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  1. cj-123

    Money saving tips!

    At end of the day go to your local fruit and veg shop and see if they have any broken or unsellable carrots/apples :)
  2. cj-123

    Fibre Nuggets VS Fast fibre?

    He's on chaff, mix , calm and condition and barley , with corn oil and ad lib hayledge
  3. cj-123

    Fibre Nuggets VS Fast fibre?

    Hi All , I am looking to put my TB on either fibre nuggets or fast fibre? what does everyone recommend for condition/weigh gain out of these two products ? other TB fattening feeding advice welcome!! Thanks :)
  4. cj-123

    == Water jump held needed == XC

    my horse is only 5 and he has been schooling a few times but im having a problem getting him into the water. he hasnt done anything previously as was a race horse and he goes in puddles and is great to bath/hose. The first time i took him i didnt have a lead so had to get off and lead him in...
  5. cj-123

    Water Drinker Problems

    i havent used my stables automatic water drinker in a little while and it is all fixed and set up, i turned it on today and it filled but the would not stop fillling so it started overflowing? i dont understand what it could be? can anyone help me? thanks