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  1. *Sahara

    Flu confirmed at Bewdley

    Basically right on my doorstep :(
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    Ok so I'm still a bit tipsy but really, bave you ever seen a fly rug like this? I mean really?
  3. *Sahara

    Best cordless clippers

    Liveryman harmony plus
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    October ... still on summer grazing!

    Beautiful pic only me! I am having no such luck as the field is unusable due to being refenced so am having to stick them in the winter paddock already 😩
  5. *Sahara

    So sad at this situation

    Just like Arabians, you need to have an affinity for them.
  6. *Sahara

    Rotten News Re: Tim Stockdale

    Hope he recovers well and soon! Love to see him ride.
  7. *Sahara

    How to pay for a horse

    Cash but have put a deposit down with PayPal before now.
  8. *Sahara

    Sorry, I really am...🤦🏼‍♀️

    I hope they are able to sort out the search function too but sadly no still not working (at least for me) I school in a grass menage over summer and winter but if it gets too wet then i would simply school while hacking, much safer and can give you and your horse a great refresher from going...
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    Horslyx - anyone use them?

    Just a tub of sugar, not good!
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    Tracing new owners of horses- a musing

    It comes off to me a 'nut job' aswell, Nugget's sellers aren't bothered in the slightest about him, honestly think they wanted shot as he was in the way sadly. I'm friends on fb with Dante's breeders as i contacted them when i purchased him, i wanted to know about his mother and more about...
  11. *Sahara

    When do natives stop growing?

    Well I've done the string test and it looks like he's going to grow another 2 hands, meaning he'll be 13.3, and if this ends up being true then it's good news as that was the minimum for me 😓 christ I'm still going to worry though!
  12. *Sahara

    When do natives stop growing?

    I will do the string test tonight and see how he comes out, he is stressing the hell out of me, if he doesn't grow big enough i don't know what I'll do, he was supposed to be my riding pony but don't think i have the heart to sell him on it he doesn't make the hight i want 😢
  13. *Sahara

    When do natives stop growing?

    No haven't tried the string test, he looks like he may have welsh d or highland in him but that is just a guess.
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    When do natives stop growing?

    Hello all hope you are well, i haven't been on in a while so was shocked at the change and really shocked by the search no longer working 😞 but on with the question, when do natives stop growing, I'm trying to figure out how big Nugget will end up, he's a cob mix (a mix of i have no idea)...
  15. *Sahara

    Is this a bit mean? considering the time of year!

    A bib clip is widely used for horses and ponies that are not rugged and field kept through winter, go for it he'll be fine ☺
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    For ID fans

    Beautiful 👍
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    Horse trimmers

    I have liveryman harmony plus and love them
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    Matchy Thread - All your matchiness please!

    Oh my god
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    No words :D
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    Need some help please

    Thank you guys xx
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    Adventures of Arlo: First beach ride!!

    Omg he's beautiful, and what a fun day!
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    Need some help please

    Hello everyone, hope you're all well. I need some help, I've been toying with the idea for some time now. If i was going to loan out one of my boys for a coulple of days a week just for hacking, what kind of loan/share agreement would i draw up legally? He wouldn't be leaving my yard and i...
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    Matchy Thread - All your matchiness please!

    So nice :)
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    Matchy Thread - All your matchiness please!

    # **** it's beautiful :( why...why did I look
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    Laugh of the day

    Using your bike as a tack rack ;)
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    Guide pony!

    This :)
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    Please watch: unusual sign of colic

    Sending get well vibes!
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    What horse did you set out to buy and what did you end up with?

    After realising I was going to lose Rupert I set out to look for another horse, preferably something I could ride, well after trying a tb and it not going well I set out to look for the horse breed I have an affinity with, Arabians. I was looking for a youngster I could bring on, but there...
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Brilliant :D