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    Moving up to Novice

    Lllanymynech is a fab first novice is you are ready in time. Purston Manor, Somerford, Kelsall not too bad just want to ride confidently. Bold Heath is nice too. Avoid Cholmondeley.
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    Am I getting ahead of myself.......Stafford BE80 or not????

    You'll be fine especially for an 80 :)
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    Questions for if you've ever bought a "ready made" horse...

    I have had a couplel, not 100% ready made and they all have other strings to their belt now but I have had a lot of guidance and lessons along the way. The horse will only stay at a certain level without correct training for a limited time. You need to keep training and schooling them along the...
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    Kissing Spine Operation Recovery

    This was what I didn't want to do so just spent the money in the first place!!
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    Kissing Spine Operation Recovery

    We have started hand walking this morning. Luckily she is a gem on the ground so don't think this will be an issue. The box rest will be more the problem so she has a friend left in with her. Injections were an option for us but as she isn't insured I decided to just go for the operation as...
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    Kissing Spine Operation Recovery

    Of course I will be following vets advice but just helpful to get other people's experiences too. Have a very good physio who I use so will be working with her too. Have joined the facebook group, thanks :)
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    How much do you pay for lessons? Or how much do you expect to pa

    I pay £45 per however long it takes if one horse at my yard £40 if more than 1 as it is 45 mins travel for trainer.
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    Kissing Spine Operation Recovery

    Oh sorry Ligament resection. Only on 1 gap too.
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    Kissing Spine Operation Recovery

    Hello, just wondering if any of you have any tips or tricks that work well for kissing spine op recovery. Obviously the vet will be sending me home with a plan tomorrow but just wondered if anyone had anything that they felt made a real difference. Thank you :) x
  10. J

    Rodbaston. Has new

    Just wish there was a better surface on the warm up arena!
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    How to clean a hunt coat?

    These are the best Get the coat looking like new, don't press too hard though!
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    Stock pins! (May seem trivial, but...)

    I hunt with a pin like this!/Shires-Plain/p/2605341/category=661016 Much stronger than the 'pretty ones' and I sharpen it with a glass nail file.
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    Progression vs 'just having a go'

    I'd do it! I have done things like this in dressage/eventing and sj!!
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    Event horse

    Millie Dumas has some young horses for sale :)
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    Atherstone team chase report. first ever TC, with drama!!

    I think that is well up there with an Andrew Nicholson defying gravity save!!! That was incredible!! Well done you :D
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    "In my lorry I have.........."

    First aid kit horse and human. Spare clothes both competition and normal clothes. Spare gloves Lots of coats Lucozade, Red bull and Capri Suns (just enough for one and don't go horrible like leaving squash in there. baby wipes muck scoop and poo bucket spare headcollar and rope spare...
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    I grew up and bought a horse

    She is gorgeous and looks fantastic. You've done a great job!
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    Best harrow for menage/arena?

    I have this For my arena which is fibre sand with added combi-ride dual stabiliser.
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    Autumn hunting in staffordshire?

    The Albrighton & Woodland are starting Hound exercise tomorrow.
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    Scope festival? Stabling

    If I spoke to the Mother In Law I'm sure she would be happy to have you there for a night, 30 mins from the showground. 15 mins off M6 J14. Let me know if you want me to find out :)
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    trailer or lorry?

    I tow an Ifor 511 with a Land Rover Discovery, having never driven a trailer always a lorry it is a very good drive and very sturdy. I only use my trailer for hunting but I love it for shorter journeys. Top tip is to keep all your things in a couple of storage boxes for easy transport to a...
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    XC training - who & where, Midlands?

    Jonquil Hemming? No personal expereince but know she is your area.
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    Keeping your horse's focus when schooling in a field

    Time and patience. If the horse is used to normally being 'worked' in an arena it won't associate the field with work. I went to ride a friends horse last night in a 30 acre field but because that is where he is used to doing his work he was absolutely fine, Herbie on the other hand would have...
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    Recommend me a physio, dentist and vet please? Shropshire area

    Vet - St Georges Physio - Emma Dainty Dentist - trying to find one myself at the moment but previously used Gerraint Hughes when can get hold of him!
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    Equine dentist - Bridgnorth

    Any recommendations please? Have 6 horses to be done at one place. One has always been great with a tall male dentist then wouldn't let a slightly nervous lady near him last year so need to be sure of themselves. Numbers would be great too please.
  26. J

    A Badminton GR vs Bramham pondering.

    The only course near me i can think of with a true coffin and sunken road are both Weston Park and Brand Hall. Both amazing old fashioned courses designed by Janet Plant. I think we need more events like this!
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    Really Struggling to find quality SJ youngster...

    Castell Sport Horses/Amanda Forster
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    New Hat Needed for Showjumping

    I love my KEP hat but I think the Gatehouse Conquest hats are really smart :)
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    Anyone at Bradwall yesterday that can help Bonnie Fishburn?

    False alarm my stupid boyfriend had taken them thinking they were his wellies!!!!!! But thank you for sharing you can delete the message now!!!!! xx Bonnie's message on FB!