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    Advice please - finding a rescue dog at the time of Coronavirus

    We have recently lost our beloved terrier at nearly 16. His friend is now very lonely, as are we. Now, normally, we would go to the Dog's Trust, have a saunter round and come home with a new friend for life. However, their centres are closed, the few dogs that they post on their website seem to...
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    Run away to join the circus?

    Giffords Circus are looking for a groom / rider. If only I were younger. Anyone fancy this?
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    Help! Covers for tops of wooden gates

    Robert the Cobbert is bored and has chewed the top of one of my wooden gates. Ages ago at another yard I managed to buy galvanised metal covers to hide the damage and protect from him doing it again. But, I can't find them on line. I can't even find a search term to find a supplier. Can anyone...
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    Bullet Camera?

    OK, after today's near-death experience where a old git in a Disco deliberately accelerated and forced me off the road on my trainee horse, I need a bullet camera. Can anyone recommend one that shoots front & rear footage, is light enough to go on a helmet and has high definition footage - I...
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    France - Hacking out - but where?

    I'd love some advice from HHOs who are living in France with horses. I have just spent a week in the SW looking at areas to live and I cannot, for the life of me, work out how you know where you have access to ride and where not. I can see me moving over to France and still clip clopping round...
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    Equine dentist who covers Cleobury Mortimer?

    As per the title, can anyone recommend a dentist who will visit near Cleobury? Thanks.
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    Saddle Stolen near Cleobury Mortimer

    Watch out peeps, I had my saddle stolen on Thursday night, the little darlings broke the padlock off the tack room door and only took my saddle - which is something I suppose If anyone gets offered a Western saddle, branded 'Crates' and mid-brown with black seat with number W2221 on the left...
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    Please recommend me a tractor

    Well, I've sold my car & have got about £4K to spend on a tractor to maintain the paddocks. Can you experienced tractor owners help as I am very confused about what to look for & where to buy. I've got 3.5 acres of flat paddocks on clay and have been given a 5' topper. I think I will only...
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    Hacking in Normandy? Advice Please

    Just back from holiday in the Orne region of Normandy - and what amazing horses they have in France. OH & I are seriously going to move there when we retire. But a question, where do you ride in France? I couldn't work out what was private and where access was allowed. How do you know? Any...