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    Skin Hardening Cream/lotion

    One of my horses is getting a rub from a small lump near the back of his saddle. Lump has been there since I bought him, it's a small fatty deposit according to the vet and nothing to worry about but is in an awkward place. Saddle fit has been checked but since he was clipped the skin on the...
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    Yard Share Offered

    Do you need a new base for your event horses? I rent a beautiful private yard near Ludlow racecourse. We are on a large private estate, the hacking is wonderful, there are all weather and grass gallops on site, national hunt training fences (use by negotiation with the trainer), an indoor...
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    Standing a stallion at stud

    Hoping people here can give me an idea if standing a single stallion at stud is financially viable? I have the facilities to keep the stallion (obviously!) and also facilities to take in mares for covering. I'm not looking to make a fortune but to cover the costs of the stallion and perhaps make...
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    Full/part livery near Ludlow

    Posting for a friend. Can anyone recommend good yards near Ludlow? Ones that specialise in hunting would be good. Are good yards easy to find round there?
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    EDTs Lancashire

    Can anyone recommend a good EDT that covers Lancashire? I can't get hold of the one I usually use and have been waiting for him to get back to me for ages. We can't wait any longer so recommendations would be appreciated.
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    Small bale hay required - Lancashire

    Can any Lancs folks recommend a supplier of small bale hay, preferably someone who can deliver small loads in the Preston/Blackburn area? I've tried my usual places but no joy, don't really fancy paying the prices at Crostons (£4.95 a bale!)
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    FEI to ban use of Calmers? (also in NL)

    This is only third hand from someone who was at the first BEF Anti Doping Education Days held at Darlington this week but amongst the new rules from 5th April FEI has stated that the use of herbal products that provide a calming effect are illegal - regardless of whether there is a test for the...
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    FEI to ban use of Calmers?

    This is only third hand from someone who was at the first BEF Anti Doping Education Days held at Darlington this week but amongst the new rules from 5th April FEI has stated that the use of herbal products that provide a calming effect are illegal - regardless of whether there is a test for the...
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    Broodmare/foaling livery North West

    Can anyone recommend or suggest somewhere that provides broodmare/foaling livery preferably in the North West of England? Mare must be out 24/7 (or barned with others). Other areas considered - priority is that it is a trustworthy place where I know she will be safe and well looked after so word...
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    Cost of fencing - any examples please?

    I've recently rented a yard/land. The fencing is not great and part of my agreement with the landlord was that it was up to me to replace any fencing. Obviously as I'm only renting I want to keep the costs down as much as I can but I would like to put some new fencing up and possibly replace...
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    Geoff and Oli's Champions Tour - Free Tickets!!!!

    I've just seen this on the Nedz Bed website. Lots of free tickets to Geoff Billington and Oli Townend's Champions Tour. All you have to do is email Nedz and tell them which venue and they'll put your name into a hat:
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    Racing thoroughbreds as two year olds is actually better for them?

    I guess this shoud really be in Vet or CR but it is a general question. I was watching the Morning Line on C4 on Saturday. They had an equine vet in as a guest and amongst the topics they discussed was the latest research done which concluded that TBs raced as two year olds got less injuries...
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    Nedz Bed Warning in Lancashire

    To all Lancashire folk someone is going round livery yards in the area trying to sell Nedz Bed at half price. Please be aware that the stock he is trying to sell is stolen and if you buy it you're buying stolen goods. If you do get offered this stock can you let the folk at Nedz know?
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    I'm going to be a Granny!

    Got the good news today from the stud - my mare is in foal. Yay! It'll be my very first, though it'll be the mare's sixth. Any advice on bringing her home from the stud - do I wait a week or so (she was last covered on May 6th). At home she's normally turned out with one of my geldings - is...
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    Tubigrip for icing legs - question for the eventers

    I was watching a video on Horse Hero where Kitty Boggis demonstrated icing her horses legs using ice cube bags held in place by Tubigrip bandages. Very informative and helpful apart from the fact Kitty didn't say what size Tubigrip she used. So do any of you eventers do the same thing and if so...
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    Enlarged veins on inside of lower leg

    I'm probably going to sound like a numpty here but has anyone had experience of enlarged veins on the inside of horses' legs? The one that runs down from the centre of the knee between the tendon and cannon bone. I had a horse a few years ago that used to get very enlarged veins. I always used...
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    New DEFRA/EU legislation - levy on all horses will be payable

    Has anyone else heard about this? I was on the train today and got talking to a guy who works for DEFRA. He'd just been at a conference where they were discussing new upcoming legislation being imposed by the EU and implemented by DEFRA. He said nothing had been decided for certain as yet but...
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    Does anyone know where this horse is?

    On behalf of a friend I'm trying to locate the whereabouts of a horse she used to own. He was sold through Oldencraig EC in 2006. He was born in 2000, is registered KWPN, approx 16.3hh, grey gelding, registered name Tador (by Xion (by Inshallah) ex Adia (by Furioso). He's a very sweet...
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    Rescued arab filly - Update

    Some of you might remember I posted back in September about a yearling filly I gave a home to. She was pretty malnourished and basically a hat rack. As a reminder this was her a day after I got her (September 23rd) This is her on Sunday - sorry the photos aren't great but hopefully shows...
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    Queenholme eventers - info needed

    A friend of mine is thinking of going to view a horse Mark Kyle has for sale at Queenholme. Has anyone had any dealings with them or any useful info? - it's out of our local area so some good (or not so good!) word of mouth would be very helpful. PM me if prefered.
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    My rescue filly (arab) - the story so far

    Last week I brought home an 18 month old purebred arab filly. She hasn't had the best starts in life and is very thin, rain scald pn her back and quarters and generally in need of lots of TLC. However she has been well handled, is very sweet natured, loves being fussed, ties up, leads and is...
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    My first yearling - feeding/handling advice required

    Next week a new addition joins my small band of equines. She's a yearling purebred arab filly. Unfortunately the people I'm getting her from have had a lot of financial problems and also problems with their landlords and grazing so she is quite poor in condition. She'll be out 24/7 on pretty...
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    Buying a just weaned foal - advice needed

    What are the pros and cons? What do you need to consider with regards to livery - are they best kept on livery at a stud or would a livery yard with two or three other youngsters be okay? Should they be out 24/7 through the winter (this would be a purebred arab foal)? Can they be turned out...
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    Back on Track - anyone used these products?

    Here's a link explaining what they are... The leg wraps sound great for reducing swelling after hard work - but is it just another gimmick or could they actually work (to all the more scientific minded out there)?
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    Joint supplements - product comparisons

    I can't remember who it was but someone a while back posted their comparisons of the various joint supplements on the market and the relative quantities of Glucosamine in each one. I did a search but couldn't find the original post. Can anyone remember which supplement came out best or even...
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    Care of legs after hard work/competition - questions for the eventers

    I've just been reading this article from the main site: It was interesting in that the vet expects to see a certain about of stiffness/soreness after a hard x-country round. It's all a matter of degree but how much filling/stiffness...
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    Hot hoof - any ideas?

    One of my horses is having what seems to be a randomly reoccurring hot hoof. Every so often his near fore hoof will be much hotter than his off fore hoof, not after exercise but after standing in his stable overnight. The heat radiates up the front of his pastern and front of his cannon bone...
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    Horsebox colour schemes - ideas needed

    I've just ordered a new build 3.5t box (very excited!) and need to choose how I want it painted. I'm thinking a combination of black and red (the colours I compete in) but really need some ideas of designs. I'd like something a bit different but have no idea what! Can anyone help? Photos of...
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    Long reining in the school - ideas needed

    I've just introduced myself to the joys of long reining in the school. I'm bringing my horse slowly back into work after a couple of niggles meant he's had a few weeks off - so I thought long reining would be a great way of getting him fit until I can get back on board. He's a star (probably...
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    Livery yards in Blackburn/East Preston area

    Never had to do this before! We lost our private rented yard a couple of months ago and moved onto a livery yard nearby however have now been told zero winter turnout so we're looking for a new livery yard or private yard to rent asap. Requirements are must have some winter turnout, a floodlit...