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    OMG!!! I am so mad

    Sorrys guys but i might feel better if i can get this off my chest. I have suspected my neighbour has been interfering with a connecting land drain between our properties, I went to check this morning and found he has cut a hole in the top of my pipe , after watching awhile he came back and i...
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    Footpaths and electric fencing

    Does anyone know if it is legal to run electric tape alongside a footpath ??
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    Any EDT`s or anyone had problems after wolf teeth removal.

    My colt had his wolf teeth removed 4 mths ago by my vet afterwards he developed a really snotty nose on one side, i spoke to vet who insisted there was no connection to wolf teeth he gave me a course of antibiotics for him , they didnt work. I spoke to vet again and he suggested a scope , he...
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    Hobo The neglected German Shepherd OMG !! This poor dog has been to hell and back Good luck to Hobo and his new owners.
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    OMG !! Poor Ponies
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    Marriage Horses in India

    Just seen this sorry if its been posted before. Hi everyone. Sorry, this is a bit long but bear with me. If you can take a few minutes to read the email below and watch the video on You Tube in the link, I would very much appreciate it. It was passed on to me by Rachel Wright, the Director of...
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    Saxon Update

    Well me laddo`s had a little setback he is in a lot of pain and is really fed up bless him , he is meant to have his stitches out tomorrow and his wound is really quite weepy. Yesterday my heart was in my mouth as i thought he was a little colicy, ive never been so overjoyed to see him pooh...
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    Saxon`s Home

    Well my boy came home today it was very touching when he realised he was actually home and he could see his buddies who had all run to the fence to greet him especially Lewis his BIG mate who may as well of been cartwheeling around the field lol . Well he`s doing brilliantly, he still has his...
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    Saxon Update and pics

    Leahurst have just called to say the 2nd test results are NEGATIVE . Yay result. I thought i`d post a couple of pics of my lad for you to see him. First two were taken at Leahurst the third was at his very first show
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    Saxon Help urgent vibes needed please .

    Went up to Leahurst to see my boy today expecting to see yet another improvement I had a shock to see him he really is not well again colicky , increase in heart rate from 44 now up to 68 i thought maybe it was due to his guts being restarted after the op, maybe it is just that, but they have...
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    Saxon update

    Well went over there again today to see my boy who is much brighter than yesterday there he was munching some (gorgeous i might add) hay, drips are down so he is having to hydrate himself now. The EGS test result came through while i was there and it is NEGATIVE hallelujah I am soooooo relieved...
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    Your thoughts on this plz. my boy in Leahurst ( long sry )

    from the begining: Saxon my 8 yr old hairy cob is out in day in at night. Friday was so wet i decided to keep him in with a haynet he was fine friday at 8 am by 11 am he was pawing the ground and showed signs of colic sweating etc and looked miserable he had eaten 3/4 of his haynet. Called out...
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    I know i posted this last week but for those that have not signed yet PLEASE do. How many more animals will be abused by sickos that get a slap on the wrist for it. We need heavier sentences introduced asap AND THAT WONT HAPPEN UNLESS WE MAKE IT HAPPEN Come on please sign for MAGGIES LAW...
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    This is a petition for tougher sentences for crimes against horses. For everyone who was horrified by the death of Maggie and other violent deaths. Please sign / post and pass on to who ever you can. Thank you For anyone not familiar with the...
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    Petitions need signing please

    Taken off another forum: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think that as long as there will be a market, horses will be killed and/or transported in horrible conditions for meat. This is in French, sorry. BEWARE as most of those links have...
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    PETITION LINK HERE 19,000 STILL CLIMBING Just incase anyone hasnt signed yet Please do ASAP
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    Friday 18th deadline for donkeys and shetlands

    Just read this on IH forum written by Sandra Williams who has been working with The Horse Trust. Dear All, I don’t know if you are aware of the fact that Jamie Gray is due to have returned to him at Spindles Farm the Donkeys and Shetlands rescued from DEATH earlier this year, it has also been...
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    More dead horses found in Sth Bucks
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    Horse Murderer Jailed Today "video link"

    Two blokes who attacked Maggie the piebald mare were sentenced today , one got the maximum sentence 6 months reduced to 5 the other got 200hrs community service reduced to 180 here`s the link: Its not long enough sentence...
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    This has just been posted on another forum PLEASE ALL SIGN THANKS In 2007, an 'artist' called Guillermo Vargas Habacuc caught a stray dog on the street, tied it up on a short leash to the wall of an art gallery and left it there to die slowly of hunger and thirst. Over the next few days, the...
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    I have just seen this posted on another forum if you want any more info google his name but be aware of distressing pics PLEASE ALL SIGN In 2007, an 'artist' called Guillermo Vargas Habacuc caught a stray dog on the street, tied it up on a short leash to the wall of an art gallery and left it...
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    Redwings update. not sure if already posted but hey ho
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    MEN ADMIT TO ATTACKING MARE They have admitted to the attack on Maggie and what an pair of evil BA$1£rds they look like too. SICKO`s
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    Horrendous Stallion Fighting !!!

    I dont know if this has been posted but OMG these people think this is entertainment. Beware upsetting pics.
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    Please help the Donkey

    Please could you please go to this link and sign the petition. MANY THANKS TO ALL THAT DO
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    RSPCA fail again !! I wonder why they are not prosecuting.
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    ALL WOMEN SHOULD BE ON GUARD!! long sorry but lol

    Most of you have read the scare-mail about the person whose kidneys were stolen while he was passed out. Well, read on. While the kidney story was an urban legend, this one is not. It's happening every day!! My thighs were stolen from me during the night a few years ago. It was just that...
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    WICKED BA$@~#D Grey never turned up ##Link## Too scared to crawl out from that rock he`s hiding under !! HE SHOULD BE !!!!
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    Voicesforhorses have a petition going that needs more sigs