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    Searching for HARVEY!

    Hi I'm looking to trace HARVEY, a 13.2 chestnut gelding with a thick flaxen mane and tail. He would be 13/14 now and he liked to nip and could be quite stubborn but was quite a good jumper. He was last sold in Malpas Cheshire in 2012, we miss him and would welcome any info xxx
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    What creature does your hose share feed with? Pictures

    She doesn't seem to mind.....
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    Pictures Improvement in four weeks!

    From my wild shire TBX with headcollar sores and dull coat To this in four weeks I'm so pleased with how she is coming on!
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    Rugging.....let's have a debate!

    My shire TB x will have a waterproof on all winter and nothing else. This is to keep her dry as I believe a horses warmth comes from the provision of good and adequate forage. There are people on my yard who's horses are already trussed up like Xmas turkey's so god knows what they will do when...
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    Charging through gateways

    So my wild shire TB X has decided that she likes to charge through the gate when coming through with me hanging on to the leadrope for dear life! Things I've tried so far; 1. Sing 'the owl and the pussycat' as we go through 2.holding her tight with my elbow in her neck 3. Holding the end of...
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    Update on new wild shire TB X

    Well Olwen had the farrier this week and he trimmed her fronts and congratulated me on the work I've done with her, as he saw how untouchable she was when I first got her. He is doing the backs next time so that she didn't feel over faced or stressed. She was really good. I bought her in from...
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    Beyond the call of duty! What does your YO do?

    I've mentioned before I have mental health difficulties. Having a horse does give me a real purpose (most of the time!) My YO holds and gives me my medication daily as I'm not aloud to hold my own medication and have to take it supervised daily. This is above and beyond the call of duty and I...
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    Depression and horses

    I suffer with mental health problems. Today I can't even open the curtains. The farrier is coming to our yard and my mare is supposed to be trimmed for the first time. I just can't face it. Does anyone else suffer crap like this??
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    How long does it take to bond with a horse?

    I've had my project two year old a month now and days of rope burn, nearly being jumped on are taking their toll. I've gone from being really impressed with her progress, to thinking 'what am I doing?!' My last horse in my signature was a safe happy hacker and now I've got this semi wild two...
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    My eating machine/horse

    I know she's a growing girl who hasn't had the best start in life but my shire TBX eats like nothing on earth!!! She has two feeds a day of chaff and calm n condition and I give her two stuffed haynets in the morning, usually another at lunchtime and two stuffed again for night, plus grazing. In...
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    Update on my new wild 2yo shire/TB X

    It's been a fun filled three weeks with heaps of progress. I've come to the conclusion that Olwen (her name) is in fact a pig in disguise. She has gone from not know what feed was, or apples and carrots, to devouring everything in site! She hoovers up as much hay as I can possibly give her, and...
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    Pyjamas for horses?

    My brother has a retired ex racer and when we asked what he wanted for Christmas he said 'some proper pyjamas that go right down his legs'!!! My question is does such a thing exist and where can I buy them from?!!!!!
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    Would you rug a 2 year old?

    Bought a lightweight turnout rug for my new shire TB X, she's two and just getting to be a nice weight. Someone on my yard today said they wouldn't try and rug her til she's broken. As she's semi wild it will take a bit if coaxing to get the rug on but it got me thinking should I? And would you...
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    Anyone own a shire TB X?

    Just wondered if anyone owns one and can let me know the kind of horse my two year old will grow into?!
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    I bought my horse a likit for her to have at night in her stable......she loves it. I however hate her sticky brown nose, it's just not kissable anymore, so I've taken it off her!!!! I cruel?! ;-)
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    Leading a young horse

    So Olwen is two, semi wild and I've just started bringing her out the stable into the fields, a bigger field every few days. At first she seemed happy to just follow me on the end of the lead rope, I began making her walk by my side, and she kind if got the hang of it. However.....I caught her...
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    Just bought a 6'6 newmarket fleece off an internet company for 19quid!! And jodhpur boots, leather for 15quid!! The company was called ruggles equestrian. What a bargain, made my day!
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    Why do people do it?!

    Breed horses only to neglect them? I was busy cleaning my new fillys sores (from having been left in a head collar too small) and it got me thinking, here is a super 2 year old filly, who clearly has had a rubbish start to life. Why breed a big horse, or any size for that matter, if you dont...
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    Is it just me.....

    I'm 40.....I remember when the only horses rugged were thoroughbreds, and they only wore New Zealand rugs. The main horse feeds given were chaff n pony nuts. I never heard of horses having the back man, or even the dentist unless there was a real problem, and then it would have been the vet that...
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    A weeks progress....

    Can't believe how much my rescue has come round already in just 7 days. Couldn't touch her day one, now I can groom her all over and pick her front feet up! She looks so much brighter, her sores have been treated with aloe Vera, and she now knows what feed is and whinnies to me every time I go...
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    Feed for underweight two year old

    Just bought a shire x TB she is two and a bit underweight my local feed store said to feed her calm and condition and chaff. Is this ok???
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    Wormed my two year old yesterday, she's come from a dealer and is unhandled so probably never been wormed before. I checked her poo today and sure enough I could see tiny red worms! Obviously that's the idea of worming, to get rid if worms but should I be worried at all!?
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    My new horse

    Bought a new horse today. A 2yo shire x TB....only problem is she's never been handled and doesn't even know what horse feed is!! She's in a stable at the mo, I'd appreciate any tips from people who have done this, any tips on bringing her round?
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    Worcestershire yard needed!

    Hi I need some land and stables to rent in! X
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    Need to find new grazing

    I thought Worcestershire was rural, but no, can't find land to rent anywhere, sick of sharing, just want space for me n my nags :-(
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    Stables in worcester

    The time has come! I want to go it alone, to tent my own yard, with no hassle and I get to choose who the liveries are!! All I need is a yard, anyone know of any?! X
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    OMG....Clydesdale can jump!

    Well of all the was my birthday yesterday and at the grand old age of 38 i decided to have a riding lesson party with 3 of my best mates. I wanted to ride nancy my mare not one of the riding school horses. It was ace, despite me using nancy mainly as a happy hacker, she worked well...
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    Meet Alvin!!

    So as well as Nancy the Clydesdale, my happy hacker, thought is was time to get something I can jump! Alvin is 4 years old, 16.2, ISH and as soft and gentle as a teddy bear!! He was very thin when i bought him, so having alot of fun feeding him up, which thankfully has had zero effect on his...
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    Its been a while but good breeding advice needed!!

    Hiya - you may remember me and my mare Nancy, the Clydesdale IDX.....well she is 8 now and I wnat her to have a foal. BUT using chilled semen. BUT i havent a clue how to go about it AND I'd like some recommnedations on stallions to use - I'd like to throw a solid colour foal depsite nancy being...
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    OMG I have taught her to nap!!

    I love horses, and now i even love riding, but like a chat with peeps too and stop going round the shcool to chat to people sat by the gate. Now guess what nancy does?? Now I feel bad for telling her off because its me that has made her do it!! Ahhhgh!