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    spooky dressage horse help

    Hi can anyone offer me any advise please at the end of my tether. don’t know what to do. I have owned my horse for a year now and he has always been spooky( in varying degrees) so not a new thing. we have had a break from competition over christmas and since then we have been out twice and i’m...
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    Area festivals prestige equestrian

    Hi has anyone on here been to the area festivals at prestige equestrian. are the winter area festivals usually run outside,I have watched a few youtube videos from previous years and they seem to be all outside. need to find some where were my spooky horse will have a fighting chance of going...
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    Looking for full/part livery newark lincoln area

    Hi sorry another livery thread I’m looking for full part livery lincoln newark area would prefer a competition type yard must have a school must have turnout and must provide the best care thanks in advance if you reply
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    Sick of horsey people

    Hi folks just wanted to rant really I’m sick of people at the minute why do some people think they can say what they want. I have just sold my horse so may be feeling a tad sensative however I just wish people would keep there opinions to themselves unless asked for. As I was getting my horse...
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    livery wanted newark/lincoln

    Hi any body know of any livery yards newark/ lincoln area for one horse must have good facilities assisted DIY or may be part depending on price thankyou
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    Am I being paranoid

    Hi I’m being stolen from, I have been at a small livery yard for 2 years and i’m very happy there, apart from this problem. it’s been going on since I got there and I don’t know what to do about it i think it may be to late as i should have nipped it in the bud from the beginning. I am the...
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    Best first medium test

    Hi folks As title really .....want to have a go at medium what’s the most straight forward and easiest to ride
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    Can anyone help us horse shopping please 😄😄

    Hi please if anyone is bored please can you help us look for following so difficult now facebook dont allow ads but someone might know of something 16-16.2 4-9 years old east midlands or north yorkshire 5k budget for eventing and having fun an experianced rider so doesnt mind something a bit...
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    Going to view a young horse who hasn’t jumped

    Hi I’m going to look at a horse with a friend on Sunday ( the horse is for my friend ) she is looking for a youngster with the potential to event but has got a limited budget she has found this horse it is 4 years old but it has been brought on slowly and never seen a fence but the horse seems...
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    mini ODE coming up

    Hi can anyone give me any recommendations for any mini ODE 70 cm coming up we are in Lincolnshire but will travel up to a couple of hours many thanks
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    When to amit your rubbish and you should just give up.

    Hi just wanted to see what other people think, maybe have some good advice to get me movated or a good kick up the bum. My problem is jumping I have had my horse for 4 years we have done BE80s etc and done quite well we had a fantastic time but I have always been a nervous jumper. With a...
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    Expensive horse shoes WWYD

    Hi just after some ideas my horse has remedial farriey he is shod 4 weeks in summer and 5 weeks in winter I have an exceptional farrier but here lies my problem for an exceptional farrier I pay an exceptional price which I except and have paid the price to keep my horse happy healthy and...
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    Turnout before competing

    Hi just want to know what people’s opinions were as next weekend I’m doing shelford BE 80 I have asked for late times so it looks like from section times I will not be doing my dressage Till 4pm Would you turnout for the morning or all day my horse is quite laid back and doesn’t need to blow...
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    To scope for ulcers wwyd

    Hi just wanted to know what you all think I’ve had on going issues with my horses behaviour for a while now so it’s not a new behaviour but it’s starting to wear me down it’s constant if you go to touch him he bites changing rugs he bits he used to like being groomed now moves away swishes tail...
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    Freelance groom Lincoln

    Hi does anyone know anyone that covers Lincoln area collingham looking for a freelance groom to turn out muck out one horse 4 days a week will be weekends as well as I work 4 days on 4 days off Thanks
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    Saddle shopping help WWYD

    Hi just need some advice I don't really know what to do so I thought I'd ask you guys I need a new dressage saddle I bought a secondhand saddle ALbion from eBay it has never been the best fit was fitted by professional saddler and was told I would need a new one when he's filled out I have...
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    BE 90 for first timer

    Hi There could anyone recommend any first time BE 90s im in the east midlands and dont mind traveling a couple of hours thanks in advance
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    Recommendations for feeding for energy

    Hi There looking for some recommendation for feeding my horse to give him more instant energy At the minute he is on a balancer and alfalfa. I have been giving him top spec turbo this gives him fantastic energy but it makes him very irritable and upsets his tummy I increase it before...
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    I Think my horse is a winter werewolf WWYD

    Hi folks need some advice my amazing mild mannered horse turns in to a nightmare in winter I think it may be ulcer related but not sure what do you think I have owned him for 2 years now and last winter was the same but hes 6 and I just thought it was a phase hes going through but the same...
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    Dressage judge translation needed

    Hi dressage people what do you think irregular in trot means Did 2 dressage tests today both prelims 1st test was fab score of 66% 1st in my section 2nd overall However 2nd test different judge worst dressage score he's ever had 56% with comments of irregular steps should I be worried I'm...
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    Can anyone tell me why my horse does this travelling

    Hi my horse always loads and is as good as gold travelling to competitions you hardly know he's on the horsebox 3.5 tonne rear facing he stands on the Lorry eats his hay perfect until it comes to travelling home he's s nightmare he rocks back and forwards and kicks the back of the box a few...
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    Jumping instructors Lincoln

    Hi please can I have people's recommendations for jumping instructors around the Lincoln/ Newark area thankyou x
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    Help needed horse shopping

    Hi if any of you folks would do a bit of horse shopping for me this is my wish list 15.3-16.2 Age beteween 4 & 8 Must be a gelding Looking for something Irish competition type must be a forward willing ride to do some low level eventing and British novice Something to have some fun on...
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    Please help me spend my money re: saddles

    Hi can you guys help me decided what to do please in a turmoil of what to do At the mo I have a ideal jump saddle what I do everything in I love it but it does nothing for my position flat work and it is not the best fit on him but it doesn't cause any problems . I would like to do more...
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    Turn out advice wwyd

    Hi and happy new year to everyone just after some advice really and to find out what everyone else does during winter regarding winter turnout My horse has trouble with his feet and has come in with a lost shoe tonight from Larkin round so not happy but it happens. He just doesn't seem to...
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    Barefoot break help advice needed

    Hi everyone Well to cut a long story short my horses front feet are crap have just crumbled away have struggled with shoeing and keeping shoes on ect all summer his heel has dropped on his right fore his front feet are now 2 different shapes vet say he may develop a corn or abscess However...
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    3.5 tonne lorry woes ..... Help

    Hi I've had my horse for 6 months now and always used an equi trek space treka we did have a few loading issues but he did always travel fine So have just recently brought a nice new 3.5 tonne lorry rear facing day living at back you know the type To cut a long story short he hates it he...
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    Why does my horse do this

    Hi everyone just wanted to ask about my new horses quirks I have owned him for three months now he was broken last November and when I got him he was quite weak he had an infection and a bad back bit he is a lot stronger know just been bringing him on slowly however when I school him when you...
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    Arena hire in Lincoln

    Hi just need to know of anywhere that hires out there arena around the witham st huges collingham area don't mind indoor or out needs to be a good surface thanks
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    Horse box insurance how much do you pay

    :p Sorry for being nosey but have just purchased my first 3.5 horsebox looking at the min for insurance have been quoted so far £700-800 per year fully comp I'm 42 have 8 years no claims and 6 points what does everyone else pay and what are the best companies to use