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    retirement livery wanted in/around cheshire

    It's not what I'd call retirement livery. He turns them out on grass for a short while and then on to stubble with hay. It's miserable.
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    Anyone use their 3.5T as only vehicle?

    Ooh, that's a good point; thank you!
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    Anyone use their 3.5T as only vehicle?

    As title, I'm trying to reconcile my finances with owning a horse but in an area where the hacking is crap and dangerous. I've tried before and I can't afford a car and a wagon, so I'm thinking of buying a low-mileage Renault Master conversion or something like that and use it as my only...
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    Quivering/flapping lower lip - meaning

    Normally anxiety
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    What sort of dog WOULD you have?

    If I had a big house: Irish Setter and a Flatcoat. Not likely, so Russian Toy and JRT
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    Grain free food suggestions

    This is excellent and a 12kg sack lasts my 2 terriers about 3 months
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    How do you refer to your horse?

    Tubby :)
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    Can people hack with friends during COVID 19?

    *Sigh* If you say so, know-all. Let me put it another way then. The risk of someone having any kind of horse-related accident is higher if we ride than if we don't. Surely you can't dispute that in your inimitable way?
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    Can people hack with friends during COVID 19?

    The difference is that, statistically, horse riding is a high-risk activity. If we all carry on riding it's inevitable that some of us are going to end up calling on the emergency services. For that reason alone, just stay at home!
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    Livery near Tarvin

    Chapelwood is lovely but doesn't do DIY. Brown Heath is good value and has all-year turnout but dreadful hacking - really fast roads and no circular routes. Tile Farm in Guilden Sutton (Ardens) is a lovely yard but for the fact they don't do winter turnout at all. There's Totty's in Great Barrow...
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    Riding a Driving Horse!

    Ha ha my ride/drive does exactly this!! I wouldn't worry about the lean thing; she's certainly never done that and is also a skilled dressage pony. The only thing she does do is a funny little hop into trot - a momentum thing I think, to get the trap going.
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    Straw is the best bedding

    I much prefer rape straw to wheat straw - much more absorbent and less smelly.
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    Rural peeps on bad broadband - a solution?

    Vote Labour, obvs.
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    Any experience with PetPlan Equine insurance - do they pay out?

    Yes, they were brilliant with my claim but not cheap. Even more expensive than NFU.
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    Overwhelmed new owner.

    Cornish Becky she looks an absolute sweetie and I can see a bite or two but is there something going on with her right eye?
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    Pictures To hog or not to hog?

    Hog, definitely. He's super-handsome enough to pull it off in style!
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    Monty Roberts

    I went to see him at a low-key event in 1998 and was moved to tears by his gentleness and the results he achieved. I then saw him a decade later and was heartbroken by the change in the "show" which had shifted from being educational and all about the big sell. That aside, I was always...
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    Strong ID leaning on bit? What bit is best

    You might have to do a bit of experimenting with the bit bank. My heavily-leaning cob leaned on Waterfords, and hated the poll action of gags. After extensive research I tried a Swales Pelham which is a bit softer as it isn't fixed, and she went like a dream in it, in a really light contact.
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    Failed vetting - decisions decisions!

    Having had two with sarcoids I'd say walk away. No question. Sorry.
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    Recovery after leg break

    Really sorry to hear about your injury - been there! Hope my story will give you some cause for optimism though! Mine wasn't a riding accident; I fell down the stairs and smashed both legs into a cabinet. Ripped all the ligaments in my right leg and snapped the tib and fib in the left leg and...
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    Reverse sneezing

    My JRT X (also called Pip!) does it from time to time but is perfectly fit and healthy. The first time she did it scared me half to death. Now I don't worry about it.
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    Any French Speakers?

    Is this from English into French or vice versa? I can have a look if it's into English but if it's into French you need a native speaker x
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    Piggy French Yellow Carded

    Funny how 'bunny hugger', suggesting perhaps over-sentimentality and kindness is always viewed as a bad thing on this forum.
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    Clipper recommendation needed

    Can anyone recommend some medium duty clippers that aren't too heavy and don't overheat too quickly? A pair of Heinigers I've been borrowing get boiling impossibly quickly and hours to cool down. They need to cope with feather. Thanks!
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    Sarcoids...anyone else suspect that..

    Has anyone tried bloodroot cream?
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    Sarcoids...anyone else suspect that..

    Yes, I agree. I was thinking about it only this morning. He cornered the market and also seemed to suffocate further research. He pushed the cream so hard a novice like me wouldn't have any better ideas or the knowledge to disagree! I think he's got a lot to answer for.
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    Sarcoids...anyone else suspect that..

    I'll definitely be taking this approach from now on and am gutted I didn't do so earlier.
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    Sarcoids...anyone else suspect that..

    ... leaving well alone may be better in some cases? I've now had two mares with minor issues and in my ignorance I ran straight to the vet and had, in the first case, Liverpool cream, and in the second, laser surgery, and in both cases the sarcoids have come back far more numerous. I wish I'd...
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    Bedding- rape plant

    I'm a champion of rape straw. Chopped/dust extracted or straight off the bale. My fatty-eat-anything good-doer doesn't touch it and it's far more absorbent than wheat straw or even shavings, I think.
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    In foal or fat?

    I'm going to buck the trend here and hazard a guess she's in foal. But hard to tell from those pics x