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    Please Help - Bay Laurel Hedging

    One of my neighbours has been in contact tonight to say that they are planning to replace their fence between our field and theirs (we share a long field boundary). This is welcome news as their side is just run down barbed wire, and then there is post and rail with wire mesh on our side and...
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    May bank holiday weekend plans

    No weekend plans thread yet? I'm doing a couple of dressage tests on Sunday in yet another attempt at conquering my dressage test issues. So I'm not really that bothered about the result - main aim of the day will be to not have an anxiety attack. Saturday will be a non-horse related running...
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    Hoofcare: Retracted soles tips?

    Over the last few weeks Arty has developed slightly retracted soles and has gone a touch footsore on stones :( I know there's not a great deal I can do but wait for it to grow out, but I just wondered if any one has any topical lotions and potions that I could put on to help, or at least help...
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    Rain rain go away - all ok in the floods?

    Deleted. Wrong board....daft forum
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    Horse tech: trackener

    Has anyone used one of these? I was sent a promotional email from them and was just curious really:
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    Fly rug recommendations for the stumpier equine

    Little connemara knickers is really struggling with the flies atm - lots of running about at times and itching her tail and neck. I would like to get her a little fly rug just to keep her a bit more comfortable, but I'm not sure what brand/model would fit her, so am hoping that you lovely people...
  8. DabDab thoughts appreciated

    I'm currently scratching my head over the issue of wanting a new saddle for Arty. She is currently in an ideal Jessica, which fits her well enough, but I'm getting to the point where I can't bear to ride in it anymore - the seat is just too flat and wide in the twist for me 😔. And actually I...
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    Favourite schooling exercises for the Hot to Trot

    One of my young mares (Arty) is rather forwardly inclined, so as a distraction from the darkness and general drudgery of Jan/Feb, I thought I'd ask the HHO collective what your favourite school or hacking exercises are for the hot horse? I'm thinking of green horses who are generally responsive...
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    Is everyone in Wales OK?

    Hope nobody is badly affected by the floods. This storm has seemed never ending, how are things now?
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    Anybody else's horses gone crackers?

    Young figgety midgetty mare is out naked tonight because when I went to put their rugs on tonight she spent a good 70% of the time on two legs. So having got a rug on the big lad I decided that I cba with her (she will be very cross about this in the morning). I got five steps away and heard...
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    Indicators - they are really handy

    .....for communicating you're intended direction of travel to anyone on the road who isn't telepathic :rolleyes: Horse and I are not stood in the driveway to the golf club (prior to the very narrow, downhill stretch of road), like a pair of morkins because we are absorbed by the sight of...
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    Spragg Saddles?

    Does anyone have a saddle from this saddler? Particularly if you have it on a fairly broad, mutton withered native. Would appreciate thoughts/experiences TIA
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    Thunderbolts and lightning

    Woke up a 2am to thunder clattering all around and a disco lights effect outside from the lightning.... Thoughts jumped straight to the horses and thought "no, I'm sure they'll be fine, don't be a woos" Flipped out of bed and looked out of the window to see the paddocks lit up by a lightning...
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    When is a circle actually a volte?

    This is a question that I have been dying to ask since I was about 15, but have never been brave enough for fear that it was a really stupid obvious answer. Originally I was told that a volte was a small circle that was a specific number of strides, starting and ending at the same point. I...
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    Horsing around

    You guys just stay in there for 15 mins while I sort this roof issue funny business... Yeah right :rolleyes3:
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    How many steps do you do on your horse?

    Does anyone else have a step counting device that they put in their pocket when riding? I have a watch that I put in my pocket and it registers somewhere between 4 and 6 thousand steps during my morning hack (3/4 to 1 hour). I always wonder how much that would vary between horses/type of...
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    Emigration destinations

    Bear with me... It is c&t related :p So, in light of this winter's weather ruining most of our plans, what emigration destinations do you covet for less play stopping weather, a good equine competition scene, and good hacking?
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    Mothers day weekend plans?

    A bit early I know, but this is turning into a long week so thought this thread might see me through... I'm not up to much, but do have a lesson with someone new so excited about that :biggrin3: Then the other say I am working, followed by boxing out for a hack with a friend I haven't seen...
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    Why to use shoes H&H article Really?! I think the only points I agree with are referring to laminitis and those with seriously compromised hooves. My favourite 'fact' is "The weight of horse has a dramatic impact on the degree of wear. Obviously a...
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    Snow pictures

    I know snow is a bit of a pain when you're trying to get out and about, but it is pretty, so I thought a snow pictures thread would make up a little bit for those with outings cancelled this weekend :D So here's mine: Fluffy Teddy bear Blink to keep the snowflakes out Snowy trio Arty on...
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    Hey, just realised it's Thursday! Weekend Plans!!!

    Hello hello hello I've just realised that it's Thursday so to get us in the mood for the weekend we absolutely need this thread. So what is everyone up to? Not much for me - business as usual. I have got a new saddle for Dabs though :D so will continue enjoying breaking that in. He's a...
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    Weekend plans!!!

    Since I missed the boat with last week's I decided it was time for this weekend now. I have nothing much going on other than some hacking and lending my school to a friend for some pre match practice :) So what you all up to then?
  24. DabDab

    The end of horse-related collective marks in dressage? Thoughts? All collective marks dropped...
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    Eat my dust MP! Weekend plans :D

    That time of the week again and the factory is on shutdown so I'm enjoying being at home from now until Monday. Going to do a bit more with the midget as she's starting to act very grown up and is finally starting to bust out of some rugs :D Two days of hacking for the big man and then...
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    Finding a good instructor

    This advice pops up so often in response to posts about schooling issues, as if it is as simple as popping up the road and picking one out. But it's not that simple. We all know it isn't. So the question is, how do you go about finding a 'good' instructor? Do you look for someone with...
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    Weekend Plans!!!

    I'm taking the big lad to a showjumping competition on Sunday <laughs manically> Pray for my dignity... So what are you all up to?
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    Weekend Plans

    So, sun and showers this weekend - what are you all up to? (I appreciate may be hard to beat last week's successes) I'm off out to play dressage again :D
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    H Bradshaws - Coligone

    Just wondered if anyone has any recent experiences of ordering from them directly? I ordered from their website 2 months ago, money was taken, no goods arrived. 3 weeks later I sent an email enquiring when it would be dispatched. Received a response the same day apologising for the delay...
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    I'm really just curious what people's thoughts/experiences/motivations are with using earplugs on horses for competition, hacking, or just general schooling? I've never used them, it's never even really occurred to me if I'm honest - I know that they are used fairly extensively in showing...