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  1. Megan_T

    Unbiased advice!

    Haha, oh joy! You're not filling me with confidence ;) Any advice on a decent insurance plan? or ones to stay away from?
  2. Megan_T

    Unbiased advice!

    It's probably a good thing that they're actually friends with my parents really, rather than ourselves. So, although I'm sure they will enquire how he is doing through my Mum, I don't think they will want to visit him at any time. I've certainly not got that impression. Plus, I think it would be...
  3. Megan_T

    Unbiased advice!

    Thank you, that means a lot. The one thing I don't want to do, is take on the little guy on a permanent basis and then suddenly think "Oh, how am I going to do this?", to then discover "oh, I can't do this" and then end up as one of those people who give up the dog because they didn't think...
  4. Megan_T

    Unbiased advice!

    Ah yes, that is the plan. He is used to a crate at home anyway and always stayed in one when we dog-sitted for him. Luckily my Mum still has said crate in her garage :-)
  5. Megan_T

    Unbiased advice!

    Thank you all. Really good comments and have some things to think about. Henry thoroughly enjoys his exercise for sure! He's very good on and off the lead which is a blessing. At the moment, I walk around 5 miles a day with the little one, so hopefully that should be a good start then he'll...
  6. Megan_T

    Unbiased advice!

    Hello everyone! I'm just after some unbiased advice from you lovely people :-) I have always, always wanted a dog but have never been lucky enough to have one. My husband had a lovely springer whilst growing up and they had a great relationship. We have recently been given the chance...
  7. Megan_T

    What do you do with your dog if you work full time?

    Lol! Sorry, 6.10PM is what I mean - doh!! I'm very glad I don't work 23 hour shifts ;)
  8. Megan_T

    What do you do with your dog if you work full time?

    I've asked you guys this question before because I refuse to believe that only people who work part-time or are retired can have a dog. I'm still not convinced that myself and my other half could manage it. We both leave the house at about 7.10am and are back at around 6.10am, so I think...
  9. Megan_T

    Forum Member Roxana...

    Oh my days, please don't confuse me with all this talk of boots! I've just spent another 30minutes finding my ideal horse to cybernap - now you're telling me I have to find some fancy boots too just to add to the effect? Lordy, this is getting difficult. I don't know how this girl does it ;)
  10. Megan_T

    Forum Member Roxana...

    Well, that's just seen off 35 minutes off my life :) Reading and getting my head round all of this! How sad it is when general numpties and average-joe's like us are put off posting pictures of our wonderful (but distinctly average ;) ) beasties for fear of some headcase stealing them and...
  11. Megan_T

    Our 2011 competition year.....with pictures and vids

    You look a fantastic pair :D Wishing every bit of success in 2012 xx
  12. Megan_T

    Recommend me a vacuum cleaner that will pick up dog hairs, hay etc!

    I LOVE my Dyson Ball. It's quite simply, awesome :D I don't think it's healthy to get quite this excited over a hoover, but, quite honestly, I don't care!!!!
  13. Megan_T

    PMSL! Sibe owners alert!

    Hehe! :D
  14. Megan_T

    Hovis' Friday Diary - the BIG announcement

    I'm a bit slow on the uptake here, but massive congratulations! :) What a wonderful thing to do for a wonderful cause! If I have enough money this month I'll be buying mine! xx
  15. Megan_T

    Two More Police Dogs Dead - Left In a Car

    "The dying animals were found by a maid at the Met's dog training centre in Keston, Kent" Eh? What, because he/she forgot they'd left them in there and someone else found them when they went to clean it? What the hell is that about? Why did someone else find them?
  16. Megan_T

    All right my AAD friends

    I would have said that's quite cheap I think? I run a small photography business (not doing small pets though, just horses and people!) and I would have thought with the amount of work you probably put in, you might want to ask for more than £50... especially if you're having to travel too...
  17. Megan_T

    Ellen Whitaker and Henry Cavill engaged!

    Yes, many congratulations to them both :) I did think it was very fast though! hasn't it been less than a year? Or is that my imagination? Lol. I was thinking about it the other day when I read the news and thought ".. but they haven't even lived together yet!" I hope they find they can...
  18. Megan_T

    inconsiderate whip use at badminton

    Pip6 you are SO right - I went to a small local show last weekend with my friend and saw so many teengers whipping the ar*e off their horses and ponies. I was quite shocked to be honest, no-one batted an eyelid. I even said to my friend when we were watching that if she treated a horse like that...
  19. Megan_T

    inconsiderate whip use at badminton

    Brilliant post, well said.
  20. Megan_T

    Badminton XC thread

    Theyre restarting
  21. Megan_T

    Badminton XC thread

    Yeah it was the rail into the sunken road. Poor girl. Hopefully they just need to take her for precautions seeing as she was unconscious for so long.
  22. Megan_T

    Badminton XC thread

    The interactive service says it looks like they're airlifting her to hospital. Helicopter is there. I don't imagine we will know anything until much later on.
  23. Megan_T

    Badminton XC thread

    Gosh..... this is taking a long time. Hope poor Elizabeth isn't seriously injured.
  24. Megan_T

    Shameful riding at Badminton XC

    They all have balls of steel in my opinion. Must be a nasty fall at the sunken road for Elizabeth Power to have caused such a long delay. Hope horse and rider are both okay..... always worrying. When the BBC stop commentary as well, you know it's bad.
  25. Megan_T

    Billy Elliot @ dressage competition **very proud!**

    Love him! Well done on being selected, I'm sure you'll make amazing use of it! Let us know how you get on :)
  26. Megan_T

    Bay Gelding-Freezemarked 26DU-Cambs area

    Fingers crossed for a safe return. People make my blood boil.
  27. Megan_T

    Saska - Missing on loan/possibly stolen

    Excellent news that she has been found safe and well and now has two mummies! Does this mean she gets two Christmases and two birthdays? ;) All the best to you both.
  28. Megan_T

    Stolen While on Loan

    Any news on this little mare?
  29. Megan_T

    Five have a Fun Day - with Frillies - in Derbyshire *vids*

    Awesome report :) More please. Your comment about the "non hills" of Lincolnshire made me smile - oh so very true ;)