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    Project horses

    Where can I find them?! Not seen anything of decent quality, apart from hours away from me! Have put wanted ads on preloved etc, seen nothing I like the look of. Enlighten me?!
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    How much would you say

    you would budget per month to keep a horse on DIY at a yard at £80pcm, including shoes, insurance, feed etc etc. I know its a 'how long is a piece of string' question, but I have been horseless for the past 12 months so trying to figure out how much I should budget for keeping my own again, when...
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    Opinions on this horse

    As a project? Its the 'chestnut mare' bit putting me off! I have no problem with them... but would be a bring on and do a bit of low level competing type project and sell. I just don't know what I think...
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    Would you

    Consider buying something that's maybe too green for you (just sat on 4yo) if it could turn into the horse you want and you don't have the money to buy the finished product? Would potentially send it away for a couple of weeks for schooling, but I don't have much experience with just backed...
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    Skull hat recommendations please

    I have a very odd head shape and am looking for a skull! I currently have a hs1 which I love but it is hurting my head at the front, so too round for my head. I have tried on all the Charles Owen ones and none fit me, which Is a shame as Im also in love with the fiona :( I tried on a champion...
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    Schoolmaster Lessons West Yorkshire

    Does anybody know where around the West Yorkshire area I can go for some jumping lessons on a schoolmaster? I know a lot do dressage but cannot for the life of me find somewhere for jumping! Doesn't need to be particularly advanced instructor or amazing horse, just want to go and be able to have...
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    Leather Gloves

    Anyone know where to get some nice leather riding gloves for £30 ish? Thanks!
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    Looking for a horse to exercise

    Hope this is not classed as advertising! I am looking for a horse/pony to ride in West Yorkshire. Im a quiet, fairly experienced rider, cannot contribute much financially but would work for rides and am happy to ride most horses. If anyone knows of anyone wanting a rider or where I might find...
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    Buying from Ireland

    I am (Hopefully!) Looking to buy a 4/5yo in the spring (feb/march time). I've been looking around adverts for months and seen nothing that I'd be interested in at all! I'd be looking for something around 14 hands, a project type so just backed or green ideally, to either sell on in late summer...
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    What kind of ponies?

    I'm thinking about getting a project for next year, as I've been horseless since march when my loan pony went back and haven't had the funds for another. I've now got enough for a cheapy/can afford to pay livery again, so thinking maybe of a project to sell on? And Ideally make a bit of profit...
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    Connemara's vs New Forest's

    Personal opinion of each breed Go!
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    Best place to buy

    Cheap as chips ponies?! E.g 13.2-14.2 4/5 year old unbroken or just backed types, any breed/type as long as decent confirmation and fairly quiet and well handled. Thanks!
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    Best place to find

    Horses on loan? Am looking for something 14-15.2hh on loan, but really don't know where to look. I'm aware its quite a mission as I'm looking for something suitable to do all riding club activities, but I've been searching through ad websites and cannot find anything! Where do you all find...
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    Dainty/showy horses as competition horses

    Im going to view a horse at some point this week, its a 148 show pony type but is very fine and showy, although has been showjumping and done well. Having had welsh cobs since i came of my first 12hand pony, Im very hesitant! Im only wanting to do unaff sj/hunter trials and possibly a bit of...
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    How much

    This is NOT advertising, just wanting to know how much I'd be looking to buy something like this! Something around 14.2/15hh, 5-8years old, capable of doing a bit of everything, but doesn't have to be a world beater, just capable of doing like 90cm courses. Thanks for any replies!
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    After blood tests pony has been found with tapeworms, he's been given a double dose of the wormer the vets gave us (forgot the name) and given electrolytes as he was dehydrated. Just wanting info on it really, does anyone know if theres any way they can find out about whether or not it's done...
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    Loan horses

    Is it possible to find a nice loan horse around 14.2 to do a bit of everything with? Wanting to do all sorts of stuff, but willing to compromise for the right horse. Where's the best place to look?
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    Schooling Arabs

    I've recently gotten the ride of a 5yo arab gelding, he was only gelded in october and is very bright and a bit cheeky. He's only recently been broken and is doing trot work at the minute, but he learns very quickly and soon gets bored with things. Is there any advice you can give me on...
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    Any ideas?

    Am taking him to the vets in the next couple of weeks anyway to have scans etc, but wondering if anyone has seen anything like this and has any idea as to what it might be. He looks fairly sound in trot, on a tight circle you can see the right hind/left fore diagonal to be a tiny bit unsound...
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    Feeding Magnesium

    Have been doing some research and has found that my boy has a lot of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. I have been looking at supplements and want a pure magnesium supplement not something with added 'calmer'. I've looked at the equine america supplements but found they're very expensive...
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    Dawn Clow equine body worker

    Has anyone used her? Is she any good? Or are there any other good massage therapists around west yorkshire?
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    Really not sure what to do about my horse's saddle! I have him on loan and he came with a thorowgood that has never been great fitting but not too bad. He's got a lot leaner since Ive had him though and its now sitting low (I can always put a half pad on until he chunks up in summer for that...
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    Turning out 24/7

    My welsh d has been a bit nutty lately, he is full of energy, as I'm sure everyones horses are at this time of year! But I think it'd be better for him to be turned out 24/7 as soon as possible, hes super hyper to ride and just jogs about everywhere. He is fully clipped (legs and half head left...
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    Getting/keeping a consistent outline

    My pony is a bit of a typical welsh pony schooling, he's very forward and tries to evade the contact a lot. He tends to Stick his head up and try and run away from the contact, I try and push him into the contact from the leg (which works on small circles but down long sides doesn't) and when he...
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    Bitting help please!

    Have had a bit of a dilemma with my pony as to what bit suits him, he is so fussy that we're having trouble finding something he likes and goes nicely in. He is currently in a wilkie lozenge, but he could really do with something stronger. I had him in a mullen mouth rubber pelham in the summer...
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    Rubber Matting

    How thick does rubber matting need to be for your stable? Also would rubber matting with straw stink?
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    Taking back a riding hat?

    I know its a long shot but... Before christmas i bought a gatehouse hs1, had it fitted at the local tack shop, i thought it was a bit tight but they assured me it fitted fine and they were happy with the fit, and that the padding inside it would flatten down, so i bought it. took it home and...
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    Eating straw

    My horse is in on a night and given plenty of haylage (about a wheelbarrow full in the corner of his stable) and has a feed on a night and a salt lick, plenty of water etc. When i go to turn him out in the morning (usually about 8am on a weekend, 6am mid week) I've found him eating his straw...
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    Bungee reins

    Where can i find some bungee reins, like the shires ones, the cheapest? Got no pennies atm!
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    How far out can they be to still be allowed to have boosters and not have to start again? I know harley is out because his owner didnt tell me that it was supposed to be may! She figured it would be ok because 'dogs can be 2 months out' . Not happy! Only had him two months and i really dont...