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  1. VictoriaEDT

    HH just debited me £145.20 from my account!

    Having just checked my bank account, I see Time Inc. UK Ltd have debited me £145. I had no idea who this was and Google told me they took over from IPC media so must be my HH subscription! Never has it been that price!! Is it right?!
  2. VictoriaEDT

    Carrot and Spud.....RIP spud :-(

    Have just seen on Bransby home of rest for horses that Spud was put to sleep on the 18th May after several bouts of Colic. RIP spudlet, I hope the two years after your rescue were the best years of your life
  3. VictoriaEDT

    Does anyone know ID breeder Linda White?

    Just trying to get hold of my horses breeder, numbers I have dont seem to work! Her name is Linda White, (passport says Linda White Egan) from Co Louis in Ireland. Conlawn Irish Draughts. Does anyone know her? thanks
  4. VictoriaEDT

    NFU claims address

    I have some bills to send off to them but cant for the life of me find their claims address on tinternet! Does anyone have it? thanks!
  5. VictoriaEDT

    Fao admin!

    Hi I cant post this anywhere else as I dont seem to have access to "suggestions" etc anymore. Since the new Forum I cant see soapbox, picture gallery, common room etc etc and it was fixed once for me but the next time I logged on, the members area disappeared again! Please let me back on...
  6. VictoriaEDT

    My new horse Hugo - ID

    So after a month from hell and losing my beautiful Charlie (coloured in sig) to Cushings/Laminitis I have bought my new horse Hugo. 16.2 turning 5 pure bred ID dapple grey. Breeding (for those interested!) Sire: Classic Vision RID and Dam Conlawn Rusheen RID premier broodmare so hopefully I...
  7. VictoriaEDT

    Why cant i get onto soapbox, feedback and pics?

    I cant post this anywhere else as I seem only to have visitors viewing rights despite being logged on as being VictoriaEDT! So I cant get Suggestions and Feedback, Common Room, Picture Gallery or Soapbox!
  8. VictoriaEDT

    Cant watch, are they all home safe?

    Grand National?
  9. VictoriaEDT

    ID or Irish Cob wanted

    I have been looking but cant find what I am looking for: ID Full irish draught 16.2-16.3 grey or coloured smart looking chunky gelding, sensible but not dull Irish Maxi Cob 15.3-16hh Grey or skewbald - Gelding smart looking like my beautiful charlie below in my sig (RIP) Age 6-12...
  10. VictoriaEDT

    Romeo is grieving, what to do?

    Im not quite sure what to those who didnt know I lost the most beautiful boy in my life on Thursday afternoon, after a battle with laminitis, I had to have Charlie (my coloured) PTS. I am utterly devasted, I adored him but my other horse is grieving as well. I have opened the...
  11. VictoriaEDT

    I thought I would never have to write one of these posts.....

    Goodbye Charlie, my beautiful little boy; you gave me the best 16 years ever and I could never thank you enough. I hope there is no more pain...........
  12. VictoriaEDT

    I cant stabilize Charlies laminitis

    As some of you know my beloved piebald cob had a severe laminitis attack for the first time in his life at the age of 20 over 8 weeks ago, he also tested positive for Cushings :-( Now on 3mg pergolide a day and has been for 3 weeks but we cant stabilise his laminits and im getting worried...
  13. VictoriaEDT

    Cushings - please cheer me up :-(

    Well, after 6 weeks of really bad laminitis Charlie (my coloured)had his ATCH test and it came back positive for Cushings. So naturally I go to the laminitis trust website and do more reading to see that if laminitis is the first clinical sign you notice then "the outlook can be grave"...
  14. VictoriaEDT

    what would you like to see in a dental magazine article

    A magazine has asked me to write an article about 10 useful facts about dentistry and I am interested to know what you as potential readers would like to see within these facts.......
  15. VictoriaEDT

    My facebook if anyone wants to join?! Feel free to add yourselves!
  16. VictoriaEDT

    box of frogs......

    .Can we have some pics of doughnut and molly please?!
  17. VictoriaEDT

    Anyone know about breaches of Data Protection Act?? Solicitors?!

    Despite a relatively healthy income and being v good at paying credit cards I found that I wasnt able to get any loans a year or so ago so ended up taking a higher rate loan out (rather unwillingly but a necessity!) I have also been unable to get credit cards. Yesterday I thought this is...
  18. VictoriaEDT

    Right then you generous lot - we need your £££ again! Save war dog.... Basically the soldiers adopted a black lab puppy Tangye (now 5 years old) in Afganistan and it goes on patrol with them including being around gun battles etc. Soldiers now deem it too dangerous to take him...
  19. VictoriaEDT

    To those who worry about your oldies chewing ability

    Read this article, hopefully you may find it useful! Page 24-25
  20. VictoriaEDT

    Anyone want to join my Facepack page?!

    Sorry my mother calls it facepack just to annoy me! (she doesnt get it!) Anywhere, here is my work profile: feel free to join!
  21. VictoriaEDT

    Jeffries 5 point breastplate....retarded sizing?!......

    Charlie cob had a new saddle made for him before Christmas but unfortunately he had a "loaded shoulder" so the saddler suggested getting a 5 point breastplate to stop the saddle slipping back. So today I bought a lovely Jeffries FULL SIZE breast plate and whether I am being retarded or Jeffries...
  22. VictoriaEDT

    How much do you pay?

    To hunt on Boxing day? just curious! :)
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  24. VictoriaEDT

    My Facepack - feel free to add

    I have set up a facepack (or book!) account so feel free to add yourselves if you want:
  25. VictoriaEDT

    jackets - what do you wear?

    I need to buy a jacket but dont want to spend the money on a pure wool one, can i just wear a black show jacket? :)
  26. VictoriaEDT

    Update on 3 shet Xs needing home before they go back to the abattoir

    I think Box of Frogs will be having the 15yo mare (fingers crossed!) So thats one down and two to go........a 5 yo (mares daughter) and a 4 year old gelding For those that havent read, I have a client who has tried to rehome them after picking them up from the abattoir when she took some sheep...
  27. VictoriaEDT

    Anyone looking for shet x companion? its their last chance

    I have a client who took some sheep to the abattoir in the summer and came back with 3 shetland Xs who were going to be shot. She has been trying to rehome them with no luck and today she made the decision to give it another month and if they dont go she is going to have to take them back to the...
  28. VictoriaEDT

    When did you last fall off?

    Just out of curiosity? I fell off 2 years ago on the road off a 17.2hh beasty! previous to that I havent fallen off for 3 years! touch wood!
  29. VictoriaEDT

    Carrying on from car post - who has a Discovery 4?

    What do you think?! What is the real MPG? I borrowed one from a dealer the other day and fell in love but am trying to work out the real life mpg!
  30. VictoriaEDT

    Any accountants on here?

    That I can ask a quick question to? Please!