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  1. sbloom

    Safety irons for endurance and small feet

    Any recommendations? The Safestyle steel ones are too heavy and the lightweights don't come in the smaller size. I would say slightly wide tread, 90 degree stirrup loop at the top. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. sbloom

    Great saddle fitting debate Friday 8th April

    I'm not connected with this event or the PSFA but will be "attending" - should be fascinating especially with the fundamental disagreement over whether there is a typical female shape needing a "female" saddle...I think it's really useful for customers to understand that there are umpteen...
  3. sbloom

    Where to advertise....

    A saddle fitting/biomex clinic in Lisburn? I've found one FB group but no response, any ideas? Ta!
  4. sbloom

    Venue needed with indoor school

    Ideally Northants, Rutland, possibly Lincs - for rider biomechanics and saddle fitting clinic. Ideas?
  5. sbloom

    Venue needed with indoor school

    West Anglia, ideally Cambs to Northants area, for rider biomechanics and saddle fitting clinic. Any ideas?
  6. sbloom

    How do you choose companies to spend your money with?

    And I see comments regarding LeMieux and stirrup designs from other companies....I think the horse world is a village, we need to spend our money carefully...and word of mouth should never be underestimated.
  7. sbloom


    Just posting for information on anyone who might search for them, T4/T6 is the finish of the saddle, a sub range (ie T4 is wholly synthetic, T6 part leather and T8 fully leather) and tells you nothing about which model/tree/fit for the horse you need. If you want to look for the right thing...
  8. sbloom

    Boxing Day Hunt Castle Cary

    I can't find for the life of me what time the meet is tomorrow, can anyone help? Thanks :)
  9. sbloom

    Saddle Covers

    I'm investigating what sort of saddle covers to have for my new brand - freebie ones that come with the saddle. The saddles I currently fit have a heavyweight cotton drill cover but I know fleece is very popular. I just wondered what you all like, and if you think sweatshirting might be a good...
  10. sbloom

    "Julie" trying to contact me?

    I have a message in my diary, was checking back through last week to ensure nothing was missed, and I've written a mobile number down wrong, one too few numbers, and it says "Julie PM HHO" - apologies to whoever it was but I can't work it out from my inbox - do let me know your details and I'll...