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    Odd problem with Wellies!

    Hhhm yeh a few ideas there-may give the neoprene a try when i buy the next pair!! And BSJAlove- I sold her in September- we weren't a good match and have absoloutely no time! I do have my other little mare back off loan, but she will hopefully be off again soon- trying to get into vet school...
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    Odd problem with Wellies!

    Hi, haven't been on here for ages, but thought some of you guys may be able to help... I have extremely bony heels at the back, and this means that I constantly wear through the lining of shoes. My last pair of wellies took precisely 4 days to wear completely through the lining to the rubber...
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    DIY livery

    £22.50 per week. Includes school, loooads of grazing, storage, tack room, stable. Hay £2.50 per bale, straw £2 per bale :)
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    Derby House - anyone had problems??

    So many times- have given up with them now. Equestrian clearance are good.
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    What is the most comfortable and secure saddle you have owned

    I loved my thorowgood T6. Kent and Masters is just the leather version of thorowgood, so I can imagine that being equally comfortable.
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    What illness/injury could cause disunited canter?

    Could be a whole number of things- kissing spines, sacroiliac, saddle, hip problems... Good luck :(
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    Cordless Clippers....

    I have liveryman harmonys, which I think are great. Probs wouldn't get through tough feathers, but can't fault them apart from that.
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    what do you think of this mare ?

    Well she looks nice but is way overpriced. Having sold the coloured ISH in my sig for substantially less than that, and she was not far off ready to go out and compete... it's a buyers market, get her price down.
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    Show us your before and after projects - *PICS*

    Lady when I bought her: Lady a few months later: Bean when I bought her: Beans last summer (lol look at the size difference in me too :p) :
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    Soaking hay

    We have to soak at work, some horses in the block do have problems, so they all soaked. I hate doing it though, makes my fingers freeze in winter, and the water smells absoloutely foul.
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    Liveryman Harmony Blades...

    I've had my wide blades sharpened..... how on earth do you get a neat clip with the narrow ones??! Mine are fine blades, aren't yours? They cut soo short... Think i had mine done with clippersharp?
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    Thoughts on radios playing all day in yards

    When I'm at work we have the radio on when mucking out, so most of the morning, then i might put it on if i get bored.... its not there for the horses sake though!!!
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    Pictures of shapes you've clipped into your horse! (stars etc.)

    The one with all the stars was for demo purposes I think :) I think.... I did a star a few years ago, made a stencil out of sticky back plastic.
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    harmony clippers ...

    Yes they are quiet. Not sure how great they'd be on a massive cob coat, but they're great for me :)
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    Worst day of my life :'(

    I am so so sorry, that is awful :( Huge hugs to you, what a horrible shock :( x
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    Update: Dizzy and LOU

    Glad that things are getting sorted :)
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    More clashy-clash than matchy-match schooling progress pics

    I have a real soft spot for your boy- he is so unusual yet so gorgeous :) His neck looks so much better, and I love him even more now :)
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    To get a professional to jump Dizz - is the LOU worth it...

    Right, I understand :) But would it be enough to convince the insurance company without her going lame?
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    To get a professional to jump Dizz - is the LOU worth it...

    How are you going to prove that she can't BS? By jumping her, then is she goes lame that's that? I am so confused!!
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    Raff is going out on loan! advice pleeease...

    Well I did a contract but tbh it's not worth more than the paper it's written on..... Visits- I could go whenever but usually took a week or so if I wanted to meet the loaner there too. I went 3 times in the first month, then about once a month/every 6 weeks afterwards. Excess- loaner...
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    Whats the longest you've not been able to ride for?

    4 weeks when I couldn't because of a broken collar bone. But I have only ridden maybe 5 times since June this year anyway.... lack of horse power!
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    Please can i see you coloureds?

    In my sig, she's for sale ;)
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    I will never loan again

    Am inclined to agree. My girl hasn't been mistreated thank god, but it has turned a little bitter in the end, and I am picking her up next week. It has been so so stressful, that I really don't want to do it again. :/
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    Amigo LW T/out, thoughts???

    Love them, never leaked for me either and they fit really well.
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    How many rugs do your horses have?!

    Oops forgot the fly rug- make that 9 for lady.
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    How many rugs do your horses have?!

    Lady has 8.... one not even taken out the bag. Bean had loads but a sold all her stable rugs, now wishing I hadn't. Ooops.
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    Mares.....Are they a one person horse?

    Yes, I believe they tend to be more one person horses than geldings, because I feel you can get a better bond with them :)
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    Has your horse ever made you cry??

    Yes. Both of them have many many times. Which is another reason why I really cba with horses anymore. In the past 2 years I have come home in tears far more times than I've come home smiling. Typical, everytime you want to give horses up, you can't get rid of them. And when you don't want to...
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    I hope that I never have to sell a horse again.

    Horsemart ad is on its 2nd bump now, with the new price. I really need her gone :(
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    I hope that I never have to sell a horse again.

    Whoevers asked- no I haven't had her long really- since february. But she is too big and too expensive for me! And I don't have the time with a wannabe-vet-student workload :p No chance of full loaning her, i have already loaned my other one who I didn't want to sell and its been a bloomin...