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    Dressage Team Quest - idiots guide needed

    Thanks very much! I'll pass it on x
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    Dressage Team Quest - idiots guide needed

    Hi there, can anyone please explain the Team Quest dressage events to me please. My friends are so confused! Are there unaff classes as a warm up to TQ regional etc? Many thanks in advance
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    BD on a pony as an adult

    Thanks everyone! 😊
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    BD on a pony as an adult

    Been out of the loop for a while, but can you do BD on a pony as an adult? My friend has a lovely new forest that is very capable. Thanks!
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    Farrier v's Barefoot Trimmer

    I've thinking for a while about using a specialist barefoot trimmer as opposed to my usual farrier. Is there a big difference in how they trim? What are the advantages? Is the cost vastly different? Also, any recommendations for a trimmer in the Tamworth area? Thanks folks
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    Help please - Laminitis, barefoot vs shoes

    Thanks everyone, much appreciated
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    Help please - Laminitis, barefoot vs shoes

    That was my gut feeling too. Going to try and avoid it if possible. Thanks
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    Help please - Laminitis, barefoot vs shoes

    My horse has had two bouts of laminitis since Feb this year. Owned him for 8 years and never had any trouble before. Diagnosed with EMS and PPID and currently on the meds required. He's always been barefoot, even before I owned him. He's now 15. What are your thoughts on heart bars/shoes to...
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    Please help me decide what lorry

    I wouldn't go for a 5t or 6.5t. I owned one and wouldn't again, I'd go for 7.5t every time. Lovely lorry but not enough pull or poke for 2 horses. They generally come with lots of payload, but the engines just don't have enough oomph in my opinion. I've had a 7.5t before and would definitely...
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    Hoof abscess in barefoot horse. Help please

    Thanks everyone. Vet and farrier both out tomorrow at same time. Vet will X-ray and then farrier will pick up from there. Will keep you all posted. Thanks :)
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    Hoof abscess in barefoot horse. Help please

    HashRouge, I'm thinking this too. A lot of people with cushings horses leave them well alone! Hope you can sort hours too, I know how frustrating this is and it's his first abscess ever. He had his first ever laminitis in late February. The hole is tiny but he had to dig quite deep to find it...
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    Hoof abscess in barefoot horse. Help please

    The vet has checked the toe. It was the first place he looked. How frustrating this is. Calling the vet tomorrow and asking advice. Farrier due on Tuesday and I'll book the vet for after that. I've got to sort this, poor horse has so many issues. I just want him comfortable again :(
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    Hoof abscess in barefoot horse. Help please

    Perhaps worth a mention that he's also a cushings and EMS boy and had his first ever bout of laminitis in February. Any connection? When he first presented lame, laminitis was my first thought, apart from the swelling up the cannon bone. He did have a whopping pulse, again, only in the one leg...
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    Hoof abscess in barefoot horse. Help please

    cptrayes, you've just said exactly what I've been thinking. I'm worried that he's got a little stone in there or that it's damaged the structure of the foot. My farrier is due on Tuesday so I'll start there, but looks like it's the vet again. He actually looks lame on the other leg but vet says...
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    Hoof abscess in barefoot horse. Help please

    I would take him off the danilon, I'm not surprised this is dragging on if he's on that. Did your vet tell you to use it? Yes, vet prescribed danilon. I would never use it unless under vets supervision. Thanks
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    Hoof abscess in barefoot horse. Help please

    Indy, I am the poultice queen lol. Thanks for the reply :D
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    Hoof abscess in barefoot horse. Help please

    Heelfirst thanks, you could well be right. The leg was filled to mid cannon too and has continued to do so on and off since the vet came out. When I walk him a little on it, the swelling disperses. The abscess is to the right side of the frog, very close to or on the white line area. The vet...
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    Hoof abscess in barefoot horse. Help please

    Over 3 weeks ago had a visit from the vet as horse presented very lame, literally fell out of stable when I took him out that evening. Vet came following day, tried farrier but no joy. Vet put the hoof testers on, positive result then excavated to find abscess. I've followed advice to the letter...
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    Old horse/ gassy colic- supplements?

    Fennel seeds are amazing for gassy horses and more importantly, they help in sending it through! Cheap and easy to feed too ;-)
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    Comparison video before and during bute trial

    Looks like right hind to me. Thinking this as its what my boy used to look like. Better in the 'on bute' vids
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    *spoliers* Kentucky SJ

    24? What a howler of a round. Shame for AN but I'm chuffed for WFP :-)
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    Thickened Annular Ligament

    My 15 year old Connie x Cob has had this surgery. He had no other treatment, as none would have worked. He had the desmotomy at Newmarket, stayed there until the stitches came out 10 days after surgery and then home. Threw caution to the wind and turned him out the following day as he is not...
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    How much of riding is. . .

    I once did a little experiment based on something I'd read about/seen on tv somewhere. The principle was that you said the word 'yes' out loud when the horse was doing what you perceived to be acceptable in terms of riding. For example, for me, it meant in a nice shape, forward from the leg...
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    Recommend me a saddle fitter please

    Craig is good. You could try Jo Beavis from the National Saddle Centre, she's excellent. I've found that boxing up and going to Horse Sense at Solihull RC is the best bet. They do travel but you have to wait a bit and Liz at the shop is fabulous. You can then use the arenas too!
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    sold from the field. what to expect?

    Its a gamble, like all horses are, but buying from the field is probably a bigger one. Go with an open mind, but I'd always be wary. Good luck :-D
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    Happy horse hops round Hambleden for a red rossie - we won!

    Brilliant! Wonderful when the hard work pays off. Well done :-D
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    annular ligament surgery - any success stories to cheer me up?!

    Mine had the desmotomy in October last year at Newmarket. After a lengthy rehab of walking, we upped it to trot and he was sound, until today when vet has been out and said that tendon sheath is inflamed, so lame again. Vet said that we'll probably have these sorts of episodes every now again...
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    Cost of a trim.

    £24 no travel costs
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    First Comp of 2014 - Dressage

    Lovely horse and a great improvement over those months. You look a brilliant match for each other. How big is she and how is she bred?