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  1. hayinamanger

    Would you consider buying this horse?

    He sounds lovely, I would'nt worry about the clicking, it's just joint fluid.
  2. hayinamanger

    North Devon farrier recommendation wanted

    Autumn7 glad you are sorted, I am also looking for a farrier, can I ask who you are using please?
  3. hayinamanger

    Retained Testicle

    Thanks TheMule, that's a great idea and takes the pressure off for a while x
  4. hayinamanger

    Retained Testicle

  5. hayinamanger

    Retained Testicle

    Thank you for replying, I have bred several foals, all the colts were born with both testicles present.
  6. hayinamanger

    Retained Testicle

    Drove 200 miles yesterday to see a 3 month old colt foal. He was exactly what l am looking for BUT as I examined him I discover that he has a retained testicle. The owner was aware of this but had not told me, ok I should have asked if both were decended. I know that the testicle may possibly...
  7. hayinamanger

    Trekker Saddle issue

    Thank you Steph.
  8. hayinamanger

    Trekker Saddle issue

    I have just bought a Trekker ?Classic, the large knee rolls are like deflated balloons as the foam type filling has degraded and is falling out through the girth strap slit, any idea what it would cost to get this stuff out and reflock, the knee rolls are similar to those on a dressage saddle...
  9. hayinamanger

    Getting bute into a fussy eater.

    Thank you for all your great tips, much appreciated x
  10. hayinamanger

    Getting bute into a fussy eater.

    They were out of Danilon at the practice.
  11. hayinamanger

    Getting bute into a fussy eater.

    Hi, my horse will eat Danilon but bute is very difficult to get down him. I have tried cinnamon, apple sauce, syringing but this is very messy. Help needed please :)
  12. hayinamanger

    Hi, I am really struggling to get bute into my very fussy horse. He will eat Danilon in a bit...

    Hi, I am really struggling to get bute into my very fussy horse. He will eat Danilon in a bit of Speedybeet but bute is a definite no no, he would rather starve. I have been using a dosing syringe with the bute mixed in a little water but the water separates and the powder just gets wedged in...
  13. hayinamanger

    Solution Energist/Ansur Classic how stable are they?

    Experiences please on lateral stability, thanks.
  14. hayinamanger

    Pony dropping to knees

    I have seen a pony do this and the cause was a saddle which was too tight on the wither.
  15. hayinamanger

    Solution Freestyle or Barefoot Cheyenne?

    Opinions on lateral stability please.
  16. hayinamanger

    Solutions V Treefree Exmoor?

    Thanks everyone!
  17. hayinamanger

    Towing with SWB?

    I tow a 505 with a swb Shogun, it's great, plenty of power and so much easier to manoeuvre than the L200 we had before.
  18. hayinamanger

    Solutions V Treefree Exmoor?

    Thanks MiJods, I like the look of the Exmoor and Tor (never seen a secondhand Tor) But people do love the Solutions too, am slightly put off by the shimming and pads etc. My biggest concern is the long girth straps on both these makes and whether they would be user friendly for an old granny :)
  19. hayinamanger

    Solutions V Treefree Exmoor?

    Thanks for your reply, it's very helpful.
  20. hayinamanger

    Solutions V Treefree Exmoor?

    Hi, I have given up trying to find treed saddles for 2 of my horses, it's nearly bankrupted me. So looking for opinions/experiences on these 2 saddles please. 14 hand cob, very short back, croup high and a 15 hand Dales x with a flat back and absolutely no wither. I am 5'7". TIA
  21. hayinamanger

    HSL Saddles

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has heard of these saddles?
  22. hayinamanger

    Peter England, Bath

    Has anyone had any dealings with this yard, please?
  23. hayinamanger

    Coopers Spot On - national shortage

    Mole Valley Farmers had their usual stock levels last week, you can buy online l think.
  24. hayinamanger

    Sunday cuteness dose.....

    I agree. He is a beautiful horse btw.
  25. hayinamanger

    Former owner trying to trace pony I had PTS - Wwyd?

    I unwittingly sold a horse to a dealer 6 years ago. 2 weeks later she was advertised in H&H for twice the money, the dealer refused to take my calls. I spent 2.5 years trying to find out where she was, just to know she was in a good home. One day her new owner contacted me out of the blue...
  26. hayinamanger

    What would you do in my situation ?

    Dear Martha, a cob like this is one in a million.
  27. hayinamanger

    Fast Fibre

    I will order some, thank you for your kind offer, too :)
  28. hayinamanger

    Fast Fibre

    Thanks dollyanna, they sound ideal, where do you get yours from?
  29. hayinamanger

    Fast Fibre

    I have used FF for years, it's good as a carrier for mag ox, brewers yeast etc as it's damp, l put a bit of Hi Fi molass free chaff with it to make it more palatable. Just wondering what other people give their good doers for this purpose?