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    Polo Lessons Yorkshire

    Hi, Does anyone know of any places for polo lessons in Yorkshire?? (pref west yorks). We're two experienced riders with 1 polo lesson under our belts! Thanks!
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    Boots for Hunting

    Are lace front long leather boots OK for hunting?
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    Equestrian Clearance Sale

    Yeah says they're going to be selling Ariat stuff. It's in West Yorkshire, Sowerby Bridge.
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    Equestrian Clearance Sale

    Did anyone go last weekend??? Get any bargains? I came home with 2 rugs, some jods and a hat. I'm going again next Saturday to look at the Ariat stuff they've got coming in.
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    BEST PLACE TO BUY A 17.5 BROWN buy bates caprilli close contact saddle

    deffo ec :)
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    swollen neck?

    any ideas? underside of neck. is quite swollen and hot... basically looks like the horse has just grown a massive ewe-neck pretty much over night.. lol .. she has just had her vaccinations (first lot, on thursday) but that was done into her chest, and i didn't think swelling could move...
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    Sending Away!! - West Yorkshire

    andrew walker?
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    Shout out if your near gloucestershire..

    used to live in ciren and work in stroud
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    shes four, but lacking condition due to previous owner's finances (also hence feet). just come back into work after being broken and turned away
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    on this mare thanks
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    General opinions?

    another pic - with me riding
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    General opinions?

    four year old, just come back from being turned away and yes feet need doing! any other opinions
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    General opinions?

    on this mare? conformation,etc ? thanks
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    Livery Yards Halifax

    ogden EC do assisted DIY - search them on google church farm ec do DIY as well also - Littlemoore Old Barn Stable & GrazingStables Tel: 01422 380936|...
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    Reasonably priced breeches??

    K*TY ones on equestrian clearance
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    your perfect livery yard?

    what do you look for in a livery yard?
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    Equestrian clothing on sale?

    equestrian clearance?
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    DIY Livery & Farriers- Cheltenham

    camp riding centre - between chelt and stroud - grass or full livery? have pm'ed bout farrier... xx
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    which hunt?

    which hunt hunts around halifax?
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    Livery yards - Yorkshire

    have pm'ed
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    Livery yards - Yorkshire

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    Livery yards - Yorkshire

    diy or part
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    Livery yards - Yorkshire

    anyone know any livery yards around halifax? thanks xx
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    gatcombe 2007 - HHO member?

    teapot mentionned in the photo gallery that this might be a HHO member? just thought i'd flag it up incase they wanted the pics
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    abbey dressage combined training

    tomorrow - is it indoors or outdoors?
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    horse prices

    whats the lowest offer youve made on a horse compared to the asking price when you were buying? and whats the lowest offer youve accepted compared to your asking price when you were selling?
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    Sedation for Box Rest - Sedalin?

    my horse was put on sedalin when he was to be box rested for a long period of time. i have to say it had some effect on him but didnt stop him box walking/weaving, in the end i had him pts as the prognosis was so poor i didnt feel it waranted the amount of box rest he'd have to go through. he...
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    navicular fracture

    thanks xx
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    navicular fracture

    any experiences? how long you had to box rest for and whether it got better? particularly in a horse that box walks/weaves/cribs when stabled