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  1. Spilletta

    Shergar Cup

    Anyone looking forward to this today? I will miss seeing the races live as am out, but hope it's a good day - go the girls' team!
  2. Spilletta

    Coronet band protection for front of hinds: scalping boots

    I’d be really grateful for any information as to whether anywhere in the UK does the same/similar product to one I’ve found in the USA. They’re called scalping boots and look to be exactly what I’m after, but can’t find a UK equivalent. They do international shipping, but it would be handier...
  3. Spilletta

    Good for Victoria Pendleton

    Nice to read that Victoria has carried on with her riding. Racing Post website has reported a return to riding on the racecourse with a win on Royal Etiquette in a charity race at Newmarket. Bet she's glad she's no longer...
  4. Spilletta

    AP to ride a dressage horse

    Just read that AP is due to have a go on a dressage horse at Cheltenham on 13 November. Not just any horse, though - a GP horse, organised by Yogi Breisner in conjunction with Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin :)...
  5. Spilletta

    Using riding boots as normal boots?

    I have a pair of black, leather Mark Todd boots which I don't (currently) use for riding. I need some long boots for "normal" use, but it would save money if I could get away with using the MTs. Given that there are a lot of fashion boots in the style of riding boots, I think I possibly could...
  6. Spilletta

    AP's last race!

    I was stuck in the office and didn't see this afternoon's race. Just wondering if anyone here did? Bet it was good to watch AP one more time!
  7. Spilletta

    Hayley Turner Retiring

    I was sorry to read that Hayley Turner is retiring at the end of this season. But wishing her all the best with whatever she chooses to do next.
  8. Spilletta

    Racing Welfare: The Horse Comes First

    I recall some heated debates about racing on this forum, normally around Grand National time, so when I spotted this today, I thought it worth posting for anyone interested. Leading organisations in British Horseracing are working together to raise awareness of the high levels of equine welfare...
  9. Spilletta

    Any Tail Guard users around? Need your opinions please!

    I'm looking to buy a tail guard for my horse when she travels, but have no experience of them, and would be really grateful for any recommendations/ones to avoid, etc. Is it a case of getting what you pay for, or are you paying for the name in some cases? These are some I've seen online so...
  10. Spilletta

    Horsebox Driver Training 3.5T

    Although my licence covers me to drive 3.5 T lorries, I want to have some training before I venture out to hire a lorry and start getting out and about with my horse. I've done a bit of searching online but would be really grateful for any recommendations (or places to avoid/pitfalls). I'm...
  11. Spilletta

    Rambo Optimo Turnout Rug Sizing

    I'm thinking about buying a Rambo Optimo turnout rug, but understand that Rambo rugs come up big. I have Shires rugs in 6'3" for my TB, who is a shade under 16hh, and they fit really nicely. Do you think I should try 6' for the Rambo? I've seen a few negative reviews of the Optima, but...
  12. Spilletta

    Lightweight waterproofs recommendations

    Hi, I'm hoping if I buy some lightweight waterproofs then it will stop raining... If anyone has recommendations I'd be grateful. I need the jacket to fit over my Racesafe body protector, and not ride up my back when doing faster work. I've found Breeze Up and TKO (Take Out) - any good...
  13. Spilletta

    Horsey Telly on Channel 4 TV 3/4/2014

    For anyone interested in some horse-themed telly tomorrow evening... Channel 4 at 10pm - Jockey School The details: Three teenagers with troubled backgrounds each want to make it as jockeys. They're not from the ranks of Champagne-drinking, hat-wearing spectators normally associated...
  14. Spilletta

    Exercise saddles – advice please!

    I've just about given up looking for a nice second-hand half-tree exercise saddle so I'm looking at other options. Does anyone have an opinion/experience of Zilco saddles? I've found the half-tree exercise saddle for around the £277 mark, but if it costs that much, I was thinking I may as well...
  15. Spilletta

    Rider Insurance Including Racehorse Exercising

    I’d be really grateful for any advice/recommendations about rider insurance, especially from anyone involved with racehorse exercising. I don’t own my own horse, but started riding about four years ago after a long break. I have got BHS Gold, but as I’ve recently started to ride out on...
  16. Spilletta

    Long Time Lurkers to November Newcomers

    Hello everyone, I have seen various comments about November Newcomers, and wondering who is genuine. Those of you who read the entire ‘Donations on Facebook…’ thread may recall a few newcomers, me included. I wasn’t quite sure about joining because I go through phases of reading HHO a...