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  1. Peregrine Falcon

    So, if not riding due to heat, what are you doing?

    I have been into the cupboard of doom and shed. Spent over 3hrs pricing up and sorting out all my stuff ready for a tack sale next week. How does one collect soooo much stuff?
  2. Peregrine Falcon


    Worryingly the trees here seem rather full of acorns. Pannage dates have just been released, I hope we don't lose too many this year.
  3. Peregrine Falcon

    We have rain!

    Proper wet stuff😁
  4. Peregrine Falcon

    The Oaks

    What a tight finish! Well done birthday girl-Tuesday.
  5. Peregrine Falcon

    Run free Flicka

    Let my beautiful girl go to pastures new today. She's been a walking vets bill since September last year. Scoping her in Feb found a food bolus at the entrance to her stomach. This morning she had managed to get trapped in the new fence-thought she'd broken a leg. Vet attended and my fab farrier...
  6. Peregrine Falcon

    Scottish National

    Well done to the trainer and the team for their 1,2. I enjoyed watching them come home in that order, my account was healthier for it🙂. Hope the faller was ok.
  7. Peregrine Falcon

    Sleep well crazy Maisie

    The old girl was breathing rapidly when I got home this evening. Her lady friend said she'd been asleep most of the day and returned her. One look and I knew. She came into our lives in 2004 as an approximately 12-18month old. We had 2 tabby brothers who treated the house like a hotel, I wanted...
  8. Peregrine Falcon

    Proud horse parent alert

    Last years project has recently started doing some more jumping, taken her to clear round sessions. Went to a different, bigger venue today for her 1st competition. She behaved brilliantly from the moment we arrived. I told son to take her as steady as possible as she maybe a bit "looky"...
  9. Peregrine Falcon

    Thank goodness for half term!

    One pony vetted and collected One pony went to the vet for investigations Two ponies bathed Two ponies clipped One pony taken SJ'ing Three ponies ridden One pony walked out Phew!!
  10. Peregrine Falcon

    Opps, it appears I have one more to poo pick!

    So we picked up this chap today. Not exactly what we were looking for but he caught my eye!!
  11. Peregrine Falcon

    Anyone want to guess what this is?

  12. Peregrine Falcon

    Things learnt from today

    Clipping in the wind is bad for ones eyes. Employing teenage kids is a nightmare. I have threatened to remove phone from his hands more than once!😠
  13. Peregrine Falcon

    Teen boys clothing

    ARRRGGGHHHHHH!! A nightmare, why couldn't I have had a girl-no issue buying jods, riding tops etc??!!😠 I know I'm not the only one to suffer from this but *grits teeth* it is so hard. On the search for a tweed hacking jacket as he's going to do some WHP classes with our lovely pony. I can...
  14. Peregrine Falcon

    Just being a proud mum

    Took our inexperienced pony to her first outing under saddle today, a clear round afternoon. She was a star-so proud of her. Never seen a course of jumps before, no spooks. Happily popped, well flew the cross pole course then took the 50cm in her stride. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and so did...
  15. Peregrine Falcon

    Cat defending me

    Was on the phone to my farrier booking an appointment and having a chat this evening. Husband walked into the room and made some smart comment about me to the farrier-Shadow jumped up and bit him. How I laughed!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
  16. Peregrine Falcon

    Vets recommendations Exeter area

    For pre-purchase 5 stage vetting.
  17. Peregrine Falcon

    Pigeon delivery

    By baby pussy cat. Rather pleased with himself, me less so!😾
  18. Peregrine Falcon

    Welsh National

    So Mighty Thunder, could you take it back to Scotland? Or can Potters Corner win again?
  19. Peregrine Falcon

    Testing for PSSM2

    Negative for PSSM1 but suspect PSSM2. Those of you who have tested for type2 which did you perform? Biopsy, blood or hair?
  20. Peregrine Falcon

    Racing today

    Cracking day for the females. Bridget Andrews, Byrony Frost and Snow Leapordess. My namesake didn't fare very well though.🙁
  21. Peregrine Falcon

    Finally found some long boots!

    By default I have after all these years, finally found some boots that 1. Don't go over budget 2. That FIT!!!!😁😁😁😁. A certain saddlery has sale on and I tried to order a pair for myself and my son. One was out of stock but the pair I ordered for my son arrived today. They look rather big for...
  22. Peregrine Falcon

    Cloudy Glen

    What a superb race. Great for all those connected with Trevor.
  23. Peregrine Falcon

    Clipping salon

    Did friends pony yesterday. Grabbed my riding pony and son's larger pony today clipped them. Son's other pony came in the stable under her own steam to ask to be done too!🤭
  24. Peregrine Falcon

    Husband uttered words I never thought he would!

    We sadly lost my old boy Friday. I sold a pony earlier this year, so for the first time in years, I am able to count on one hand how many ponies I have. He actually said we could do with another pony as we were low on numbers. Am hoping my forest mare caught up with the stallion this year. I do...
  25. Peregrine Falcon

    Should I?

    In need of some cheering up after loosing my old pony Friday. A friend of mine has some kittens.......
  26. Peregrine Falcon

    Sleep tight my best friend

    The old boy could barely walk this afternoon when I came down. Called vet who confirmed my worse suspicions. Made the right decision to set him free. I love you so much Benji. Xxxxxxxxx
  27. Peregrine Falcon

    Brewers Yeast

    I've been feeding this to my mare for a number of years as recommended by a vet due to suspected ulcers/possible digestive issues (scoped clear). I now see from another thread that research has suggested that it causes issues. EEEEEKKKK. So what do you feed for good digestive health?
  28. Peregrine Falcon

    Sorry-tow car question

    I have now fallen out of love with my disco. I am selling it once the next bill arrives. I don't have a surplus of cash reddies lying about either sadly so my options are limited. A quick look on adtrader for my price range comes up with a few options that I don't know how they tow or if...
  29. Peregrine Falcon

    And phew!

    After speaking to vet and farrier Tuesday I was preparing myself for the worst yesterday. Didn't sleep well, couldn't eat breakfast that morning. Burst into tears after bumping into a friend whilst riding. Phoned the hunt to find out cost and explain where I was in case I wasn't totally capable...
  30. Peregrine Falcon

    Proper pants day😥

    I suspect my old boy has a touch of laminitis. Vet and farrier called. In on deep bed and bute. Also then get a message from friend who I sold a pony to years ago asking if I want to go and see her and she's come down with it again (EMS sufferer). I've never had one with it before and have...