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    amazing people helping after losing my beloved pokey

    i cannot bring myself to write too much but I really cannot say how amazed i am at the kindness of "strangers". from the most amazing pm's to the entire response to the most painful post i have ever had to make, all i can say is thankyou. It is not a big enough word, but you guys are making this...
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    utterley best friend pokey is dead

    Gusy im so overwhelmed by your messages.i will explain what happened in a few days..its too too was so awful to even have to post that she was gone.. my superstar, best friend.. what i will say is that my vet confirmed EXACTLY what i already knew.. she had a HUGE heart it took a while...
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    utterley best friend pokey is dead

    thank you all so much.. that poem may be cry my eyes out..i just dont beleive she is gone...
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    utterley best friend pokey is dead

    thank u all.. im just heartbroken.. dont know what to do just a mess..biggest heart i have have met in a complete privalidge to have owned her..god this is so hard
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    utterley best friend pokey is dead

    as it sounds really.i lost my beautiful amzing and best friend Pokey yesterday. she was only just 5..i cannot beleive shes gone.. it was horse of a lifetime is gone and i dont know what to do. RIP Pokes i love you more than life itself
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    I am not a troll......

    having read a few posts I really want to be supportive of you and your dreams and ambitions..but something doesnt sit quite right here with me... i am probably repeating what others have said but it really sounds like you should enjoy regular lessons and perhaps consider joining a local riding...
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    katie price dressage-pic.

    as we all know horses arent easy, and as much as she prob has loads of help, schooling/ caring for her horses, i think its great she is doing what she wants to. Not many of us would have to compete knowing that most people want you to f*** up.. fair play i say..
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    Katie Price dressage today

    fair play to her.. we all know that horses are hard work, and she seems to put the effort into all the other areas of her life, so why not the horses? Good on her!!
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    Sneakers for horses!

    im sorry but IMO that is WRONG! I couldnt tell you why it offends me but it really does...
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    I've done it! She's mine!

    YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <font color="purple"> </font>
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    Calling all beautiful horsey pics!

    i love this- my girls first show as a 2 year old
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    Back person in South Bucks

    100% confident in recommending Samantha Barratt. her ad is always in chitlern and thames rider magazine- her business is called "back in line" try googling her. I have used her for about 5 years. she is great
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    Hi I am looking to get my mare graded, and know their was a hunter grading day at adddington in august time last year. does anyone recall the name of the society... i am having a blank moment. Also have I missed the BSPA gradings? any help appreciated
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    Bury Farm Equestrian Centre (Bucks)

    very nice! I compete there and the facilities are great. Personally I do not like undercover stabling as it relies upom everyone elses mucking out to be good. (horse has allergies to dust ect) but other than that, always looks clean ect
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    Had a job interview at Your Horse magazine....

    what was my job at the mag or what do i do know? I was a advertising manager and looked after the circulation and distribution. and wrote features blah blah Now I am a project director for an events company. I run events for FTSE listed Finance directors. And even though i work long hours the...
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    Had a job interview at Your Horse magazine....

    I have worked for an equine magazine and it was amazing to start with. But the end for me came when i realised I was spending all my time working/ writing /attending things for other peoples horses, and not seeing or doing much with my own. So got out of the equine industry and the horse/work/...
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    Any tips on poulticing foot!!!

    I agree. i always use nappies too. quick and very easy.
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    Shop 4 bits

    highly recommend
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    Metal Curry Comb

    thats the one! BEST PEICE OF KIT i have on the yard for grooming- the horses love it and gets mud off like you wouldnt believe!!
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    Metal Curry Comb

    I use the spring loaded ones-that are designed for using directly on the horse.and they ARE BRILLIANT!! cannot recommend them highly enough!!
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    Thoughts on Conformation

    is this a youngster?
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    Grrr, YO!

    god no! as long as the stable is being paid for by someone then how can he ask you to pay also? thats ridiculous get out of there
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    made me smile.

    SERIOUSLY... what is wrong with people
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    Tell me 'I told you so!'

    fingers crossed she is ok. i really do hope she is in a good state. like i say a lesson learned. but let it go once you have collected her. Dont beat yourself up about it. Your obv a nice person and sadly sometimes people take advantage pics when you collect her please!!
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    Tell me 'I told you so!'

    no i told you so but a lesson learned. get your horse back asap. dont feel guilty. they have had a free horse for 6 months, I just hope to god that she is in a decent condition when you pick her up
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    Show name for my girly.

    i can only think of the obvious miss money penny
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    HELP PLEASE !! What to do with my lovely eventer ?? (with pics)

    cant help you but what a SMASHING horse!!
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    Hay. . . . .How much???

    i am so lucky- our farmer gives us amazing seed hay for £1 a bale! i definetly keep him sweet with tea and biscuits!!
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    Do your worst

    she should wind her neck in TBH!! he is lovely- and even if i had a 3 legged donkey i wouldnt expect anyone to pass comment on it.not a nice person saying things like that. Jealousy ect is the obvious answer!
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    What is it with Welsh Cobs

    are its because they CAN! no other reason than that to them! haha