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    Ok so I'm still a bit tipsy but really, bave you ever seen a fly rug like this? I mean really?
  2. *Sahara

    When do natives stop growing?

    Hello all hope you are well, i haven't been on in a while so was shocked at the change and really shocked by the search no longer working 😞 but on with the question, when do natives stop growing, I'm trying to figure out how big Nugget will end up, he's a cob mix (a mix of i have no idea)...
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    Need some help please

    Hello everyone, hope you're all well. I need some help, I've been toying with the idea for some time now. If i was going to loan out one of my boys for a coulple of days a week just for hacking, what kind of loan/share agreement would i draw up legally? He wouldn't be leaving my yard and i...
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    Laugh of the day

    Using your bike as a tack rack ;)
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    Update with the boys

    Hello everyone hope you're all ok :) I've been busy with random things and am fed up with the weather...ehh what's new :rolleyes: Any way had something fantastic come in the post today.....Nugget's Passport :o He's officially mine now, so happy :o And yesterday Dante was Gelded! The op went...
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    New Baby

    Yes I've been the proud owner of this little fluffy nugget for just over a week, and because of his looks he has been named ...... drum roll........... Nugget! :D He was apparently a rescue from the meat man, the people who my family bought him off (as he is my Christmas present :o ) rescue...
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    loan agrement help please

    Hi everyone can you give me some help on a loan agrement. I have the initial agreement drawn up but. Do i charge for a loan with view to buy? Do i ask any money as a deposit? I've never done this before so any help is very uch appreciated :)
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    Sad day

    I've been unbelievably stressed for the past two weeks, I had to make the decision to have Rupert pts. Not only getting all the family out to say their goodbyes, as he was the family pony but having to deal with finding a companion so Dante is not on his own and get his resting place ready...
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    Bridle rant

    I remember reading a thread on here a while ago talking about how hard it is to find a non flash bridle. Well I was just browsing around and 90% of the bridles are flashes...what is up with this! I've never been that fond of them tbh, mainly because I always used a Pelham but even when I...
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    Matchy matchy help

    Found a gorgeous MM set for Dante, it's by QHP though, I've never heard of them, are they any good? What are your experiences with them? Also hope everyone is doing well :)...
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    Bit of fun

    So, how many of you feel like this about your horses/ponies. :lol:
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    Hello everyone, hope you're all well :) I want to know if anyone can give me some advice on welsh ponies (sec b) I have a yearling colt that has been with me for 5 months now and is 13 months old. When do they "drop" I remember reading somewhere that welshies take a long time to drop the...
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    Heartbreaking news

    Had the vet out today about Rupert's scouring, turns out he's got a 50/50 chance of being pts. He has become very dehydrated, we've got some fluids down him and he's munching on sloppy food, vet has also taken blood samples to see what his protein levels are like but because of his age she is...
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    Maybe I'm overreacting but I'm very worried about Rupert tonight. Just been over to do him and he is scouring very bad. His bum also had the shivers but since I washed him off and put him comfy that seems to have calmed down. He is an old boy but he never really suffers from anything like this...
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    Hot towelling

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on in ages so I hope you're all doing ok :) . I would like some advice for hot towelling. I'm going to be Doing Rupert next week and would like to know the best oil/soap to use in the hot water, I know a lot of people use Dettol, baby oil or normal vinegar but...
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    Bit of fun

    :D Have you seen this yet?
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    Urgent Pleas Help

    Have just discovered a little Shetland with mine, who do call to report a lost horse? Thanks in advance.
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    Lincoln silky shine shampoo?

    Has anyone tried it, what do you think of it, I've bought some and it's arrived so thinking about washing Rupert's tail in it when I get back home, it smells lovely :D
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    Saddle help

    Hi everyone, I'm currently selling my wintec 500 gp (as I hate the thing, used it but hate it) anyway it's the old model, I've found that out :p but would like to know what year it was made. And if it is able to take the wide gullets (purple ones) as I may have a buyer.
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    update to heavy heart/over reach boots

    Hello everyone, bit of a strange title I know, but I wanted to again thank everyone who sent such kind words in my moment of despair as they really helped me, Rupert and I are doing well but he's become very clingy to me, he has also started box walking again but I have put some stable mirrors...
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    A heavy heart

    I haven't been on for a while due to the forum not loading properly so I'm sorry, but its with a broken heart that I write this, this afternoon I had to make the decision of putting my 31 year old Arab cross (Legend) to sleep, he had suffered another bout of tying up and about 10 minutes after...
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    Help with a fussy feeder

    Hi everyone :) , can you give me some help with a fussy feeder :confused: I'm in the process of changing from my high sugar feed to the Simple System L.T.D horse feed, only problem is my Shetland is a huge sweet tooth, I'm going to try spearmint and garlic on him, but would really appreciate any...
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    Woke up this morning to a sodden field again xP
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    Hi i'm new

    Hello, this is my first time i've joined a forum so I hope I make some friends and absorb info too :) I currently own a 15hh Egyptian Arab x Welsh Cob gelding and a 7.3hh Shetland pony Stallion. My family have owned horses for many years and I started riding when I was 8, I'm now 24 and could...
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    I'm new, Hi, can you give me some help?

    Hi, how do you post images to my profile pictures tab ? :confused: