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  1. guido16

    WWYD - Accident when trying a horse

    Only the purchaser of the girth can make a complained about it. You are the 3rd party who was involved. As it seems she is doing that, just keep in touch and see what comes of it.
  2. guido16

    Static shocks help please

    My car tries to electrify me when I get out if I am wearing my crocs. As others have said, you need to earth it and touch the ground. Granted, you will look mad as a box of kippers touching the ground every time you get out your car...... Other alternative is to go find someone you dislike and...
  3. guido16

    Saddle fit dilema

    Why not get something with a changeable gullet on it. They don't cost a fortune so you could keep your current saddle as well. That way, as she changes shape, you have more options.
  4. guido16

    Yard owners! What do you do with liveries on Christmas Day?

    Ours all go out, some on DIY and some on Full.
  5. guido16

    Grade A mare

    Folks, need your help. Can anyone recommend a "good" dealer. A friend is having to give up immediately due to personal circumstances and therefore the mare needs a new home ASAP so she isn't left on a long holiday! Sad situation so no nastiness please. Thanks in advance Ps PM any...
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    Cheers guys
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    Cheers!! Will give them a shout
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    Thankyou. Where is it? Can be a bit flexible as work will be Inverness and home Forres etc area
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    Afternoon folks, I am moving in about 8 months to the area in title. I know of burgle and have emailed them but can anyone recommend a yard for my horses (2). Need stables and grass, part DIY, part full (I work away at times) and one that had good hacking, maybe competitions and a nice bunch of...
  10. guido16

    Do any of you keep a humane killer / gun at home just in case?

    My biggest concern on this thread is everyone talking about GUNS. It isn't a gun you need, it's a rifle. My OH had done it several times but would never ever consider a shotgun. It has to be a rifle. He had to also kill a dog once and used a rifle. The effects of a cartridge compared to a...
  11. guido16

    Horses being stolen North Aberdeenshire

    Really? I haven't heard anything. If you mean the one from the beach, she was found a few miles away, safe and well. What other ones?
  12. guido16

    Advice needed please on our horse

    You say he WANTS to buck. Does he actually buck?
  13. guido16

    I am FURIOUS !!!! near dog attack

    Tessybear, don't leave. I hope the neighbours dog is ok. Just ignore all the morons that have been on this thread. It's amazing how some people's senses and manners leave them when they start typing. Eejits. Rise above it, they are not worth the air.
  14. guido16

    could i sell this horse without being sued

    What exactly would you class as "bad" Sorry, but if a horse broke my nose, fractured my shoulder and gave me deep cuts (over four different occasions), unless it was due to my total incompetence, I would have asked my OH to load his 243
  15. guido16

    Wanted grass livery east Aberdeen

    You mean WEST of Aberdeen. If you were east, you would get wet.... Sorry, just made me chuckle. Have you tried oldfold in milltimber
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    It's not raining at the moment!
  17. guido16

    take a look - what breed and age? oh so nosy

    It says under the video that they are warmblood and what their breeding is.
  18. guido16

    Naughty neighbour...

    Do as you are by throwing it back over. If your feeling incensed, throw some horse poo over at the same time. Childish I know.
  19. guido16

    vetting and horse price

    Out the field I got a lovely sports horse who now is a 3* eventer for £800. I imagine that price has some wiggle room. 2 star would be fine for me. Good luck.
  20. guido16

    Head collar for cob?

    Can you not just get one that adjusts on both the head and nose parts?
  21. guido16

    Dealers Scotland

    I know Angus and Stephen and know they are honest lads. Also Billy Stewart is related to my neighbours and will get you an honest type of cob. As said, always take someone experienced with you.
  22. guido16

    WWYD - yard related

    You can also find ways to collect rain water, makes life a bit easier.
  23. guido16

    Just keeps getting better session 18.

    As tinsel town said, what are you aiming for? What's the master plan and end goal?
  24. guido16

    Session 16.....

    But surely if the draw reins are visibly pulling him deeper then they should not be anywhere near him. I am afraid I think he is doing to much to soon and needs taken back to basics to get him working from behind. Forget the front end, you need to get the back end working consistently first...
  25. guido16

    Starting from scratch - Yard

    Nic, as you are in Scotland I would say that it's also so so important to make sure the area between stables and fields has something on the ground that won't turn into an ice rink. Know plenty people who can't get horses out on nice sunny but freezing days as yards are like an ice rink. Go for...
  26. guido16

    Horse transporting, recommendations?

    That will be Jane gillie that you mean. She is very brisk but service is second to none and I spoke to her a few times during the journey where she was lovely. Don't be put off, it is just her way.
  27. guido16

    Horse transporting, recommendations?

    Another one for fillies. Moved one of mine recently and I have used them a few times. He arrived in tip top condition. They keep you informed throughout the journey. Big 5 stars from me.
  28. guido16

    Police bike out of order? - WDYT?

    I would also just like to say well done to the lead driver who refused to overtake and clearly understood road/horse safety.
  29. guido16

    Police bike out of order? - WDYT?

    Surely you should not be on such a road if you don't think the pony could cope with a motorbike going passed or stopping. How exactly was he breaking the highway code?
  30. guido16

    Police bike out of order? - WDYT?

    I am afraid I don't see the problem. Were you trotting to get round the corner or just walking? If you were just walking I would be a bit peeved if I was behind you to be honest. If trotting then fair enough but I still don't see the problem. If anything, he did you a favour by giving you...