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    Taking matchy matchy schooling too far?

    Bit of schooling on Sunday in the sunshine :) in preparation for stressage this weekend. OH took some shots of us and looking back at them I feel I may have taken matchy matchy too far...... Is it wrong to coordinate with your truck as well? And my favourite picture as he is...
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    Puppy pictures!

    Met up with my friend at the weekend and took full advantage of the fact she has a new puppy to stock up on puppy snuggles :) I could have quite happily stolen her and taken her home. Lottie is 14 weeks old and a Patterdale Terrier. She really is the cutest thing ever so here are some...
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    would you recommend a rescue lurcher?

    Over the last 4 months I have had to have both my 18 year old cats put to sleep :( and this has left my Lab Holly without company. She loved both cats and although she is okay on her own I'd rather she had company when I'm at work. I can't face the thought of getting another cat yet but have...
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    What Holly did in pictures

    Just been having a little sort out of photos from the last couple of weeks and thought I'd post some shots of what Holly has been up to. She met a friends 12 week old Patterdale Terrier puppy- "What are you exactly?" She had a fun time at the beach, hunting bunnies in the dunes and...
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    The most beautiful Lab in the world

    Maybe I am a bit biased but I think she is :) This weekend we went back to Aberdeenshire for a visit and took the opportunity to revisit one of Holly's favourite haunts- Bennachie! There was still snow higher up and despite the rain we had a fab time hunting for shrews and chasing sticks...
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    Matchy schooling and dressage report

    This weekend was our first competition for 11 months as Mr Pony has been out on loan with a friend (who really didn't do anything much with him) as I was relocating due to work. I got him back just before Christmas and we have been working hard at re-establishing the basics as he came back...
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    Livery Yard Recommendations- Morpeth

    I'd really appreciate any recommendations for a livery yard near Morpeth. I am looking for somewhere that offers full livery all year round, ideally with an indoor school. I've been to see a couple of places which both seemed nice but being new to the area I'm wary of not seeing the 'real'...
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    Rescue dogs- all very depressing

    Just need to vent so apologies in advance. I currently have a 3 year old Lab (Holly) and my OH and I have been talking about getting a second dog for sometime now. So rather than get another puppy we thought we'd do our bit by rehoming a rescue dog. However, we both work full time and this...
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    Holly in the snow

    We have had a lot of snow over the weekend which my Lab is loving We went for a long walk up a big hill yesterday for about 3 hours and she spent the whole time looking for bunnies. I think I see something! Is it in there? I was sure it was in there! I am soooooo pretty!
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    Okay who is going to be going to Wee Burgie on Saturday? Mr S and me are in section A of the BE90 trying to improve on our Aswanley outing last month (our first ever BE!) and thankfuly I'm not feeling as worried this time. I'm just rrying to remember the feeling I had coming through the finish...
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    Late Aswanley Report + PIC

    This should be titled:- 40 year old eventing virgin and 13 year old water-phobic horse go to Aswanley History- bought Mr S in 2005 for OH to hack around but ended up stealing him back the following year. I'd always toyed with the idea of having a go eventing but soon discovered Mr S did not...
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    Some Holly-Pops Pictures

    Driving a Tractor - LOL! Atop some standing stones Snuggling with her chum Mr Bingley Bobs Being a little Princess
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    Interval training advice please

    I am about to do my first ever intro in 3 weeks time * *. It was quite a late decision to enter (i.e. Monday! ) so I only got around to thinking about interval training last night. My boy is reasonably fit (I think) as we do a lot of schooling, SJ training and hacking (up to 2 hours lots of...
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    dogs on the beach-pix!

    I was down visiting my family this weekend and while we were there we took our Lab (Holly) to the beach with my cousin's two boxers (Duke and Dino). They ran around like mental for two hours and had a great time despite it being not being the warmest day ever.
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    Anyone got experience of Pemphigus foliaceus

    Does anyone have any experience of the autoimmune disease Pemphigus foliaceus? My poor pony may have it It started of innocuously enough with a couple of lumps on his side before Christmas whcih came and went and now he has dozens on his tummy and neck and some patches are really big and...
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    Showing peeps-advise please

    I'm planning on doing an unaffiliated showing show with my boy at the end of August. Having looked at the Schedule I could do Lightweight Hunter classes (in hand and ridden) or Riding horse classes (in hand and ridden). We've done both in the past (not at the same show obviously) and he tends...
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    Regionals - who has qualified at what and where are you going?

    We've qualified at Novice and Elementary and are going to Ingliston.
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    Regent horseboxes

    Has anyone used Regent Horseboxes in Lancashire? I'm talking to them about having a 3.5T box built to order. I've spoken to one chap who buys 6 boxes a year from them for his stud in NI and he rates them but I'm naturally suspicious! Thankies! Marie
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    Has anyone bought a horsebox from Select Horseboxes in Nottinghamshire ( I have seen the perfect 3.5T box on their site and called to get more details from them. It sounds ideal but as I'm in the North of Scotland it's not easy for me to just pop down and see it in person...
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    devil dog

    How cute am I?????
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    Holly does Fort William

    Some pictures from Holly's holiday in Fort William last week. She had a fab time and came back exhausted. Playing in the loch with OH and a dog she met their Look at me run!!!!!!!!!!!! I can jump way better than your silly horse! Look out duckies her I come! I am so beautiful...
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    Riaseed007 Kirriemuir photos

    I was down supporting Ria and Keats at Kirriemuir and here are some XC pictures I took. They were both ACE! Ria I have all the pix on a disc for you. See you tonight. M
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    Anyone had a meniscectomy?

    I am on the waiting list to have a partial meniscectomy on my left knee. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has had this done in relation to recovery times. My surgeon who seems to be pretty unsympathetic towards horse riders is suggesting I may be out of the saddle for up to 8...
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    Dressage to music- we qualified!

    We did our first affiliated dressage to music (and only our second attempt ever) on Saturday. It was quite scary actually as I’d only managed to run through it once actually on the horse in the correct sized arena so I was pooping my pants that the transitions would be in the wrong places...
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    Ooh those Duckies!

    My Lab is OBSESSED with ducks. She is normally a little angel but as soon as ducks appear she goes completely deaf and she just HAS to chase after them. Here she is with the ultimate temptation I AM SITTING MUM BUT I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!! SORRY I'M GONE! COME BACK DUCKIE I JUST WANT TO BE...
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    photographer at Gleneagles yesterday

    Does anyone know who the photographer was at the Scottish Regionals at Gelneagles over the weekend? Thankies, Marie
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    Well the Physio has been...

    A lttle history first- I own a 12 year old bay gelding who I bought as a 9year old for OH to hack but ended up stealing him to do dressage. Prior to coming to us he had hunted (as a hireling!!!!!) and hacked but very little else and certainly dressage was the undiscovered country. He's gone...
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    bitches first season- could I have missed it?

    I have a 9 month old black lab called Holly. There were 4 other bitches in the litter and I keep in touch with the breeder who kept one of the bitches and have recently been emailing the other three families who took the other ones (with me so far?). Now we have been talking about our puppies...
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    First time in kennels

    I am putting my 9 month old Labrador into kennels this weekend for the first time and I'm quite apprehensive about it. I did a lot of research on kennels in the area, went to see a few and eventually decided on a really nice one. The people seem very experienced and answered around a million...
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    BD regional qualification in Scotland

    Does anyone know why BD decided that the qualification for the regionals if you are based in Scotland only requires one qualifier win with qualification passing down to 2nd place (from 2008)? Prior to the rule change this year you still only needed one win and the qualification was passed down...