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    What to do with this horse?

    I propose survey radiographs to establish what is indicated, be that surgery, medical management or something different totally. Then, should it be established that surgery is the only option an informed descision can be made. I blame the breeders and whole industry actually, many of these...
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    What to do with this horse?

    Your horse, your money, your choice. I just hope some people reading this will think twice about taking on an Ex-racer if they don't want to deal with KS and poor feet. Horses (and humans!) are usually totally different out of spinal pain than in it.
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    Excited for tomorrow

    Exciting :D I'm getting a new pony today!
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    how to improve my riding on riding school ponies

    Step 1- get it off the leg. It's already warned up and you don't have long so don't waste a lap walking around, gallop if you need to (it might seem an aggressive warm up technique but if you don't the other teams will!) and keep revving it up until you are getting walk- canters easily. If...
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    Over bending when I ask to trott

    During the transition or actually whilst trotting?
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    Cobs vs finer breeds

    Some Arabs can winter out and some cobs are comfortable over 1m. Go and see the horses based on record not breed :)
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    Holidays and days off for your horse? How long etc...

    3 months after a hard summer, one day per overnight stay during the season. If not in hard work then they dont really need it so my riding horse just gets natural breaks (ridden approx 4 times per week, when not too busy).
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    Your horse's herd position?

    My Welsh D is top and my Partbred somewhere near the bottom, though in smaller herds he will take the lead if needed. He's quite submissive to physically bigger horses, and never really aggressive to smaller. Our herd is 5 geldings, a Shetland who is the bottom, 2x 13.3 MWs and a massive 14.1 HW...
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    Just stood my 2 in 4 feed buckets, no hay so not temptation to move head about etc. :)
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    Help please... Pricing a horse... COB - SJ -affiliation prospect

    Equally if she is under 148 that rules out cob showing for her....(including working cob class). Realistically the cobs doing well are over 15hh. Knowing what bracket she falls into will help :)
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    Driving pair update - with video this time!

    What's your aims with them? :) Are your reins the right way round? The left coupling rein looks like it needs to go out about 6 inches :)
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    Help dealing with stained feathers

    How much chalk are you using? Do you leave it bandaged the night before?
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    Ideas for an alternative for expensive plaiting spray

    I just 'dry' plait!
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    how much weight can a 13.1/14 carry

    Lovely cob Frankie cob :) Our 14.1 HW is a Frankie!
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    how much weight can a 13.1/14 carry

    Our 14.1 HW also takes 16 stone easily- 20% is over 18 stone and 15% is about 14. My 13.3 NF build pony takes 11.5 stone + tack all day, plus some when I've not been too careful.
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    Inhand veteran

    At a training day they said mane side shouldn't matter until you get to the top ends of county line ups :) I still plait my wrong sided Ds over the month before a 'big' show though!
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    one eyed horse? considerations?

    Treat him like normal just speak to him when on that 'blind' side more so he knows you're there :)
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    Too tall for ponies?

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    Can you sj and dressage in tweed?

    I dressage to elem in tweed (only as I'm not good enough for medium!) and jump too, but I only do 80s SJ so :p
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    Best bit for horse that hates poll pressure but is keen...

    Swales or use a bit hanger ring? :)
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    XC, no boots? Over reach boots behind?

    I wouldn't boot him- more risk of poorly fitting (or just feathers moving) boots tripping him up! I over reach boot behind so wouldn't hesitate to do that if you think he might stand on himself :)
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    Is a 9 stone child too heavy for a 11.2hh cross pony?

    I'm all for ponies actually working but IMO unless she is a good rider that is too heavy.
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    Would this put you off completely...?

    Also, is it from a friend or a randomer? How much has it been doing this summer successfully? How far from home is it and would they take it back as soon as you were no longer happy with it or were they looking for long term.
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    Decided to sell but no idea of a starting figure

    I'd agree about 3-3.5k as a start.
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    Good Conformation: important or not??

    A bit out here and there I'd forgive unless to show at high level, but then the two we show are by no means perfect....and any results Id pay more attention to than my opinion! Of the horses I've had most recently- one heavy infront and dishes, dead straight hocks. He has retired a bit lame at...
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    Transporting small ponies

    Those travelling loose what sort of jockey doors do you have? I'd worry about our IW one holding a pony who lent on it around a bend but maybe I don't give it enough faith!
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    Transporting small ponies

    Yes we have lower height bars as they're over Shetland height. I'd say cross tied back in the partition would be safest if the bars are bigger than the pony height! Full width would be fine but quite hard to cross tie so they can't go under the bar but can still reach hay!
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    Lemieux Saddle Cloth Slipping

    Yes, mine moves- I'm blaming the saddle but it does move 'easier' than others.
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    What showing class would you put this in?

    Novice horse, Ridden horse, riding club horse, even riding horse, working hunter (plaited or m+m) for local level :) Just enjoy it and take on board what they say. Often at local level you can win by giving a nice show (or ride) and for the workers jumping clear, even if you wouldn't be strictly...
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    Staying overnight at a show - wheelbarrows

    Much prefer a proper wheelbarrow. I fill the whole empty partition if I have one so by then the wheel barrow is well wedged/bungled in. I'm lucky in that most of my away events I have a flat bed trailer coming too I bungie it to if the whole horse trailer is in use. I put a tack pack (and lots...