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    Mark Todd Summer Combo Fly/UV Rug

    Hi has anyone tried this fly rug - Todd Summer Combo Sheet&id=4924 Thanks
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    Cortavet v Cortaflex

    Thinking about putting my horse on a joint supplement Touch wood no problems at moment. Really stepped up his work recently and he is 14 now and a heavyweight cob. Am wondering along the lines prevention is better than cure. Am told cortavet ha is better than cortaflex ha - any...
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    Pikeur Washable Show Jacket

    Well I have started to dabble in a spot of dressage and need a show jacket. Tried on Pikeur Diana and Epsom. I prefer the Epsom as slightly shorter and know I need a size 42 (black ). However there seems to be alot of options for the material mix. Been looking at the cheaper washable version...
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    Girths - Girth Grooves...??

    Hi - any help gladly appreciated. I have a heavyweight 15hh piebald cob. Have had terrible trouble with saddles and saddles slipping back. finally accepted my horse is putting the saddle where he wants it and bought a Native Pony and Cob Glen saddle. Can honest say I am not entirely happy...
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    Native Pony & Cob Saddles - comments please?

    Hi do any of you have or have had a Native Pony & Cob saddle - opinions wanted - good or bad - pm me if you prefer. Thanks
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    Saddle Shopping for XW coloured cob

    Well I have finally decided that as I have moved yards and am now doing alot more schooling with a goal of doing the odd dressage test I should treat myself to a new saddle. After searching the forum is looks like Ideal, Thorowgood Cob or possibly a Farrington are the best options. So any...
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    Scirrous cord

    Hi Regarding my previous post Vet came back yesterday and scanned my horse again - the lump had reduced and we disccused his condition - he referred to is as Scirrous cord. He said we will not treat further and see if it...
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    Sheath Infection - possible surgery??

    Hi - am hoping someone might be me some advice. Arrived at yard on Easter Monday and horse was holding near hind off floor - immediately assumed lame however on investigation his sheath was absolutely huge, rock hard and boiling hot. Called emergency vet who came out and sedated him for a...
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    Aintree -Peter Toole

    Despite whatever views you have on horse racing today - spare a thought for jockey Peter Toole who suffered head injuries in what was described as a horror fall in an earlier race at Aintree today.
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    How soon after moving horse do you ride?

    As title really - had a very stressful day yesterday moving my horse. Finally made decision to better myself and move onto a yard with 3 schools (1 indoor and 2 outdoor), loads of nice horsey people who actually ride. I gave yard owner notice in the morning, who then verbally abused me for...
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    A Dirty Question - re Sheath

    Right - my coloured gelding has such a dirty sheath at the moment - he stinks. Before I start, I really am not a believer is cleaning his bits at all unless absolutely necessary. In all the years I have had him he has never had a problem and I have never had to clean him. However just...
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    Clipper Phobia Horse -Update

    Well I bought the Michael Peace DVD - watched it twice (much to OH's disgust). Decided to be brave and took him in the round pen (my horse not OH), did a bit of groundwork, got all my batterytrimmers/clippers around me. horse on end of lunge line - switched trimmers on and ...... nothing...
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    Is it really possible to desensitize a clipper phobia horse

    I have had my horse a number of years now - and he just never gets any easier to clip. Last night I searched the forums for tips on how to overcome this and will now start my sessions yet again with him. He is a medium to heavyweight cob with very course mane and feather. He is hogged and...
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    Burghley - Dressage Friday Advice

    Hi - I am going to Burghley again this year and have decided to go on Friday and Saturday as never watched the Dressage before - however just gone to book tickets online and there is a gate entry and a Grandstand charge for Friday - so if I want to see any dressage have I got to book a...
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    Would you do Fun Ride today?

    Supposed to be going to a fun ride today - but is it gonna be too hot? Its 7 miles and we aiming to be riding by 10am but now worried its gonna be too hot. Would you go?
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    BRIDGNORTH AREA - Some scum nicked our energisers -

    Last night our energisers were pinched from Bridgnorth, one of them is postcoded - just waiting to find out what postcode is on it - it has been reported to police and Horsewatch. Funnily enough I knew my electric was off as I caught my horse testing fencing on Monday morning and when I...
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    Worried sick now.................

    Following on from laminitis post warning earlier - my horse is on restricted grazing but his paddock looks bare. He is neither gaining or losing weight, in regular work and never had laminitis. Althought the paddock looks ok from a distance when you walk over there are very bare patches, alot...
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    Vitamin Supplement v Feed Balancer

    My cob is not looking too good this year in his coat - he is a good doer, he lives out in the summer, is on restricted grazing and if fed one scoop of lucie stalks, plus garlic,Pro Feet and Magnitude. He can be very spooky (mainly when out on his own) but I feed magnitude as heard it helps with...
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    One good thing to thank the World Cup for.....

    Cause my non horse OH will be so engrossed in the tv for the next few weeks I can ride in the knowledge he will not moan for being late home cause of the amount of footy on TV
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    Strange rein contact? - Advice Needed

    Sorry guys - I know wrong area but more people read New Lounge. My horse has always been a terrible leaner but he seems to ge getting worse and worse. I am quite a novice - can hold my own on my own horse but don't compete - just happy hack and started fun rides. I have had lessons and schoold...
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    Rat infested Hay

    We have a rat problem in the barn - tried traps - caught two and a mouse - half our barn is our tack area and feed area (plus a kitchen) the other half for hay. All feed is kept in rat proof containers so that is not the problem but my looks like my last 11 bales of hay ruined - always find...
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    Equilibrium Net Relief Riding Mask (WITHOUT EARS)

    I am desperately trying to get one of these - no one seems to have large (only medium). Anyone know of where I can get one - got a run ride on Sunday and want this one to be fun rather than 10 miles of headshaking - borrowed one with ears and whilst it is fine - my horse i hogged and the flies...
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    Are these HEADSHAKING sysmptons?

    Hi sorry that this seems to have been done before but my horse is displaying head shaking symptons however do you think this is headshaking. Horse has been fine up to last couple of weeks. When I ride on an evening its not so bad at all - however last few ride in the day he constantly wants...
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    Rockfish Riders - HI VIZ WEAR

    Has anyone bought the above range of hi-viz wear - was thinking of buying a polo shirt and long sleeve t-shirt. What is the sizing like - I have joules stuff in size 12 but they are not that roomy on me. I am normally about a size 12 but recently bought a Tottie long sleeve rugby shirt and...
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    Wood Pellets - gone very dusty

    Have been using wood pellets and find them very good and much more economical and easy to muck out - my horse seems very clean - but in last month they have become very dusty. Started to bring my horse in in the day and he has a very ventilated stable but he has a cough - so started to soak his...
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    Dumped in the sh!t

    Literally!!! LOL - did only my 2nd fun ride yesterday - all going well - enjoying it even though my nerves got the better of me for the first 20 and last 20 minutes (its the great open fields when he can see other horses cantering and jumping). Anyway it was hilarious - there was a muddy...
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    Trailer Paint Recommendations

    Hi all - I bought a Rice Beaufort Double horse trailer - good buy - great condition, new floor but needs tlc on its exterior however its is not terrible by any means - what paint can you recommend - want to paint the whole lot so assume is all needs sanding beforehand too - any tips and what...
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    Trailer Livery

    Don't quite know if that is the right term but how much do you pay to keep your trailers at your yard?
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    Expensive Day - I BOUGHT A TRAILER

    Had a very exciting day - finally made a decision and bought the trailer I was offered - can't wait to start using it -its quite old but very sturdy and well kept, new floor, nice interior considering age and good underside - no rust. Been barn kept. Could probably do with a lick of paint, but...
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    Dilema - been offered a trailer

    Been thinking about buying a trailer. I have now been offered one by a colleague - Rice Beufort Double for 800 quid. In a dimela as don't really have the cash but could find it - however will I use - don't want to waste my money. Although maybe it will make me get out and about abit more...