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    New grass - how long?

    how long do you have to wait until you can turn horses out in a re-sown a field?
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    help! how much for a Friesian X cob

    i need to sell my boy but have no idea how much for. His details are: gelding, 4yrs, hacked out and schooled in field and gone over small jump. 14.1hh. Fairly quiet and willing to learn, nice temperment. not been in stable before and not shod (had trim though) He is not registered but up to...
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    How much is a 5 star vetting?

    I'm guessing £180. Anyone know?
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    Horsebox - how much for new ramp springs?

    any idea?? Its for a 3.5ton. Any comments most appreciated
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    what is your horsebox ramp flooring?

    Hi i'm sorting out my lorry ramp. What is your lorry ramp flooring? Also, how thick is it? thanks
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    Horseboxes for Hire - South - Nr Chichester

    Does anyone know of a rear facing horsebox that i can hire near chichester / Portsmouth area? I'm thinking of buy a rear facing but want to try my horse in one first!! <font color="purple"> </font>
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    Argos selling horse stuff!

    Taking after Tesco i think!! Not sure if its a good thing for horse industry or not!
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    difference between oats and barley?

    in look? any distinctive differences? I'm having metal block and gotta hand in coursework tomo!
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    What is your horse box floor?

    What do you have? Wood, mental? Also, if you converted it yourself what process did you go through? All comments very appreciated
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    Anyone? Pegasus Horse Box

    Anyone know of a Pegasus horse box that fits on top of a transit type chassis? 3.5tons, 7'7 in height? side door front facing with jockey door etc (same principle as Ifor Williams boxes but better)
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    Grrrr! Gazumped on a Lorry!

    Just been totally gazumped on a lorry and feeling rather let down I put offer in and lady was considering it (wanted to speak with hubby) - but then sold it without returning my call as promised! Anyone else had a similar experience?
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    Lorries that are automatic not manual

    Any good? Pro's and con's appreciated
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    Rider dies at Sapey One Day Event

    Very sad. Just been sent this from BE: It is with deepest regret that we announce that Jo-Anne Williams suffered a fatal accident whilst competing at Sapey One Day Event in Worcestershire on Tuesday 17th April. Jo-Anne Williams (34) was from Llanfaethlu, Holyhead, Anglesey and married. The...
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    Will local tack shops vanish in future?

    Do you think local tack shops will vanish in the future?
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    Body Protectors??

    Buying a new one but can't decide which would be best. I like the idea of Rodney Powell with shoulder protectors but hate the idea of having zip front (will it last?) Can anyone recommend good body protector?
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    Equine Dentists

    Anyone know of a good dentist in West Sussex? Have used man called Steve before and have been told bad things about him (from trusted person) so not using him again!
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    Lorry Horse Area

    Sorry for the questions but would love some help with the following for my new lorry.... How long and wide is your horse area in lorry? (which way do they travel?) Do you have a front bar? If so how high is it? What do you use on wall of lorry? Thank you.
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    Horse area in lorry

    Sorry for the questions but would love some help with the following for my new lorry.... How long and wide is your horse area in lorry? (which way do they travel?) Do you have a front bar? If so how high is it? What do you use on wall of lorry? Thank you.
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    Quob EC Anyone been for lesson?

    Going to finish my BHS training at Quob and having first lesson today. Anyone been for a lesson there?
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    Horse Boxes - Forward or Rear Facing?

    Do you think it is better for the horse to be forward facing or rear facing? I have read lots of articles and I'm not sure which way to convert my lorry!!! Any comments are welcome
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    How much to convert lorry to horse box?

    I'm buying a 3.5t lorry to convert to horse box. Has anyone done this, if so how much did it cost you? Many thanks
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    Suppliers for haylage (big bales) in West Sussex (Nr Chichester)

    Anyone know of a good supplier? We currently use the small bales but they are expensive as I use lots!
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    Nepos Van Limbo Died

    Just heard Nepos Van Limbo owned by Mark Stubbs and ridden by John and Robert Whitaker has died following colic surgery. Very sad. He was only young and won a total of £23,892 in his short career.
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    Heated Gloves - Any Good?

    Are they any good? What make is best? Any advice would be most appreciated. thanks
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    Liveryman Whisper Clippers

    Does anyone have a pair? If so, do the blades fix in with bolt sticking out on flat side? (if that makes sense!)
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    Lottery Funding!

    The lottery fund BE junior team which is fab, but, do you feel that the money should be spent in other areas of our industry? Do the rider's who receive the money really need it? I'd love to hear your opinions.
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    Anyone for Jump Cross?

    Has anyone completed a Jump Cross course? I'm going to do my first training day next month and have been asked to sponsor a team. I'd love to hear your opinions on this!
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    Brokenhurst Rider Death

    Just been sent a press release from BE saying a lady was killed yesterday at this event. How terrible. Not exactly sure what happen but lets us look at this as a warning that our sport is very dangerous and we should always be aware of the risks (no matter how good a horse/rider)
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    Instructor in West Sussex Please!

    I'm searching for a good instructor in my area. I know a few already but sadly they are very busy and cannot add another rider to the list. I'm near Chichester, West Sussex. I would like someone with plenty of experience. If anyone can suggest someone that would be appreciated. Many thanks