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    Dog walking is dangerous!

    Sis and I set off about 2.00pm to walk the dogs, by 2.10 she was taking the dogs home and I was sitting on the ground phoning for an ambulance. I slipped on the wet, cobbled, steep lane and heard the most almighty crack. Hospital staff have been great, if very busy. I am currently in bed in a...
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    Dog beds? Help!

    Our 2 x 7 mths old Lab pups share a crate overnight or when we are out during the day, when we are at home they sit in front of the stove on a sheepkin rug or a woollen rug with a fluffy throw over the top. Now, we have a problem, the crate has a thick rubber mat floor (because the Rotters...
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    How do you fasten your girth?

    Having got into a 'discussion' on another thread about the way to fasten a girth, I find myself wondering how others do it. ETA Putting the poll on wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done! And I've just spotted the mistake in option 3!
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    online Prascend?

    Those who get Prascend online with a vet prescription, where do you buy it from? I did a deal with my vet which was cheaper than full price but still quite expensive, we now have two on Prascend and I am looking for the cheapest way to buy it. Thanks
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    Rogue Traders

    RT is doing a follow-up to their piece about puppy farming. Tyersal House Farm in Bradford, some people on the film have been found guilty and banned from keeping dogs. I have viewed but not bought, equine young stock at this farm.
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    *Wipes brow* The vet came this morning to remove a suspected sarcoid from just above my 4 yr old cob's lip. She behaved so well, had a text-book reaction to the sedation and local anaesthetic and only noticed when he stitched the wound because he tugged a bit on the thread. She is now...
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    What are 'the basics' in your opinion?

    Following on from AA's thread (hope she doesn't mind), what do you consider to be 'the basics' that every-one should know before they acquire a horse, whether that is loan, share or buy, but find that many people either don't know or ignore? Actually I could probably fill a whole thread...
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    24 yrs ago I bought a Clydesdale mare and her tack, which was certainly not new. After she was pts 10 yrs later in 2000, I used it for a while on the next Clydie mare but then got a Saddle Company saddle made for her. The SC saddle was then adapted to fit the ID. I kept the old saddle more for...
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    Natch - PMs

    Please clear out some PMs, Natch you are so full, that you can't accept any more - Thanks
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    They're out!

    Exactly one week after having to stay in because of the snow, our 3 mares have gone out this morning. My heart was in my mouth but it had to be done, now that we have managed to clear the snow away from the door...... The cob is in a small paddock on her own because of her hoof abscess and...
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    Pleasant surprise - vet bill!

    Some of you know that my drama queen needed 3 vet visits in 24 hrs last week because her tummy HUUUUUURT. The first visit was just after midnight, the other two were daytime visits. Each visit involved a double injection (painkiller and muscle relaxant) she was intubated and examined...
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    What a way to celebrate!

    2 years ago I decided to treat myself to a birthday present and my new bombproof Westphalian Draft mare arrived in the last weekend in January. She obviously decided that we needed to mark the 'ownerversary' this year. When sis and i went out for last checks at midnight on Wednesday she was...
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    My horse is frightened of nothing!

    We have been hacking for each of the 3 days this weekend. We have met and passed without turning a hair; tractors, bouncy castle with about 20 screaming children, vehicles with rattly trailers, buses, noisy motorbikes and almost silent cycles, sheep running at us, mares and foals running away...
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    The basics?

    After reading a few threads over the last couple of weeks or so, I began wondering 'What are the basics that any-one buying a first horse/pony should know?' My thoughts are, That all equines require trickle feeding, whatever you decide to feed yours on. At optimum weight you should be...
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    Naf Haylage Balancer?

    Does any-one use this? We normally feed haylage and Pink Powder to our 3 but the feed store didn't have any just before Christmas, so I got the Haylage Balancer, instead. I checked the ingredients and as far as I could tell (the print was small and my eyes are not what they used to be, lol)...
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    So sad. I still can't believe it.

    On Sunday evening my beautiful, sweet, 11 yr old, IDx, Sasha, succumbed to septicaemia. She had cellulitis from a graze on her hind leg and was on her 2nd course of anit-bs. She had seemed to be going the right way, the swelling was going down and she looked brighter, happier and more...
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    Has any-one any experience of this? My ID came in with a fat leg last Sunday, I called the vet who diagnosed cellulitis from a graze on her cannon bone (left hind). He gave her AB injection and anti-inflammatory. Then suggested that his colleague, the horse vet, should look at her Monday...
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    Furious - and very relieved!

    We went out about 6.30 to bring the horses in for their tea and wondered why the new horse wasn't doing her usual push and shove to come in 2nd - in fact she just stood stock still and let the 2 who usually follow her come in and didn't even seem to notice. When she got into her stable, she...
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    New horse arrived

    this morning.:D A friend very kindly transported her. She walked straight onto the trailer and travelled well. Then she waited patiently to be unloaded and walked down the lane to go home as if she had always lived there.:) She has already had a calming influence on the herd and she hasn't...
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    Help please (stables)

    I am in the process of buying a new horse so I need another stable (preferably before too long). I have just had a quote from a local builder who has done other work for us but it is just going to be too expensive, so I'm looking to go down another route. So I wondered, does any-one have...
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    Any-one know where ..........

    Flamehead's Puzzle thread has been moved to? Or even why it has been moved?
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    did you get my PM re: senior vet?
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    Fogged off!

    Well, after my happy post on Friday, I am now fed-up. The vet was very pleased with my mare's back muscles and so, as we have ridden a few times in the field, I decided to grasp the nettle and go on a short hack on the road, where she dropped me on my head last February today.:eek: I couldn't...
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    Vet visit - really, really, REALLY pleased!

    The vet has just left and I'm so pleased - it was good news all round. In August 2009 a recently qualified assistant vet came out to do vaccs and wanted to listen to elderly cob's heart and lungs. She heard fluid on the lungs and said that mare had a weak heart. The mare didn't winter...
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    Cracked it!

    I have worked out a way to view threads in the order that they were started, as I know a number of people have been trying unsuccessfully to do. I found the display options box at the bottom of the page but found that every time I changed thread it went back to default - incredibly annoying...
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    Chased by a tractor, ambushed by a plastic sheet...........

    .......and she kept her cool! I think this is the result of having my saddle reflocked. My mare has previously been easily spooked by tractors and has almost always refused to go past anything that sister's horse took fright at. BUT yesterday evening we went out for the first hack since...
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    We were attacked!!! a vicious bag of potatoes On a short hack round the 'village' this evening we came up the road past a parked car. Just behind the car was an opened plastic bag of potatoes, with some spilled out onto the ground - none were actually in the road. I'd just opened my mouth to say to...
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    Thank you, Slinkyunicorn ........

    for recommending Aloe Vera for sallenders and mallenders. Our retired cob mare has had itchy heels almost all the nearly 20 yrs that she's been with us. We have tried just about every remedy you can think of, including a variety of lotions and potions from different vets. Some worked for a...
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    Does any-one know if this (active ingredient acrivastine) can be given to horses? I know that you can give them Piriton but the local shop didn't have any, so sister has brought Benadryl. Thanks