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  1. ibot

    Rant About my Fly rug!!!!!

    Hi all So I am totally furious about my fly rug I spent £105 on it fingers crossed that it would last me a season :mad::mad: But now I have fixed it so many times I am ready to scream!!! I did go back to the people I got it from and after answering me I have now heard nothing :mad: So far...
  2. ibot

    Sweetitch post 738 lol

    Hey all So tell me how are we all surviving the season? I am doing better than we have previously I mean we have survived the horse fly season so we are near the end. Or are we?? So what are you going to do different next year that you have not done this year? I had a friend that got...
  3. ibot

    Moving Yards Tomorrow And catch up

    Hey All so as you know I have not been entirely happy at my yard so tomorrow Paddy and I are going to a new home ;) I am very excited the new yards looks amazing, I have told paddy but he did not seem so bothered :) Its weird that although I was not there very long and not happy I am...
  4. ibot

    Buying a Wheelbarrow

    Ok you very clever bunch of people. I am needing to buy a wheelbarrow that will not break the bank or break when I first use it :p I would like to be a bit different thou so if its a boring one I will be looking at people to come and help me decorate it :):) lol I am in the Chester...
  5. ibot

    Rug Rubs

    Hey all So I have noticed my horse is getting a few rug rubs but there is nothing that I can do as he has to have his fly rug on due to Sweet itch. Is there anything I could/ should put on it or should I just let it be and keep an eye on it? Thank you kindly Nicky xx
  6. ibot

    SweetItch Potions Pretty Please

    Hey As the title really I know there use to be a post in the forum but hoping people would be kind enough to share again,,,,,, pretty pretty please with cherries on top and maybe some whip cream :D:D Thank you xxx
  7. ibot

    Pooh Stains???

    hey as I have said really I need a magic potion to get a poo stain out of the carpet. Is it poo or pooh?? well anyhoo thank you all xx :D
  8. ibot

    Need A Back Person and a Dentist For Neddy

    Hey all more questions :D:D So I kind of have Craig for Paddys teeth but heard he is not great with big horses is this true? I also need to get Paddys back done any tips? For those that don't know im near Delamere thank you all when are we going to try and do a meet up...
  9. ibot

    Manley Mere adventure Trail???

    Hey As I am sure many of you know I am new to the area and was thinking about going to the above tomorrow but just found out for me and the kids it will be £32 and then another £2 for car is it worth £34 ??? other suggestions would be great otherwise :D:D I am so fed up with kids in...
  10. ibot

    Please Can you help!!!!!

    One of the dogs from my yard has gone missing. HE is a Basset Hound called Fred he is very missed if you know of anyone who might have him or you have seen him could you PM me please He has been missing since Saturday from the Delamere Forest area thank you all for reading Nicky xx
  11. ibot

    Are You Happy At Your Yard

    hey Guys So i have been at my yard maybe about 7/8 weeks now and i am not sure i am settling in :( Paddy is happy he has a field a buddy or two but me :confused::confused: I am not ignored there are about 15 other liveries there and i know at least 3 that do not like me, not sure why...
  12. ibot

    Sweetich The Beginning

    So here we go again another start of the season :o:o Tell me how you are preparing this year compared to other years? are you trying anything new? I have brought a new rug that took 2 of us to put on as it was in 3 parts :eek: but its totally amazing so far lol Paddy is on brewers yeast...
  13. ibot

    Chester Meet Up??

    Ok so we have kind of been skirting the issue in the other post and i am going to make it official who would like a meet up and where?? I have been here nearly two weeks so be nice with your places, as you have seen i get lost easily :D:D Nicky x
  14. ibot

    Dirty Horse What Bedding

    Hey so i am finally at a yard where i can choose my bedding. Paddy has been on straw so far but since friday i have used 3 1/2 bales will be 4 after today as he is disgusting so i am wondering if there is another bedding out there which might suit paddy better but does not cost a small...
  15. ibot

    Finally Here

    So i have finally arrived in Chester or Kingsley to be exact :D Id like to thank those that have helped me move up here with info and just letting me moan :o Now i need to find a radio station i know this is silly but its not that easy lol!! I have gone with straw and feeding hay so if...
  16. ibot

    Rubber Matting, Shavings and Hay

    Hey anyone know a good place to get rubber matting from in Chester? i need enough for a 12 x 13 stable i have had one quote for £210 which to me sounds really expensive. I also need to know good places to get hay and shavings from thank you kindly Nicky xx
  17. ibot

    Best falls- off horse

    So you know when you hear a story and you think duh!! what!! So here is mine, Friday was riding round the woods with friend and pup and we were ducking under branches and a tree branch got caught in my jacket and then i was on the ground winded and in pain (after hospital visit found have...
  18. ibot

    Orienteering on Horseback?

    hey has anyone ever done it or organised one? i am looking at doing one for charity at my yard and need some tips we are only going to do it with the adult liveries and in groups but need some tips thank you kindly xx
  19. ibot

    Sweet Itch How Are You Doing??

    Morning all So we are finally approaching the end of a very very long sweetich summer :mad: How did you get on? did you discover anything new which became your new best friend ? This year is the first year that my poor boy got attacked all around his sheath and his tummy area :(:( but...
  20. ibot

    What would you do as im not sure

    hey girls and one or two boys :D ok here is my background story i own a 7 year old friesian gelding i have had him for coming up to 3 years. since i have owned him i have fallen off him 4 times in total but 3 of those times is because he has fallen. two times is when we have been in the...
  21. ibot

    Advice please

    hey all so my puppy is about 6 months old and i put a new coller on him yesterday but he was pulling so badly that he has been coughing since. does that make sense?? its the only thing i can think of not sure what to do with him can i give him anything to help his throat ? im not going...
  22. ibot

    Sweet itch- My Poor boy

    :Dhey so i have a friesian gelding who has not long turned 7. now i have had to have him put in a field for about 6 weeks as i have been in and out of hospital with operations etc. now i went to check on him the other day 2nd time :( and he had dried up rubs on his right side of his neck...
  23. ibot

    SweetItch Part 720 lol

    Hey So this is my first post this season i think :eek: and was wondering how everyone is getting on?? now tell me what you think to this i have been recommended by my YM to give paddy a steroid injection to help the SI but does anyone have any thing they want to tell me about it. i know...
  24. ibot

    Training A Puppy and Kids

    Hey all god i am such a moan really sorry. So tonight everything blew up and my 13 weeks old puppy bit my 6 year old son. now it was a very small bite but my hubby has gone mad. It comes 5 days after him biting my same son on the ear, we had to go to A & E to get his top of the ear glued...
  25. ibot

    Toilet Training HELP

    Hey all So Mickey is now 13 weeks tomorrow and he is such a cute monkey :D:D his sit is amazing he is ok at down his recall is top of the class. BUT his toilet habits are not good at all. during the night he lets me know when he needs to go but it all goes out of the window during the...
  26. ibot

    Another Please Help Re Puppy

    Hey all so please i really need your help with my puppy. He is going to be 10 weeks old on thursday a Jack russell Cross maybe Norfolf Terrier. 60% of the time he is lovely but the rest of the time he is biting he is really mean with it and if i say NO he growls and gets worse i have had...
  27. ibot

    Who Has A Puppy?

    So from the sound of it lots of us have puppies so i want to hear all about your puppies tell me all about it including if you are up every night doing the toilet run. if you have a nipper or a sleeper. I have a jack russell (3/4) cross norfolk terrier (1/4) he is 6 weeks old i know that is...
  28. ibot

    Life After PTS. Am i bad??

    Hey all so how are you all? So its been two weeks since eddie got put to sleep, they have been so hard i have cried like i never have before. The hardest thing is when i go to the yard and im use to seeing him sat next to me in the frount :mad: im sure my horse is wondering where he is or...
  29. ibot

    Sweetitch Thread AGAIN!!

    So today in the stable after i rode my lump was itching:mad::mad: please tell me its not that time of year again........ surely not yet its way to early :( when are you all starting with the rugs and the sprays and the potions??
  30. ibot

    Sad News

    With a very heavy heart i had to have my beautiful dog put down this morning. his stomach distended last night and it was solid. i brought him to the vet this morning and we agreed the time was right. After he had passed the vet said that he thinks the cancer had spread so the time was right...