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    It's that time of year again! Eventers

    So having just got into my first event of the season (Somerford) with my new horse, I am so so excited, if a bit nervous too. :D Tell me, which event do you have planned for your first of the season?
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    Please help- stray dog

    :confused: Tonight I picked up a stray golden lab wandering on a very badly lit road, obviously frightened but very friendly when i got out and called him to me. His collar has a phone number on, which is very difficult to read as it is almost scrubbed off but I have left a message on the...
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    A solution for my dressage phase problem

    I usually score in the high 20's, but the main comment I am receiving at BE is - Needs to be more consistent in the contact and needs to work over her back more. Does anybody have any useful exercises or tips to help with these problems. :)
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    Skipton Photographer

    Does anyone know who this was this weekend?:confused:
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    Horsebox - £15k

    I was just wondering what do you think £15k could get me hbox wise, and are my expectations realistic? I currently have a 3.5 ton, but I need a larger hbox now for various reasons. On my wish list is Y reg upwards . Horse area up to 3 max. Iveco or Daf Tilt cab Decent sized outside...
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    Hen - kana

    My friend has asked me to arrange a hen-do with a difference for all her 'horsey' friends :) So I was wondering, do you think any riding schools would be open to letting us use their ponies for an hour or so to do a few gymkana games? We can all ride to a decent level (I event, most others...
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    Anyone competing at Chatsworth?

    I'm going on Saturday armed with new toy (camera). If you would like someone to stalk you on the dressage, sj or xc let me know your number and I'll do my best :)
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    A small Rodbaston Report

    Nice times, so arrived mid-morning at Rodbaston. Drove through a thunderstorm of rain to arrive to a very sunny Rodbaston :) I was on my own, luckily neddy is very good at being left on her own whilst I walk the course etc. Dressage 35, which left me in 2nd place (judge was harshly marking...
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    Dalmar Eventing Boots

    Does anyone use these? I had a look at their website and it really sold me on the fact that they have a cooling system and carbon fiber linings. I have always used Eskadron but I do worry about them heating up the leg?
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    Any ideas what this could be? Hocks?

    Today I brought my mare in and noticed a slight swelling on the outside of her hind leg (mid cannon bone). I didn't think too much of it so I got on and took her for a ten minute hack (in walk) before I used the school. Got her into the school and she was hopping lame :( I got off and cold...
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    Roll Call!! Kelsall Times are up

    And I get a lye-in!! Don't start dressage till 2.54 :)
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    Eventers / SJ'ers - Position

    I may be really slated for this and I kind of already have been by my show-jumping friends. But I take quite a 'defensive' seat when going up to a jump, I put my weight more into the seat of my saddle about 3-4 strides out and when I go over the jump I give gently forwards with my hands. *I...
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    Draycott PN Report (pics included)

    A nice early 4am start for us yesterday, arrived at Draycott at 7am to walk the xc & sj course. This is the first event in over a year for us as we were off last season due to a strained ligament, so to say I was nervous was an understatement. Dressage (usually our best phase) was...
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    Rider Injuries

    As part of my degree I'm looking into what are the most common injuries to riders (either when competing or at home) so if anyone can tell me injuries they have had I would be really grateful just to get an idea of what the most common injury is. I was looking at the BE website earlier and I'm...
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    Boots (with dead sheep linings)

    I know years ago that I was really into clarendon boots and even wore them xc :O, but my excuse is I was a young teenager and knew no better. As a sports science student the biomechanics of the materials used in all my horse's gear really interests me. So why is it that these kinds of...
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    Advice from all you breeding pros

    I have been wondering for a while now whether to breed from my girl, she is healthy and fit and I have great support from YO who is experienced with breeding etc. So as this is a general musing what advice would you give to someone like me who is considering breeding from their mare for the...
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    Horsebox - Recommendations

    I'm in the market for a horsebox, and wondered whether anybody had any recommendations for horsebox dealers/manufacturers in the northwest area please :)
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    Thoughts please..?

    I have been considering since I have started jumping my girl again, that she has started a tendancy to just run at jumps a little bit too enthusiastically. Whilst I'm pleased she is enthusiastic, i would like a little bit more control just in the last couple of strides. I currently ride her...
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    Dear God,

    On Monday I am sending my best friend to you. Frankie, is a chesnut gelding with two white socks and a blaze, he came into my life 20 years ago and I am so sorry that at the grand old age of 32 we are going to have to part. Please keep him warm, please keep him fed, please give him a big...
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    I'll have one of these please santa
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    Quick Question - Horseboxes

    I am about to advertise my horsebox and I just wondered apart from the lovely H&H, where else would you look for a horsebox. I thought of maybe Horsequest & Horsemart. But are there any others out there that you think could yield responses?
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    Are you guilty of this!

    I found this really funny rant about horsebox drivers on a Car Forum and just thought I had to share - Now, for those of you whose idea if weekend fun is watching 2 ½ tons of fine French cuisine leaping over low fences, I’d stop reading right now as I’m about to go off on a proper rant… so I...
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    Unusual Bitting Question

    I was hoping one of you guys may know the answer to this question that I have been asked today, and which i am still stumped about.. Imagine a plain ordinary snaffle, what is the difference from having small bit rings either side or large bite rings either side? I honestly don't know :(
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    Food help for a senior dog??

    Hoping someone in here could help me (on behalf of my mum) We have a 9yr old huskyxGSD, he is currently on Pets at Home Senior dry dog food (gravy or the chicken flavour) But he has started not eating it unless my mum puts some cooked chicken drumstick with it, and only then does he...
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    My husky is deaf!!!

    Ahh, recall has gone down the swany!!! For the last two weeks for some reason my 'darling dog' has decided to totally ignore my calls for her to' come'. I walk her every day on a long lead and usually play a game with her asking her to come to me, rewarding her and making a big fuss then...
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    A dog to go with a husky

    Anybody any bright ideas? I am considering when madam is at least 1 or 2 yrs old and established in her training etc of getting another dog. I have been toying with the idea of a gsd or collie or even a ckcs. Please don't suggest another husky (1 is plenty!) Has anybody else teamed a...
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    Crates & wee wee's!

    Ok, so we are 4 mths old now. We pretty much have the potty training sorted apart from one issue. In the morning I come down and open the back door, then open the crate door, puppy goes outside and does her business. Over the last two weeks she cannot contain herself and does the wee the...
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    How much should I charge?

    I have been helping a friend out by recently riding her horse and also giving her lessons. As this is a good friend I haven't charged her for the help I have given. However, a lady has approached me who has been watching us for the last few months and has asked whether I would be prepared to...
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    Food Aggression?

    It seems I have created a 15wk old monster! A couple of days ago I went to take a chew off her, and she let out a very loud snarl at me, I instantly told her off (clipped her on the ear to snap her out of it) and took it anyway. I don't want her to be food aggressive, its entirely my...
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    Can husky's do agility?

    Just wondering as today I was teaching my friend (on her horse) and in the school were raised trotting poles. I took my little girl over them, and she got so giddy and was having an absolute ball going over them, she enjoyed it so much and kept running round over them again and again. So...