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    healing vibes for my boy

    I'm so so sorry, you did everything you could. Please look after yourself xxx
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    Hobbies after giving up horses

    I run with the dogs, cycle, gym. Long walks Take the dogs to various places round the UK to walk/ explore
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    West Sussex near Hickstead
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    I have a Wiggins Road bike that my mum at 5'2 has been using, its for sale cheap if you were interested at all
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    Was it love at first sight?

    I didnt like the look of Zig at all in the stable, but was persuaded to try him. As soon as I sat on him, that was it, I was hooked. The other two I bought as unbacked and unseen from photos. So liked the look of them, both were very underwhelming and skinny on arrival, but almost made me like...
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    healing vibes for my boy

    So sorry, I have everything crossed. Thinking of you today x
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    Heatwave time off...

    Haha I do go to bed about 9.30pm but actually feel better running off 6.5 hours sleep. It just becomes the norm after a while!
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    Heatwave time off...

    I used to love riding mine at 5.30 when I had them, it was so so peaceful I was up and out with the dogs at 4am this morning for a jog, not a soul in sight, loved it!
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    Keeping Cool

    Mine have the backdoor open and mix between sunbathing and lying on the cold kitchen floor. They get a walk at 6am and their afternoon one is pushed back from 4.30pm to 8pm instead. They dont seem to mind the heat at all
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    Maiden mare

    Ohhh incredible, so so happy for you all!
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    Scruffies had a big day out

    Sounds an amazing day!
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    Buying horses unseen

    I've bought 2 unbacked unseen. Not sure I would for ridden, or from a private sale.
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    Travel advice needed!

    Oh god ok. Only other one, have you tried her both sides of the lorry? We had one that panicked if he wasnt closest to the ramp. Travelled perfectly next to the ramp but threw himself all over the place if loaded anywhere else. came through the living at one point!
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    Travel advice needed!

    Have you tried travelling her in the lorry with company?
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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    Honestly so lovely to read!!
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    Update on Lari

    I'm so sorry, but hes a very lucky boy to have landed with you
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    Time to say goodbye?????

    I am so so sorry, you are doing the kindest thing for him. Huge hugs and thinking of you x
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    Working in the industry and your own horse?

    Exactly this for me!
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    What have you forgotten to take to a show

    The keys to the tack locker, that had all my tack in!
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    Driving myself slightly mad and need to vent!

    Fingers crossed for the scan today, that you get some idea but its nothing major x
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    Who on here used to work professionally with horses?

    I was head groom at a showing yard travelling up and down the country, producing them for the kids. Did it for 5 years before moving to an office job and keeping mine as a hobby Now totally out the game having lost my last one.
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    I should be on my way to the yard to ride but ..........

    Totally understandable at this time of year... but other way to look at it, speaking as someone who has now lost their boys, you never know when its the last ride, so make every second count!
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    Im so so sorry xxx
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    Yard Security - WWYD

    For your stables could you put a bar up behind the closed stable door plus a leadrope clip over the bolt just to try prevent doors opening/ horses barging out?
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    For those of you who have taken a break - how did you cope?

    I took up running and cycling so for some reason am still outside in the dark, wet and cold! Also go on long hikes at the weekend with the dogs. Regular gym. Miss it like mad, but don't miss the stress and worry!
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    Not good news on my return to riding

    I'm gutted for you, will keep everything crossed for speedy healing x
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    80% tendon rupture

    Keeping everything crossed for you xx
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    This is going to be so hard. How much for Joe?

    Just wanted to say how sorry I am x
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    How keen is the market for used trailers currently?

    I sold my Equitrek unseen within 4 hours of posting it on Facebook
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    Do you go to classes or are you training yourself?