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    Strange yard rule - rug leg straps

    My daughters mare Polly escaped with leg straps still done up! Unfortunately the neck rug didnt come off so she waited for help! This is her normally!! Winning her class at the Barastoc Horse Show.
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    Thanks for all the replies ... very interesting. So do you have Barefoot Trimmers or do farriers just do the trimming?
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    Is Barefoot big in the UK?? Anyone event with a Barefoot horse?? Im just about to make the change ... sick of unreliable farriers and their dramas. Farriers do not have to be licenced in Australia, so there are lots of fairly ordinary ones shoeing horses and unluckily for Oscar and me, Ive...
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    Hello from Oz!

    Hi everyone, hows it going!!! I havent been on here for a while so hope everyone is okay. I cant possibly read all the posts Ive missed over the 8months or so since I came on here (although Im trying!!!) so if I have missed anything maybe someone could fill me in! My BIG news that I have to...
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    Sun bleaching ..?

    Big problem here ... so we just keep them rugged all the time with cotton rugs in the summer.
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    Weighted boots

    Sounds cruel to me!!!! Poor horse!, should put weighted boots on her and see how she feels.!
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    Poll again - aging horses

    Nearly every horse in Australia is branded ... Oscar has a CS on his left shoulder (the Registered brand of the stud that bred him) and 4 over 0 on his right shoulder, the 4 being the drop number and the 0 being the year ... so 2000! There are still occasionally problems with horses being 10...
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    If money was no object

    Richard Mitton ... best XC lesson I ever had (at Milton Keynes EC). Not sure where he is now.
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    Oscar has three names! Marvin K Mooney is his EFA name, (some as the BHS used to be, covering all disciplines), Oscar is his stable name and his race name is Class Breaker!
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    Horse shod, now hes lame!!!

    Hes back to normal today, and I rode him tonight (Tuesday), he got progressively better each day so its a mystery really! I missed my big comp (1st Intro event) on Sunday but at least he is better now! So could it flare up like an absess if its a nail bind?? Im getting the Chiro out to...
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    Horse shod, now hes lame!!!

    Rode my horse Oscar yesterday and hes fine, today he was shod and then when I go to ride him 3 hrs later he is lame in his NSH, farrier came back out (immediately!!!) and took shoe off, couldnt find any sore spots with testers, no signs of bruising or absess anywhere, puts shoe back on. Oscar...
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    Napping 4yo, please help

    I had an ISH that spent 2 weeks on his back legs refusing to leave the yard after I had an incident on the canal tow path where he refused to go past something and I had to give in or get dunked in the canal! So I had to just spend however long it took to make him go where I wanted, I remember...
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    Zara P & Toytown

    Does she stick with her tricky horses?? If you look at her results on the, you notice that they get moved on pretty quick if they seem to be not up to the job!!! and yes! Im jealous ... wish my parents had had pots of money for horses/lessons/huge horse lorries/millions of...
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    Thanks for the comments! I love TBs, I currently have 4! and one Clydie Cross.
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    Mini hunter trial - any advice? should i/shouldn't i?!

    Go for it and have fun ... nothing wimpy about 2'3". Over here they have lots of small ODEs (sadly no Hunter Trials) and they are always the most popular classes!
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    Well I love reading all your Comp results and seeing your great pics so I thought I would put some new ones of me and my horse Oscar up! Oscar is a TB (had 4 races) 17 hands and 6yrs old. This is us winning Champion Ridden Horse on Sunday. and these are some jumping ones .... only Riding...
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    That's it I've had longer eventing

    I know how you feel, my last BE event was Aston Le Walls (in knee deep mud / 2001??) and my lovely reliable horse threw the towel in in the SJ. He had tried his hardest but just didnt enjoy it and was only doing it because I asked him to .. so I respected him and gave up BE eventing. Maybe if...