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  1. Wobblywibble

    Bailing out

    The thread about the kids on bolting ponies got me thinking about bailing out. Is this something you were taught? I've been around horses for a very long time and have always been taught/taught others to hang on for grim death. I was bolted with, bareback at age 10 and screamed my head off...
  2. Wobblywibble

    Mole Valley Farmers Ad

    Is it just me or is anyone else slightly freaked out by the horse with the twitching ears/nostils? Or am I the only one they are targetting?? It's got a bit like Go Compare - makes me want to use any other company but!
  3. Wobblywibble

    Sack of potatoes on a (fat) plank

    Rode my little share horse for the first time in ages today, she has been ridden by owner's daughter twice in the last 6 weeks but that's been it. Horse was apparently "very keen" on last outing. She is usually forward going, but sensible. Took her up to the school (which is tiny, hardly ever...
  4. Wobblywibble

    Hello I'm new

    hi everyone, have been lurking for a bit (which I detest) but now finally taken the plunge and joined in. I've been riding since I was 7 and have been sharing a 14.2 chesnut TB/Connemara mare for the last 11 years (yes it CAN work and we have NEVER had any disagreements OR anything in...