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  1. GlamourDol

    British Dressage UKCC Level 2

    Still on cloud nine!! Had my exam yesterday and only went and bloody passed! woooooo Sorry to bore you all, just still so happy. :D
  2. GlamourDol

    Fused Wrist / Nerves Cut - Experiences?

    Posting on behalf of a friend who is having to consider these options. Does anyone have any experience of riding after either of these two procedures? Any info good or bad will be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. GlamourDol

    Yards to Rent

    I'm putting the feelers out for a yard to rent. Around 8 boxes although will consider less (more, not a problem) and a decent school. If anyone knows of anything could you drop me a P.M. Thanks :D
  4. GlamourDol

    Anyone in Pembroke?

    More specifically near the docks. If anyone is could you drop me a reply / pm. Thank you 😄
  5. GlamourDol

    Shopping genius? Schokemohle grooming bag

    Any shopping pros out there? I'm searching for a grey and orange schokemohle grooming bag and cannot find one. It is last seasons colours so that might be why. Anybody able to point me in the right direction? Please? 😄
  6. GlamourDol

    What would you be paying for a tb?

    Hope this is okay but I've been asked for my view but I know absolutely jack all about the market for this type. She's a 5yr old with good basic schooling, she did race but just not quick enough. Hasn't competed but more than ready to. Any ideas? Admin, please delete if not allowed...
  7. GlamourDol

    Insurance for those who are freelance

    Hi everybody, I'm about to leave my full time job to go freelance training/ riding/ grooming so obviously I need to up my insurance just in case something were to happen to either me or a client / their horse. Does anybody have any recommendations for the best companies and also roughly what...
  8. GlamourDol

    Steroid induced laminitus

    I'm posting on behalf of a techno phobe friend, her horse has gone down with steroid induced Laminitus. Has anyone any experience of this? TIA x
  9. GlamourDol

    Help - new horse not eating. Need a none heating mix.

    Hi, just wondering If anyone can help. We've just had two new ones arrive from germany and one is not eating his hard feed. Went feed nuts, chaff erc but think we're going to have to put him on a course mix. Can anyone recommend a none heating one? TIA x
  10. GlamourDol

    Distal Sesamoidean Ligaments

    Hi, Has anyone got any experience with injuries to the Distal Sesamoidean Ligaments? Apparently they should be around 4mm where as his are at 15mm. Vets are talking about operating but one is saying that he has to have a GA and have it cut where as original vet said they pierce the...
  11. GlamourDol

    Sparsholt - Any one been?

    Hi looking for opinions on Sparsholt. We're looking at going for the regionals but having not been there before we're a little concerned we're going to get there and it not be great. Any body got any feedback?
  12. GlamourDol

    Anybody going to Cricklands?

    This weekend for the 3 day show? Hoping for sunshine. :D
  13. GlamourDol

    Can you soak haylage?

    Probably a bit of a silly question but got a good doer who could do with slimming down a touch. Is soaking his haylage an option or are we going to have to get hay? Thanks in advance and sorry this post is rather short, typed two full length posts this morning for them not to show up. GD :D
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    Just testing a post as I posted twice this morning and it didnt show up.
  15. GlamourDol

    Can you soak haylage?

    Possibly a bit of a silly question, but can you soak haylage and it still be safe to feed? Got one who is a good do er and needs to lose a bit of his belly. Work load and hard feed are both fine as he's in full competition work and on little hard feed. If we have to we will swap to hay...
  16. GlamourDol

    Can you soak haylage?

    Possibly a bit of a silly question but can you soak haylage and still keep it as a safe feeding option? Got one who is an exceptionally good doer and needs to slim down a touch. All the others are on haylage and are doing well on it. Its such good quality that we need another option for this...
  17. GlamourDol

    Leyland Court...

    Just having a nose really, is anyone going tomorrow?
  18. GlamourDol

    How things change... Wonder what these riders would think of the courses and safety requirements now? Love the horse that just said "NO!!" :D
  19. GlamourDol

    Need reassurance - New kitten...

    I know this should be in the Pet box, but i really need people to see it. We got a new kitten last night. Kitten is a 8 weeks old and a boy. We already have one cat, a 2 year old queen that was imported from Morocco and is feisty. Introduced slowly and as expected lots of hissing and claws...
  20. GlamourDol

    New Boots.....

    So the time as come to think about replacing my beautiful boots. Now, I am a Konig girl through and through but sadly I have to be a little realistic about the cost of them now I have to fund the damn things myself. :D So I wanted some recommendations. I have fairly sensitive feet, and if i do...
  21. GlamourDol

    Romantic II - A long shot.....

    Just wondering if anyone has this horse or knows who has him? He would have been sold from a Dressage yard in Essex around 2011.
  22. GlamourDol

    Going back to being cold and wet, but skinny...

    Yes you guessed it, as of 4 weeks I am back on a dressage yard full time. And I cannot wait! :D Wondered if you guys could give me some advice re insurances etc. Obviously the yard has full insurance, but as I'm now a little older and have more bills / responsibilities and no dad to dig...
  23. GlamourDol

    pussy cat with a broken tooth...

    Have just noticed that luli's left top fang (can't think what its called) has snapped off, think it must have only just happened, as she likes to show me her teeth! Its broken the tip off, but is this a vet job or does this kind of thing happen a lot?
  24. GlamourDol

    Anyone in South Wales?

    Got a big, non horsey favour to ask of anyone who is down this way. If anyone is down this way, please respond and i'll drop you a pm. Thanks, GD :D
  25. GlamourDol


    Is anyone based near/in Hove or Brighton?
  26. GlamourDol

    Travelling cat for 4 hours.....

    Hi all, just wandered if anyone had any advise on the best way to travel killer cat on a long journey? She has flown before which she was okay with but every vet trip in the car tends to end with her getting upset and pooing. Obviously this is easily dealt with on a short trip but four hours...
  27. GlamourDol

    Banwen P2P....

    Anyone going?
  28. GlamourDol

    Sneezing pussy cat....

    As title really, shes been sneezing for the past couple of days and was fairly quiet today. She had her jabs at the end of october, so would hope she hadnt picked anything up already. She came into the country a year ago with flu, so do tend to watch quite closely. Thought we'd see how...
  29. GlamourDol

    Anyone in Swansea -> Brecon area?

    As title really. :D
  30. GlamourDol

    Re backing very nervous horse.

    For nervous, read was sent to a dealer and owner thinks had several shades of s**t beaten out of her. Backed before and ridden by a child but has got herself so scared that shes had to start again. So owner has been lunging her etc, and I did the same today, jumped up by the side of her...