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    Retirement livery in Worcestershire or Shropshire

    Can recommend Hivron just over the border in Powys.
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    Western pleasure??! Whaaaat??

    Please don’t judge all western riding by a terrible pleasure horse video. If you ride a reining, cow or ranch horse, you need to be able to ride and those horses certainly move on out. I’m not going to defend pleasure, it’s vile and a fancy dress parade but don’t dismiss western until you have...
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    how much does your saddle weigh.........

    I do not want to argue but just to say that an English master saddler fitted one of my western horses who was 16 for an English saddle and said he had never seen such a perfect undamaged back. The western saddle must have been doing something right despite its weight.
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    how much does your saddle weigh.........

    About 12kg, a Circle Y trail western saddle and the same for a Crates Lady Reiner. They are both ‘lightweight’ saddles bought as I am old & feeble and I can swing that weight up onto the horses. Some old fashioned roping saddles weigh nearly twice that. Though to be fair western saddles do...
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    Tell me about your Quarter horses

    I have 2 QH. Hardy, intelligent, gentle, willing, brave, and many other fine qualities. Good well bred QH are not cheap but can turn a hoof to anything. You must ask for n/ n 5 panel testing to eliminate pssm and other nasty genetic issues.
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    Palo, a gang of terrier men and a reasonable size pack are not 1 dog. I have followed for years, I know what I am seeing. Don’t try to defend the indefensible.
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    So the judge called BS on the hunt. Good. My local hunt were digging out cubs in a spinney above my fields last week, bold as brass. Trail hunting my aunt fanny.
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    Jacket zip - would you bother?

    I’m trained as a tailor (female) and I make great curtains. Does that help or hinder the argument?
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    Sports Bra

    Shock absorber every time for me. They recommend going up a band size and down a cup so, by that logic, a 36c would be a good fit for you. Check out their website for sizing tips and there is also a good Reddit thread around somewhere about sports bra sizing - a quick google will find it.
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    Importing horses post brexit

    I have just imported one and the paperwork post-brexit is a nightmare. I used John Lovett who did the transport and he got Parker’s to do the paperwork for him. Costs are vat + duty, cost of having paperwork completed, cost of transport. Don’t be put off though as it can be done. Oh and I...
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    Ewell Village Stables

    Also a Facebook group, Epsom & Ewell past & present may have some useful photos
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    Ewell Village Stables

    Yes, the poor man only had one leg. Also remember that in, probably, the late 1980s, it became a builders yard. So sad.
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    Ewell Village Stables

    I used to hang around Ewell Village stables and ride there in the mid 1960s. At that time, we could ride up to Epsom Downs and all round the back of Nonsuch Park. There was a lot more farmland then. Shep had his favourite horse which, possibly, he may have brought from the army. I remember the...
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    Fly mask for riding?

    I have the Equilibrium with ears and it is an essential piece of summer kit. I wouldn’t ride without it.
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    Ride on fly rug

    I’ve got a Kramer one and it works well.
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    Shogun towing

    Always use 4x4 with my Shogun when towing. That’s what it says in the handbook.
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    Road Safety Study and Report

    Fascinating and totally depressing.
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    BATESON - Sorry - that age old Trailer subject again!

    I have a Deauville with barn doors and I love it, so does my horse. Tows really well, doesn’t rattle, nothing has broken in 3 years. I really recommend it.
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    Help with Western Riding?!

    Hi Cob Lover, you want a few lessons from Bruce Lawrence at Valley View Ranch & Equestrian Centre. He’s in Ullingswick which is about 4 miles off the A49 on the way to Hereford. He has his own well trained schoolmasters if you want to get a feel for what Western is all about. His contact...
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    Are all rope halters equal?

    The halters from Easy-does-it are very good quality and just the right width. While you are at it, buy yourself a 12-14’ rope to go with it. They are meant to be used with long ropes. I never use webbing halters, no control.
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    Where to buy a western saddle in the uk?

    Try Martin Glyn Murray. He’s on face ache and is based, I believe, near Welshpool. He has an outstanding stock of used USA made saddles
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    Advice please - finding a rescue dog at the time of Coronavirus

    Will post photo ASAP, he only came today, and it’s been a busy day......
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    Advice please - finding a rescue dog at the time of Coronavirus

    An update for all you kind people. We applied for lots of rescue dogs without success, but finally the Dogs Trust have come up with a Chihuahua/ Pug 8 year old male dog. He is very sweet and fits right in. My existing dog seems pleased with his new friend. Thank you for all your...
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    Barrel Racing friesian horses?

    Why not, have fun. Have you come across Four Strides and UK Barrel Racing on Facebook?
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    Advice please - finding a rescue dog at the time of Coronavirus

    I have spoken to our vet, thank you for the idea. I do agree with Leflynn though, I have an existing oldie and I can't take on a rescue unless he can meet a new dog beforehand. a video clip does not give me a true idea of a dog's character. I have taken on board all very helpful suggestions -...
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    Advice please - finding a rescue dog at the time of Coronavirus

    Thank you all, those are very helpful ideas. Following your good advice, I have started applying to breed specific rescues and will phone round our local small rescues. Though I agree with GallopingBy that most of the dogs available that I have seen so far have very complex behavioral issues...
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    Advice please - finding a rescue dog at the time of Coronavirus

    We have recently lost our beloved terrier at nearly 16. His friend is now very lonely, as are we. Now, normally, we would go to the Dog's Trust, have a saunter round and come home with a new friend for life. However, their centres are closed, the few dogs that they post on their website seem to...
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    Riding after Lasik laser eye surgery...

    I was told 3 weeks. As others have said, don’t push your luck, your eyes are more precious than you can imagine. Just chill.
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    Parelli - yay or neigh?

    Huge fan of Marty Marten, his books have helped me so much with both ground & ridden work. The man is a true horseman and doesn’t have a cult following. Parelli demos are horrible to watch