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    Abundance of bunnies.......should I be worried?

    I used to be on a farm full of rabbit warrens and I would fill the holes with horse poo whenever I was poo-picking. I don't know if it's s recommended method but they never dug through it! It was a few years ago before I'd heard of worm testing, we just wormed every three months back then.
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    broken collarbone-success stories please!

    I can't believe how quickly most of you have mended!!! I had a backwards rotational fall in 2012 and broke my collarbone, and then 3 weeks later just as it was knitting I did too much (non horsey stuff) and displaced/broke it again, the pain was immense, sitting hurt, moving hurt, lying down...
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    Keeping Horse Trailer Clean

    I muck mine out and put all the clean straw in the front of the trailer, then give the back half a really good brush out and wash it out by winding up the jockey wheel quite high until the trailer is raised at the front so the water will naturally flow out of the back and leave the bedding at...
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    The Trainer & the Racehorse C4 tonight

    I really enjoyed it, lovely programme!
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    So who is going to Bramham ?

    I'm thinking of going either Friday or Saturday. Just as happy to watch dressage as XC, but think my dog will enjoy the XC day more! If I end up having to go on the Friday, I assume there are grandstand seats around the dressage arena? Are dogs allowed in? Does anyone know? Any advice? Thanks x
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    Taming a wild pony please help

    I wouldn't turn her out just yet, you'll never catch her again! I'd leave her in the barn, let her see the other ponies being handled, and be patient, sit in her stable with hay and let her come to you. Don't put her in with other ponies, that can happen in a few weeks. Be her main companion...
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    Unable to balance in trailer

    Thank for your kind offer Clannad48, but I'm the other end of the country �� We actually tried him today on a mainly motorway journey but on the passenger side of the trailer and he was much much better. We have had him on that side before and thinking back he had travelled a bit...
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    Unable to balance in trailer

    Thanks I have thought about that but don't think I know anyone with full width bars I could borrow - maybe I'll have to ask around? Plus we usually travel two ponies ��
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    Unable to balance in trailer

    Friend's new pony has mainly travelled in a box before. We've now had him out half a dozen times and he just can't seem to balance in a trailer. I drive into corners at a snails pace, round the corner, out of the corner, and all the while we can hear him banging around trying to find his feet...
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    Pondering about yard bitchiness

    I'm on a really big livery yard (60+) horses and ponies, with a range of owners from 3 to 70yrs old. It's a mix of beginners part loaning their first ponies, happy hackers, showing people and eventers. We all rub along pretty well there's a few people who aren't my cup of tea, people who I'll...
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    Controlling Ragwort

    Hi, has anyone tried killing ragwort in the field using one of those gas canister weed burning devices? Does it kill them? For one season or longer? Any opinions? Thanks
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    Maintenance cost of trailer

    Hi. I have a 505 bought from new in 2008 -the last of the old style trailers. Service at Barlows each year is approx £100. I've never needed to spend anything on it so far. This year however they mentioned some sealant required around some of the side panels, but i never got round to asking for...
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    Wood chip bedding suppliers?

    Try Stanley Nook Farm in Aspull, they deliver by the pallet. They make their own bedding, half the price of branded. I use the woodchip and its dirt cheap and just the same as Easibed. 01942 831833
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    Types of hay -does this exist?

    Thanks for all the replies, I've just had a look at Horsehage and it looks like their High Fibre seems the best, very similar to their Timothy so I'll see what my local saddlers and feed merchants stock. I'm still open to other ideas or brands if anyone else has any! Thanks
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    Types of hay -does this exist?

    Hi My little 11.2 welshie holds weight a bit too well and gets a terrible cough off dry hay so I always soak his hay firstly to help his cough and secondly to try to remove some of the sugars to try to help keep his weight down. I try to get second cut hay as first cut can be too rich...
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    Hi, what's the process with salt please? I've not heard of that one before! Thanks x
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    Clydesdales as riding horses

    As previous response I would make sure the yards you are considering have suitably extra large stables, and consider the cost of hay! Talk to yard owners, I know of one who wouldn't take on any more heavies at all after having one that ploughed through fences (inc electric wire) on a regular...
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    Remember my guess the breed puppy?

    My friend's smooth coated fox terrier has spots like those!
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    Does your horse have a favourite?

    My 11.2 gelding loves big mares, I'm talking 17hh plus!! If he's in a field next to the big mares he has them bemused watching him over the fence strutting his stuff at them ha ha, bless him he'd have no chance with any of them!!! ������
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    Whilst I know no one can help..... Rant

    Can you speak to your neighbours and describe the situation? There may be nothing they are willing/able to do, but if they split their mares and geldings it may be easy enough for them to use the field adjacent to yours for their geldings instead of their mares? It's worth finding out.
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    Money saving tip on broken handled water buckets!!!

    Is there really any need for such criticism guys ???
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    Wide calf long riding boots recommendations

    I have short wide calves and wear Dublin Pinnacle boots for the yard and day to day riding, and Just Togs long boots (available in a wide fitting) for competing.
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    Xmas Day

    Mine won't notice much difference to their usual weekend day. I'm doing AM feed and turnout for mine and my friend (Large DIY yard) and leaving my stables bedded down ready with teas and hay etc, then I'm off to get ready and spend rest of day with family. My friend is going down in the...
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    Looking after your horse in the winter

    OMG MillionDollar, please can I come and live with you?????😄
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    Calmers any recommendations?

    Just keep in mind there are two kinds of calmers (in my experience) those based on herbs and those based on magnesium. Some horses are affected by one type but not the other. Various magnesium calmers had no effect on my horse whatsoever but herbal calmers did so I just experimented with herbal...
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    horses that keep collapsing

    That's a strange coincidence. Surely if it has happened to two horses at the same time it has to be something external, i.e. in their food, drink, or environment?
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    Horse collapsing multiple times.

    OP you know for a fact he has fallen once. I'm wondering if you could hang around after his breakfast for a few days (are you off work over Christmas?) so you can perhaps witness what is happening yourself?
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    Winter Routine??

    I think your plan sounds fine (you may or may not need hay in the field depending on grass/field companion situation). Some people prefer to do their stable jobs before work, some prefer after work, that's down to the individual person (on weekdays I pay for morning turnout, so I only go to...
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    Do I go back for a second viewing?

    From what you've said OP I was in a similar position of looking for my first horse (I had a pony as a teenager a looooong time ago) however I was a fairly confident rider and a little bit more experienced than you seem to be. I knew that ideally I should get an experienced older horse for a...
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    A Devastating Day

    Oh that's so awful I can't imagine what you all went through. What a heartbreaking outcome. Condolences to all involved.