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  1. Pinkvboots

    Arabi is 19 today

    I love my pony 💕
  2. Pinkvboots

    Impaction colic

    Any experience of it and how to mange it I have had another day of it with Arabi, he had similar symptoms about 2 years ago we checked everything then worms, infection nothing to give reason for it. I have found he has quite a noisy overactive gut compared to my other horse but he has a good...
  3. Pinkvboots

    Cushings question

    I had Louis tested last week as his coat was a bit weird this year and his result was 20, vet said 15 is the normal range and that his in a grey area. They have recommended he has the stim test to give a more accurate result before they treat. What I'm asking is is it really necessary to have...
  4. Pinkvboots

    Dressage girth

    I am being really dim I think 🤔 I can't work out what size dressage girth I need, he currently wears a 54 long girth but it is a bit long as in it almost does up to the top of the straps. I use flexigirths and I emailed them and he said a 28 or 30 inch does that sound about right I really have...
  5. Pinkvboots

    Albion classical Baroque dressage saddles

    Anyone got one or ridden in one? I have never heard of them but saw one for sale and was wondering if it would suit my Arab his built a bit like a Spanish horse.
  6. Pinkvboots

    Please keep your fingers crossed for us

    Have the vet out this afternoon to xray Arabi's hoof today his had 12 weeks box rest and his fed up now, so just hoping it's healed and he can start having a bit of turnout at last. my back is suffering from all the extra mucking out as well 😪
  7. Pinkvboots

    Im so sad 😞

    My friend just text me she had her beautiful Arab pts yesterday he was 19 and was a fantastic show horse I loved watching him at shows, I know my friend is devastated 😢 it's so bloody horrible when they go.
  8. Pinkvboots

    Snuggy hood people help

    Last year I tried a headless turnout hood on Louis and it constantly slipped down his neck and I did it up quite tight, his quite narrow through the throat neck area so that may have been the issue but I'm thinking should I try a size down. I bought a M/L as his 15.3 but his neck is not wide at...
  9. Pinkvboots

    Mud mats

    I have a gateway into my small field that gets really muddy and it's the gateway I use to get out onto the bridleway, it's only a very small bit that gets really bad so I wouldn't need loads. Only thing is there is concrete up to the edge of the field so would need to put them up to that edge...
  10. Pinkvboots

    Foot balance and lame

    Arabi went lame about 4 weeks ago infront only very slight like only noticed on a circle really so gave him some time off to see if it improved it didn't so I got the vet out a few weeks ago to x ray. He is about half tenth lame on both fronts and he has balance issues on both and his heals...
  11. Pinkvboots

    Quatro Dressage saddle

    Anyone got one had one? Or know anything about them I can't find much on line about them, any opinions welcome!
  12. Pinkvboots

    Acoustic Ears

    Been using them for a while now but twice last week my horse shook his head and the bridle came off luckily both times I wasn't on him but it's now made me wary, they really seem to help him concentrate and not hear all the farm machinery but it's worrying me. I do tie them on under his throat...
  13. Pinkvboots

    50g rug liners

    Derby House do these now only £32.99 free postage I have just ordered one they look pretty good.
  14. Pinkvboots

    Question about dressage girth straps

    Can you just put holes at the top of the strap so you can use a long girth or is it best to change them completely and get new ones put on.
  15. Pinkvboots

    Snuggy hood for sale

    Black M/L headless pull on hood used for about a week looks brand new has been washed, comes with original bag and spare patch £40 plus postage.
  16. Pinkvboots

    Soggy sore heals

    One of my Arab's pulls his shoes off in the field so he wears over reach boots, I bought some neoprene ones as everything rubs him and they were fine but I think where they get wet and sit on his heals its making them sore and soft and one has split. I gave it a good wash and put some iodine on...
  17. Pinkvboots

    Sick of this rain

    It's so miserable never known it like this in June and July everything is just soaked through and still muddy fields. Where has summer gone I think they are waiting to cut hay next door to me but no way can you attempt it at the moment it will be ruined:(
  18. Pinkvboots

    Spirulina anyone feed it?

    Someone recommended feeding it for respiratory health as one of my horses is pollen sensitive sometimes and it's particularly bad at the moment, I live opposite a spruce wood and everything is covered in yellow dust. Reading up on it it can also help with metabolic issues and a few other...
  19. Pinkvboots

    Cushings tests

    Would you have the normal acth test for a 16 year old or go for the strim test from the off as it's more reliable? Does anyone have a rough idea of cost for the test as well please.
  20. Pinkvboots

    Saddle seat savers for sticking in the saddle!

    I have a really lovely show saddle for my bigger Arab and it fits him perfectly he really moves in it compared to his GP. But I feel like I am going to slide off the side in it, it's really wide in the seat and it's quite new so the leather is so smooth, it also has not much knee roll although...
  21. Pinkvboots

    17" Heritage xw show saddle for sale

    Havana brown almost immaculate condition it's only been used a few times, lovely and comfortable to ride in and is ideal for flat backed types, can be altered by Matt at Heritage for a fee, if you are fairly local I would be willing to bring it for you to try if it's not suitable just pay my...
  22. Pinkvboots

    Its trying to rain!

    I'm doing a rain dance as my fields look really parched! even the horses are having a bit of a run around and look happy to see a bit of rain. Anyone doing a rain dance or have actually got some proper rain?
  23. Pinkvboots

    My horses were models a few weeks ago

    I got some lovely pictures of them these 2 are my favourites
  24. Pinkvboots

    Is this dangerous?

    Sitting on the top of a stack of chopped down trees about as high as a 2 storey house?
  25. Pinkvboots

    Swish liners

    What is the fit like are they true to size I was going to order some to go under my shires and weatherbeeta rugs as these have all sold out, I really need a 6'3 but wondered if a 6" would work it doesn't matter if not as my other horse is 6" so I can still use it. Anyway just thought I would...
  26. Pinkvboots

    A picture from the past

    My sister found some old pictures and sent me this one of me with Arabi at a show 13 years ago so he was 4, he won the Arab in hand class then we got supreme champion and they put our picture in the Essex rider. So let's see your pictures from the past.
  27. Pinkvboots

    Chelford farm supplies

    Anyone ordered from them? They Have a rug in stock I want but not heard if them before.
  28. Pinkvboots

    Turnout rugs help

    I mainly have shires and weatherbeeta that fit well and don't leak, but was looking for a 100g detachable neck shires in 6ft and struggling, so saw swish rugs and noticed they do the liner system as well and have 50g liners for pre order, anyone used them what are they like fit wise and for...
  29. Pinkvboots

    Hock arthritis treatments

    What does people mainly do now for low level hock arthritis? My horse last had them medicated about 2 years ago with steroid and I can't remember what else. I could have them done again but have heard about cartrophen which I have no experience of so would like to know if anyone has used these...
  30. Pinkvboots

    Fabsil gold

    What's best the liquid or spray?