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    Good hacking and livery options near Hull?

    Is that the one near York? It's probably a bit too far away from Hull unfortunately. Thanks for the info all.
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    Good hacking and livery options near Hull?

    My OH has been offered a job in Hull so it looks like me will probably be moving. Can anyone recommend a good area within say 10 miles for decent outriding (for endurance and TREC) and livery options, preferably grass or DIY. Thanks!
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    Livery needed S E Kent... by 1st Sept

    Ok so in terms of areas, I'm guessing Elham valley, Wingham, Barham, Aylesham etc. would suit? There are quite a few yards in those areas. I moved aeay from East Kent a few years ago now so will need to wrack my brains. I still have a lot of friends in those areas so will ask around them for you.
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    Livery needed S E Kent... by 1st Sept

    Have you been to the tack room in the Alkham Valley? They have a notice board which usually has a few spaces. Which part of SE Kent are you looking for?
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    Riding horse twice in a day?

    On a long endurance ride I could find myself doing 5 or more loops! I don't tend to ride more than once a day in training though. As long as your horse is fit enough then why not.
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    Re-locating to Somerset/Devon - any suggestions welcome!

    Taunton would have been my 2nd suggestion for the reasons outlined above! Exmoor would be amazing (riding the Golden Horseshoe last year was such a highlight!) but it is very isolated.
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    Am I mad to buy a youngster as a first horse?

    I was in a very similar position to you - had been riding, loaning and worked on an arab stud for 10+ years before I was in a position to buy my first. I bought a 7 year old but very green PBA chestnut mare..... And she has been phenomenal. She took me to FEI level endurance, had a go at...
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    Livery in East Devon/West Dorset help please!

    I'm lucky enough to have direct access onto commons that offer extensive offroad riding. Only a few high banked single track roads to contend with and they aren't too bad. I've had one instance where I could hear a car being driven too fast for the road and had to turn horse around and canter up...
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    Can you ride English using western tack?

    Depends on the competition. Endurance - fine. TREC - fine. Western classes - more than fine! Competition isn't JUST about dressage, SJing and eventing you know. I've even used mine in a local show turn out class (I was there to get experience for my new, green mare). It raised a few eyebrows but...
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    Can you ride English using western tack?

    Posting is indeed the word used for rising trot!
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    Livery in East Devon/West Dorset help please!

    I'm probably a bit too far west of Lyme Regis (very close to MiJodsR2BlinkinTite!) to suggest a yard. Perhaps look around Colyton/Colyford? It's a fabulous part of the world. I moved here 3 years ago from Kent and have loved every second of my time here.
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    Re-locating to Somerset/Devon - any suggestions welcome!

    Exeter would be my suggestion. It's a thriving city with a relatively strong job market at the moment. Easy commuting to Bristol. I live about 10 miles east of Exeter and work there. My horse is not kept on a yard (I rent land from the local estate) but there are a few around here (though they...
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    Can you ride English using western tack?

    I ride my English trained mare in a western endurance saddle (specialized trailmaster - it's amazing!) and we have no problems. I ride on a long rein anyway and neck rein/use voice commands) so we try and stay nice and relaxed :-) The endurance saddle has no horn so I can still rise to the...
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    Following on from the dog thread - why did you pick that breed..

    I caught arab-itis when, as a teenager I started helping out someone I knew who has an arab and anglo-arab. When the time came to buy my own, I visited the stud that she bought her AA from, and fell head-over-heels for my little chestnut PBA mare. Horse 2 was always going to be a pure bred mare...
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    Arab Showing, what a disgraceful display

    Reports like this remind me why I don't show my well-bred, well put-together, well mannered mare. She is a classic, good stamp of a crabbet but I bought her to be my riding, endurance companion and that is what she is. I am tempted though to take her into an arab class and show her "properly"...
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    For those of you walking your youngsters... what do you wear

    Lots of long-lining out non-youngster whilst pregnant at the moment (me, not her!). I swear by my Ariat terrains. The ultimate short boot - they are fantastic. If you can get a special shoe insert that would save your running shoes and your feet! i would also suggest a 1/4 sheet and roller.
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    small budget... trailer or lorry?

    I completed a spreadsheet when faced with a similar decision and found that 4x4 & trailer was cheaper than a small lorry & small car. That would mean two vehicles to MOT, tax, insure, etc. Most of the events I go to are endurance rides for which I need a crew, so would need to take a crew...
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    Beach riding holidays

    The New Forest is stunning for riding, but I don't know the beaches. I wonder whether Dorset might have some that are suitable? Or the coast at Somerset? You would also then have Exmoor to hand too. I know North Devon has some amazing beaches (Saunton is spectacular for riding! ) but may be too...
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    That awful moment when you realise you are going to...

    Box out to a local spot for a change of scenery. This spot is partway around an endurance ride that you have done a few times before, so your mare knows it very well. Unload, tack up and let horse graze loose whilst you grab your hat and lock up, as you have done 100 times over. Can you guess...
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    What do you do if you've fallen off and hit your head....

    Last time I fell off and hit my head I lost 8 hours of memory, got chucked in an ambulance (after being cut out of my clothes!), spent 3 days in hospital with concussion and spent the next month getting my brain function back to normal, so I'm probably not the best example to use! But I would...
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    OS map vs. Definitive map

    Thanks for the advice all. MiJodsR2BlinkinTite yes please PM me that name. I intend to get onto this 1st thing tomorrow! Thankfully I live in the village where this is so can literally knock on doors of needed.
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    OS map vs. Definitive map

    There is a particular point in our riding around here (East Devon) which is marked as a green lane on the OS map, but not allowed to ride there on the definitive map. The land owner has blocked it, and hence access to the only river fording point within 1 mile in either direction. There are...
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    Going abroad for 3 months- what to do with horse?

    Another one who agrees with turning him away for 3 months. I've done that with my mare whilst in the final weeks of pregnancy/early motherhood. I've still been riding or longlining her out once or twice a week, and the lady I share a field with has the option to borrow her if she wants to. But...
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    Is this bridle tacky?!

    Red and black: The mare on the left is my older mare. Her loaner at the time had her in purple tack; I had her in blue, white and red. She looked great :-) Hi-viz yellow:
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    Is this bridle tacky?!

    I like it but then I'm from the endurance world and we're all odd ) my chestnut mare wears black and red when competing. Both bridle and saddle pad. I'm in red and black to match! And at home and TREC, she wears a hiviz yellow bridle. The horror!!! Not being a traditionalist, I want practical...
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    cyclists spooking girls horse - RANT

    Yep, I've done that too. But as my OH is out racing most weekends, I know when the big races are taking place anyway as inevitably he's at them!
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    cyclists spooking girls horse - RANT

    Absolutely. When endurance rides are run, we put signs up in the carparks on the route a week or two in advance to warn people. It's also worth contacting your local cycling clubs (and tri clubs for that matter) and offering some advice on passing horses safely. Often, it's lack of...
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    cyclists spooking girls horse - RANT

    Oh goody. Another "all cyclists are arrogant swines" thread. They are not. They are like every other group of road users - some are fantastic (like my OH, and most of the members of the club that he belongs to) and a minority are "idiots" who give the rest of them a bad name (like drivers...
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    What little things annoy you?

    Marjorie's full name (Vlacq Majid) gets mispronounced regularly - that I can cope with. At last year's Golden Horseshoe Ride, over the tannoy she was announced as a gelding. On both the way out and the way back. But she was correctly recorded as a mare on our entry. And in her logbook....!
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    Horses with "human" names

    Vlacq Majid is known as Marjorie :-) she is SUCH a Marjorie!