe and she adores her. She always has nice things to say about them.
  16. Noodles_3

    Non horsey people - lets have a giggle

    Nothing great but this always tickled me, I put a picture on of my old mare and it was taken on a very windy day and her forelock and mane were blowing in the wind. My ex boyfriend commented really concerned saying 'Oh you could of brushed her hair for her babe!' Lol just made me giggle.
  17. Noodles_3

    Ad over there >>>>>>>>>>> Interesting colour.

    I am another one who would of said chestnut with flaxen mane and tail but I am no expert on colour!
  18. Noodles_3

    It's a sad day

    What a horrible woman! Makes me so angry, people like this. I am so glad that the police are taking it seriously!
  19. Noodles_3

    Memories of the old days,,, best memories b4 health and saftety

    This thread has made me so nostalgic it's great remembering the memories as a child! It's also sad as I ways remember how fearless I was, I was always chucked on the naughty ponies whether I wanted to be or not but always had a ball, even if I fell off! I used to be made to go over high jumps...
  20. Noodles_3

    3 months with new boy - update with pics

    Beautiful horse!
  21. Noodles_3

    A cute story and a new pony. Meet Kings....

    Stunning, stunning horse!! What a lovely friend you have too. Lucky you :)
  22. Noodles_3

    Zero confidence

    I feel for you, I can totally relate to how you are feeling. Young me was fearless, got on crazy nutty ponies and jumped for fun. Older me - confidence = shot to pieces. I did have an accident which contributed to this and I am slowly slowly getting better but in turn it has made me feel like a...
  23. Noodles_3

    ''You little Bleep'' Video. Accidents happen

    I don't know how anyone can make a judgement on what is the truth of the video given the short clip! I have watched it from different angles, it's however you want your mind to percept it! The girl looks aggressive, the girl doesn't look aggressive! I even could see it as a quick reaction to get...
  24. Noodles_3

    Horse owners time waste too!

    Yes bransby is near me, about an hour away :). Would of been ideal if it was a bit closer but too far to travel regularly with work etc! Ahh, it just goes to show from you peoples replys that there is kind, generous people out there with nice genuine ponies too!
  25. Noodles_3

    Horse owners time waste too!

    Aww I bet I would love them too! :) I just want a neddy to fuss over and give all my attention to!
  26. Noodles_3

    Horse owners time waste too!

    Ahh all you lovely people! It's so kind of you all. Very appreciated :). I live in north east Lincolnshire x
  27. Noodles_3

    Horse owners time waste too!

    Lol! Your light hearted post made me laugh, it's exactly what I thought! I would totally understand If they said thanks but no thanks but being ignored and wondering what's wrong is just rude! I'm so glad you've got an extended share, that's fab :). & thank you!
  28. Noodles_3

    Horse owners time waste too!

    Pm'd you :)
  29. Noodles_3

    Horse owners time waste too!

    Ahh well at least we can take pride in the fact we wouldn't do that to others :) thanks x
  30. Noodles_3

    Horse owners time waste too!

    Ugh, I know I just think it's rude and when I think about it it frustrates me! I think it's because I wouldn't treat someone like this. I think people just think if they ignore a situation it will go away! In this persons case it did because im not going to waste my time hounding them and coming...