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  1. JoannaC

    Grief due to loss of horse

    I did the same wondering if she didn't have enough turn out whether the change from hay to haylage caused it (she had inflammatory bowel disease) etc etc I think it's natural to think about these things but at the end of the day it's just something that was beyond our control. Try not to beat...
  2. JoannaC

    healing vibes for my boy

    I'm so sorry that you have had to go through this when you are already having a bad time. You did everything you could, hugs to you.
  3. JoannaC

    Grief due to loss of horse

    Saskia I totally get your grief. I'm not sure if Shida was before your time at Anne's but the grief when I lost her was no less than when I lost my mum especially as she helped me through that time in my life. She was my world, my life revolved around her and similarly to your situation it...
  4. JoannaC

    Hobbies after giving up horses

    I still have the horses but do far less with them. I do more training and agility with the dogs as well as finding new walks to go on. I've also got into Koi fish which is a very therapeutic and timewasting hobby!
  5. JoannaC

    Fat horses, this weather, frazzled grass

    My two are fat and on similar but by the amount of poo I assume they are getting plenty. Also if you are giving them hay in the day I wouldn't worry about the night. Mine come in during the day but they just get a small feed so they get their supplements and then some hay at lunchtime.
  6. JoannaC

    Catlips Farm sad news

    So sorry for your loss but what a great age x
  7. JoannaC

    Catlips Farm sad news

    That is going to be some task...
  8. JoannaC

    Catlips Farm sad news

    I was in Kevin's year, were you OBH North?
  9. JoannaC

    Catlips Farm sad news

    I know a lot of you had the pleasure of frequenting the shop at Catlips and others like me had the privilege to keep their ponies there for many years. Sadly Sheila passed away at the weekend at the age of 93 after having a stroke. Sheila was the ultimate horse woman, she had forgotten more...
  10. JoannaC

    Should there be a weight limit for people at shows (and if so, what and how?!)

    I can relate to this as last year my weight had slowly crept up to 11 stone, i'm 5/6, so I decided to try Noom. Well I lost the grand total of 2 pounds which went straight back on so I decided to accept that this was my new weight. This year I was going in for an op and discovered my blood...
  11. JoannaC

    So - If horse riding was banned......

    I'd carry on as i am as hardly ever ride anyway, two are non ridden and I struggle to find the motivation to ride the ridden one. I definitely wouldn't get any more though so once i'm down to one she'll have to go on livery.
  12. JoannaC

    Please help, herd turnout!

    The yard I used to be at had a large mixed herd and 99% of the time new horses went out had a run round and then were fine. Until mine went out, she got chased and bullied and had to live in doh. I did have three others living in the herd with no problem. I then got a new mare who went out...
  13. JoannaC

    Hay / grass alternative

    Soaked grass nuts or fast fibre? My old boy can't eat grass so he has those as a grass/hay replacer as well as speedi beet and veteran vitality
  14. JoannaC

    Moving an Old Horse

    My old pony came home to me this year, he is 28 and settled in straight away and had a 2.5 hour journey. If he is usually chilled about these things i'm sure he'll be fine.
  15. JoannaC

    This must affect someone here.

    High street shops are going to be a thing of the past so why not turn shops into housing, keeping the restaurant's, coffee shops etc who will have plenty of foot fall from all the new residents. Often within walking distance from a station. Offices will be needed less as we now know a lot...
  16. JoannaC

    Staffordshire house hunt

    If you don't want land I think you should be able to. I do love house searching so will have a look round where I live which is just outside Stafford.
  17. JoannaC

    Arabi is 19 today

    I loved Arabian Lines it was such a shame when it stopped. I still go on and read some of the archives, such a lot of interesting stuff on there. Although I did spend far to much time on it when I was meant to be working :-)
  18. JoannaC

    Arabi is 19 today

    Happy Birthday Arabi such a handsome chap, time goes so fast doesn't it Ishara was 18 last week doesn't seem that long ago that she was an unbroken 4 year old!
  19. JoannaC

    If you had your time again, would you bother with horses?

    I've been reading books where the character dies and wakes up at a previous point in their lives but with all the knowledge of their previous lives so have had this conversation recently on what would you do if you woke up at 13 knowing everything you know now. I would definitely continue with...
  20. JoannaC

    Tell me about cocker spaniels please

    My experience of cockers are stubborn, needy, likely to bite and find it hard to settle. On the plus side incredibly loyal and once they hit 8 far more relaxed :p I personally would never have another but to be fair she hadn't been well treated prior to her coming to us and she is absolutely...
  21. JoannaC

    Arab - Russian/Crabbet/ideas

    Can't think of any Russian breeders off the top of my head. I like the Crabbet/Polish mix myself. Daphne Cocksedge of Romac stud breeds some proper chunky types with really lovely temperaments. Not sure if she has anything this year though as she had an accident and her stallion and some...
  22. JoannaC

    One year on - “not so new” boy update

    He's lovely and yes it's so unfair that they lose the dapples! My latest grey is now going fleabitten which i'm quite chuffed about as all the others have just gone white. Of course a gleaming clean white horse is still very lovely but of course being in that state is a rare thing :D;)
  23. JoannaC

    New (old) pony

    Ha ha well it would be handy if he could live long enough to see my older arab mare out so I can ride the other one!
  24. JoannaC

    New (old) pony

    I always call them mini Arabs too, I had a section B as a child and she was definitely a mini Arab and probably the reason as an adult I only ever end up with grey arabs!
  25. JoannaC

    New (old) pony

    I bought a section A for my nephew back in 2005, I say I bought I ponies for my nephews but they were for me really, well I definitely got more enjoyment out of them than they did! Anyway he soon gave up but I had a little girl sharing him and I took her to pony club and shows and we had a...
  26. JoannaC

    Boswellia experiences

    I've just bought some for my 28 year old section A so will be interested to hear of others experiences as well.
  27. JoannaC

    Posting pictures of horse that is no longer yours?

    Gosh I often share old pictures of me on horses that I had on loan or sold long long ago (they would all be dead now). I also share pictures of friends horses that I've taken over the years. Really don't understand the problem if the pictures were taken at the time of ownership. I love...
  28. JoannaC

    Do people buy without vetting?

    Not at that price but didn't vet any of my cheaper purchases who have all been fine for what I wanted to do.
  29. JoannaC

    Skinny? (Not dipper… more general)

    He looks spot on, Cyril at 9 months is really lanky looking but even Honey at 8 this year has a waist. As already said far too many fat labs about!
  30. JoannaC

    Dog vs bitch

    We got a dog Lab this time and whilst he is a big softy he has been far more challenging than the bitches. More bitey, destructive and manic in the house and a bit of an escape artist, I only have to turn my back for a minute and he's in next doors fields whereas my bitch just stays with me...