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    Training Vouchers £100 to spend - advice please

    Jo Marsh Smith Very Good
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    Worst Accident

    Whats the worst accident you have seen out hunting? :crazy:
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    Advice if you can .......(shetland foal 4 months )

    Buy him a friend! lol haha x
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    Just had a random thought.!! can horses who have had strangles get it again?
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    Your hunt Subscription charge

    OK I may be think but if you become a subscriber do u still pay cap?
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    Cranleigh Show - unbelievable!!!

    [ QUOTE ] Its not a case of not going as we might spread it.. its more courtesy for the farmers around our yard.. they've been good to us, so we're sorta returning the favour. Cranleigh isn't a big show, we'll survive without going, whereas if the disease spreads the famers livelihoods will not...
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    Hickstead Sat 28th July

    I need an extra pass 2 for saterday!?
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    Kent show

    did any 1 go today? if so could you tell me how many entries in class 291? thanks
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    Second Dorset horse death with suspected knife wounds

    Havnt they also been suspected knife wounds in sussex?
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    New mini

    Ive got a loverly little in foal shetland mare.......
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    Ground report at Hickstead (with pics)

    do you think they could cancel the RIHS?
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    Livery Yards in Sussex

    try three greys or brendon
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    FREE Global Herbs FlyFree anyone?

    ill have it! i use it on mine
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    spelling sorry
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    your got the obosite problem from me we had a yearling colt gelden on mon because it was humping everything that moved sheep,kids and even the fence!
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    ok well here goes.....

    will doxxx
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    ok well here goes.....

    yeah she had 2 today and got 2 tommorow
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    Borde Hill

    thought going was perfect bout 12
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    ok well here goes.....

    well done xxx
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    oh a lil mule! how cute!lol whould she have any problems being so young? friend has seperated them tonight but she has been in season for 2 days!
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    help my friends 11 month old shetland filly is in season and is turned out with a yearling donkey colt could she get in foal?
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    Our first foal has arrived!

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    Rollestone stud

    up now so thats good!
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    Rollestone stud

    mmm hope nothing wrong!
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    Rollestone stud

    is anything rong?
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    foal prices

    very cute
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    I cant stop grinning!!!

    are you going to great chart next week end at blue barn in kent?