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    New puppy

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    Irresponsible Owners

    Well today my little BC was overwhelmed by a large young Rottweiller who had no collar on. The owner had a smaller Rottie with him (also without a collar) and was holding one collar in his hand. He called and shouted at his dog to go to him to no avail and I suggested that he needed another...
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    Poorly dog

    Fingers crossed for you Caleb x
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    I had to say goodbye to my darling GSD

    I am so sorry for your loss Mrs M x
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    What month was your horse born in?

    who could forget flower ! But what year was that? you will probably scare me with your answer - edited - just went and googled and found your update thread last year with your first sit on Flower. Cant believe how time has passed, what a lovely pony she is.
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    Working collie

    Super dog
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    Sweet dreams princess collie dog

    Goodnight sweet girlie, I am so sorry for your loss x
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    Irresponsible Owners

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    I do it with my little collie, its one of the few things that she can do really well and manage to ignore the environment she is in (she is an anxious dog and quite noise sensitive). We have only done it a few times but I am always astounded at how easy it is for a dog to understand what is...
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    GPS / Trackers for dogs?

    I did have to wait 3 months for mine which was annoying
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    GPS / Trackers for dogs?

    I use the Findster Duo. It does not rely on phone signal but uses GPS so we can use it in woodland. It is more expensive to buy but there is no monthly or annual fee so it works out cheaper in the long run. The base for the tracker to fit in is attached to collar or harness by a rather less...
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    Vibes for Roxie please

    Everything crossed for Roxie
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    Keep Fizz in your thoughts

    Hope Fizz is improving xx
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    My puppy is ill

    Just seen this, fingers crossed for your pup x
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    Outdoor kennels

    Just to note that if you are testing for giardia, you really need three negative tests over a period of about 6 -10 weeks to be sure its negative because shedding is intermittent, with two dogs they could just be reinfecting each other. My vet was shocked when my dog proved positive on the...
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    Which insurer

    well I have claimed loads on my insurance with Agria and they have only put the premium up a small amount each year. I have no idea about senior dogs or the premium for them either, but they have been very good to me and very efficient at paying out.
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    Mrs Collie - Ticking all the boxes!

    yay High Five Miss Collie
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    What can I do?

    You STAR *** missed this thread first time around so just read it all. Soo glad it all worked out for the dog.
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    A I love my Dog thread!

    Well Done Ralph
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    I am so sorry. That is totally heartbreaking
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    Balmaghie holiday lodges Dumfries and Galloway

    Brilliant thank you . Any issues with access to woodland as it’s shared between lodges ?
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    Balmaghie holiday lodges Dumfries and Galloway

    Has she left forum now?
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    Balmaghie holiday lodges Dumfries and Galloway

    Hello I have just been looking at these as possible holiday destination next year and I have in my mind that someone on here went here this year or last year for a holiday or am I imagining that? Was it Levrier ? I cannot find any of the dog holiday posts mentioning this place on search...
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    Trackers for Dogs

    its square, about 4.5cm x 4.5cm and 1.5cm deep. I would guess and say it weighs about 15-20 gms. You have to carry a similar module in your pocket as they 'talk' to each other when switched on, although you only use your phone to do the tracking. It is not very heavy . I have a tiny border...
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    Trackers for Dogs

    WE use the Findster Duo for our dog off leash in woodland. It does not rely on phone signal and you can set perimeters so that it alerts you when dog goes outside set areas. It came off once (attached to top of her harness) and I didnt notice for some while but easily found it using the...
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    Goodbye Bob

    Lovely tribute to an old friend. I am sorry for your loss x
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    What happened next?

    Well she was clearly trying to cheer them up as they were obviously out of sorts. What a wonderful caring corgi 😊
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    He’s here!

    oh he is soo cute , welcome Cecil (love the name) x