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    Maths help pls! ratio brain ache

    My brain has overheated I think :( I want to mix 5 components, to save faffing around twice a day. I keep salt separate. I have the recommended amounts to feed per day: weight - 18g, 10g, 8g, 5.5g, 4g volume - 30ml, 10ml, 12ml, 5ml, 5 ml Am I best to mix by weight or volume? Surely weight...
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    Storing sugarbeet pellets

    Can unopened sacks of unmollased suagebeet pellets be stored for a few months in an old freezer? Or will I risk losing them to condensation and mould?
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    Bedding which drains well?

    As title - any recommendations for a top bedding which would allow uriine to soak through to the base, whilst remaining relatively dry on top? I can't use baled straw (dust) or wood shavings (muck heap). I currently use wood pellets as a base, which are very absorbant, with Walmsley...
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    Diet support for tendon repiar?

    So, first time in more than 40 years of horseownership, I'm dealing with a tendon injury :( He fell over something and whacked the back of his leg, and a scan has revealed a small lesion in his SDFT. No lamness, heat or swelling 3 weeks after the incident. (lots of Ice Vibe for the first...
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    On and back

    So this is a strange question I know.... can anyone recommend a good book/author to go to, to research the 'on and back' training technique? I can do it - slow the horse down within his gait, speed him up again, using my seat only, but I'm sure there's so much to it- I'd love to read more but...
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    Pasture Pumps

    Has anyone used these for horses? I know they are successful for cattle, but I'm not so confident all mine would learn to use it - one would, because she is nosy and pushy, and another is quite quick to learn things, but the other is bit...
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    horse hair matting up in wool numnah

    I have wool numnahs (wool on a fabric backing) from LeMeiux and Premier Equine. I've had them many years, and use them directly on the horses back(whats the point oherwise tbh). They wash well, I vacuum them quite often, and wire brush them between rides. However, they have all built up quite...
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    EHV-1 Neurological

    This horrendous disease has reared its ugly head again in North Yorkshire, currently about 30 miles from us. 2 dead that I know for sure, many more rumoured to be dead. I spoke to our vets when the Spanish outbreak was happening and he explained that vaccination is a waste of time against the...
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    North Yorkshire Osteopath

    Can anyone please recommend a really good equine Osteopath who would be willing and able to come to the North East corner of North Yorkshire? I have been in touch with Tom Beech, and very sadly he doesn't. After lockdown he will be running clinics again, but the closest is 2 hours away in a...
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    Solar panel for electric fencing help please

    I have lots of 12v car batteries, and fencing units, but I'm fed up of lugging the batteries back and forward to re-charge them. Can I just buy a solar panel and connect it my battery? Or does there have to be some sort of interface?
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    Do dressage judges care if... use a shaped numnah under your saddle instead of a white square? I know they are meant to judge the performance of the horse and rider, not the tack-but they are human! I've checked the rules - if we go affiliated again, then numnahs are allowed, but would I risk getting off on the...
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    Stud girth recommendations

    I've been advised that my little TB could do with a stud girth, but I have never owned one before. I had a look in our local tack shop-they only had one brand and it was hiddeously heavy and stiff. I looked online and I am now very confused! So can anyone recommend a nice stud girth for a TB...
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    Mystery mouth problem - possible TMJ???

    So I posted a while ago asking about broken/abcsessed tooth roots - it turns out it's not that. In fact its not anything, seemingly, yet he still has the symptoms. He has been oroscoped by two experienced vets (rainbow) and when they showed nothing, he had a head CT scan. This also showed...
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    broken /abscessed tooth root experiences?

    I've just had the vet out to examine my horses mouth, because he is quidding, despite visits from two equine dentists, and he is now showing occasional signs of discomfort when ridden. My vet sedated him, had a really thorough investigation, and found NOTHING at all to cause these symptoms...
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    Freejump stirups- do you still trust them?

    I bought a pair of Freejump stirrups a couple of years ago, and loved them so much I gave them to my son to compete in, as I felt they were safer and more secure than his existing stirrups. This Christmas I was given another pair of my own:) But these two recent reports of breakages have...
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    Haylage question

    I'm thinking about next winter already (sorry!). It might be a 'piece of string' question, but how long will a big bale of haylage stay fresh for once opened? I'm guessing that warmer winters are going to reduce the time, and I will probably only have 2 x 16.3 horses to feed. (But maybe 3-...
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    SNELL standard hats.?

    I know of the Gatehouse HS1 and RXC1, the Charles Owen 4 star and the Parkgate PROtector. Have I missed any?
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    Another update on 'the flipper'

    For anyone who may be interested, a brief update on the horse who twice threw himself straight onto his back when ridden, 3 months apart. It wasn't a rear that went too far, nor rear in which he slipped and lost control- both times it was a quick and deliberate flip, luckily each time on to...
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    The perfect stock shirt- does it exist?

    I went to my local tack shop, couldn't find what I wanted, and since have been searching on line. I didn't think my requirements were unreasonable: Short sleeves White Coolmax type material(non iron and low sweat!) Loop for stock on the back of the collar No big logo's Preferably no...
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    oliver townend saddles

    any experiences? Especially wrt the fibre glass tree? thank you! :)
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    Wheabran vs Wheatfeed?

    Why are we told nowadays that we shouldn't feed wheat bran, because the excess phosphorous in the form of phylates will block the uptake of other minerals especially calcium, yet most commercial compound feeds contain a substantial proportion of Wheatfeed? As far as I can tell, bran contains...
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    Following the BTV thread, give and retake?

    So a horse should learn to seek the bit, resulting in some weight in the rein. In free walk on a long rein, or the 'allow the horse to stretch' trot, higher marks are given when a horse does this. But in the same level tests you are also expected to give the rein for 3 strides in trot, and...
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    Endurance cruelty:(

    How does the UAE keep getting away with it? Basically, the poor horse was lame for its last 3 races, and 80km into this race, broke both front legs. And was then...
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    Vaccinate and sedate for teeth on same visit?

    As title, would you, or not? Experiences please:) Vaccination would be flu and tet, 3rd booster. Teeth is because he needs a bit more than than the usual tidy up, and the dentist would prefer him sedated for it - said it would less traumatic for them both! No extractions or anything major...
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    Shock absorbing stirrups for horses' back?

    Just read this: "John Whitaker Air Irons have bendy arms and cushioning sole which softens the impact on riders joints and horses back." What do you think? Do shock absorbing stirrups make a difference to the impact on a horses back? Will there be an noticeable difference if jumping...
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    Wow saddle and hit air strap?

    Does anyone have any tips for attaching the saddle strap of the hit air on to a XC Wow saddle? I tried today, whilst at the competition, and had to give up and go without, as I couldn't make it reach from one stirrup bar to the other, on either the high or the low bar. It's a size 1 - 17"...
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    Not T-Bar - what type of buckle is this?

    and what is your opinion / experience of them? They look like they should be stronger and more reliable than T-bars....
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    Aluminium stirrups- as strong as steel?

    Are cast aluminium stirrups as strong as steel? e.g.: I would be using them for XC/SJ.
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    trailer and wind :(

    I think I know the answer, but.... I REALLY want to go to a competition about 1 1/4 hours away on Sunday. Am I being a woos (how on earth do you spell that?!) or sensible for thinking I will have to pull out because the forecast is for 25 mph wind, with gusts up to 40mph? The 25mph is OK...
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    How important ACTUALLY are iron levels, in a barefoot horse? Mine have been barefoot for 16 years, 15 years and all his life of 10 years. At first I was blissfully ignorant of mineral balancing, though fed a forage and straights low molasses diet, and their hooves were massively better than...