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    petplan q

    I have a claim with them at the moment and they are being a nightmare to deal with. My horse was put to sleep on the 31st of October as he'd had repeated call outs and the vet discovered a tumour obstructing his bowel, so he was pts. We put in a claim for him being pts on the basis of an...
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    Equiami experts - help/advice needed please

    I've been advised by my equine chiropractor to begin lunging my horse in a pessoa type aid. After much consideration and reading reviews on here I bought an equiami. I tried it yesterday and its definitely set up right, have watched the instruction dvd over and over!! but the back piece seems...
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    Townend Breeches

    I have a pair of the cool max ones and I'd say they are fairly true to size
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    Loading problems- are they ever solved?

    Yes, physically he's fine. He is seen regularly by vet, farrier, saddler and physio all are happy with him (I'm one of these people who is insistent with regular maintenance checks) and he has no other issues, happy ridden at home in the school and out hacking. His only issue is that his mind is...
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    Loading problems- are they ever solved?

    We've been doing groundwork each time and then loading and unloading in different places around the yard at different times, varying between 2-5 repetitions each time, and doing this pretty much every other day which is what the RA recommended. Since she visited a month ago he must have loaded...
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    What are 'the basics' in your opinion?

    Understanding that yes, horses do need water everyday. New livery actually said this yesterday after I had filled up said horses trough in the field because it had nothing to drink at all and gently reminded her it needs to be checked to make sure he has water! You can imagine what the rest of...
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    Loading problems- are they ever solved?

    As the title really, horse used to travel fine, just before Christmas started being a knob to load, no rhyme or reason for it. A month ago got a fab monty Roberts RA down who had him loading like a dream in no time. For the last month he's literally been trotting up the ramp no problem at...
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    Brown Dressage Saddles?

    Thanks Goldenstar i know someone with an ideal jessica on a similar shaped horse so will suggest that to the saddler as an option. Sadly GemG the bates doesn't suit him, have one sat in the spare room atm!! Lovely saddle to ride in just doesn't suit either horse! Grrr. ... Will also have a...
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    Brown Dressage Saddles?

    Gelding No 2 had the saddler out to get his dressage saddle sorted, and after the fuss with Gelding No 1's gp from k&m (all sorted out no problem) we thought we'd be going with a k&m dressage, all fitted fine and suits his tabletop back. Only to find out that it's only available in black, now...
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    Equetech Vision breeches sizing

    Just wondering if anyone can advise what the sizing is like of these breeches? I'm a size 12, currently I've got cavallo's which I find spot on for sizing, Dublin which I find generous and ariat which are pretty snug and generally have to go up a size. Do the Equetech compare to any of these...
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    Stable bandages/boots

    I second the PE stable boots, my old boys legs have a tendency to fill overnight and I initially used stable bandages but didn't trust anyone else to do them in case I was ill or couldn't get there for whatever reason. So I got the veredus stable boots and a set of PE ones as a reserve for when...
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    IH/ RA covering Cornwall

    He was actually my first port of call, but doesn't answer the phone, respond to email or voicemails, so I assume he's no longer going? Shame really as he dealt with a horse of ours some years ago quite successfully.
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    Clipping help!

    Last year I bought myself a set of clippers, with 3 horses it was costing nearly as much to pay someone else to do it. Anyway, last time I clipped (had done 3 full clips and 3 re-clips) I noticed the blades not cutting as well as they should so sent them off to be sharpened with another set...
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    Update: Magic - post colic surgery

    Glad to hear things are looking up, get well soon Magic :-)
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    IH/ RA covering Cornwall

    Thanks for the replies, we travelled a horse for a friend on Sunday, the first thing she said was 'oh its set up different to your old box' we hadn't even realised the new box is herringbone with head closest to the cab and tail to the ramp, the old box which ishe was 100% in was herringbone...
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    IH/ RA covering Cornwall

    Can anyone reccomend a Monty Roberts practitioner who will travel to Cornwall? My 9 year old has gradually been getting worse with loading, we had a lesson this morning at 8.30, it took 20 mins to load him at home and then 2 hours to get him back in afterwards, and its only getting worse. He's...
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    Which xc boots? Lemieux stealth or Woof Wear Ultra?

    Question for the Premier Equine owners, do you find that mud/grit gets in the vents on the air cooled boots? I like the look of them but it looks like it'd be easy to get mud/grit in against the skin? Thanks
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    Which xc boots? Lemieux stealth or Woof Wear Ultra?

    Not good to hear about the woof wear, Romany. I often wonder if things made over 10 years ago were made to last, and nowadays not so much! Will have a look at the PE ones as well, thanks.
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    Which xc boots? Lemieux stealth or Woof Wear Ultra?

    Am looking at getting a new set of boots for the bubba as hopefully we'll be getting out and about this year, and all he has is a set of hand me down woof wear club boots which must be knocking on for 15 years old if not more. I'm a bit flumoxed for choice really, my other horse has trizone...
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    Grooming kit recommendations!

    Another vote for magic brushes, got one last week and am in love with it!
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    New stirrups - recommendations?

    I had issues with my knees and ankles when riding, and on others recommendations got a pair of sprenger bow balance. I can honestly say that I notice the difference, I've only got them for one horse atm, and when I ride the other who only has standard irons I end up with aching knees and ankles...
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    Faulty Kent & Masters saddle? Help please

    Thanks just had a look at their fb page, seems this issue has come up previously and they seem to have rectified the other instances. Will speak to the saddler I bought it from tomorrow as a first port of call, she fitted another five new k&m saddles the same day, so I may not be the only one of...
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    Faulty Kent & Masters saddle? Help please

    So, I bought a K&M s series compact on the 23rd of Dec, i've ridden in it about 10 times so far and have only used the leather balm supplied with the saddle and am using Albion calfskin leathers. After the first few uses I noticed the skirt on one side was marking, this morning after riding I...
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    Which body protector?

    Mine is a racesafe rs2010, I find it really comfy and not restrictive.
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    Has anyone purchased ArkMat Rubber matting from eBay?

    Yes, I got my stable mats from them about 3 years ago and still going strong, in fact I'd say they were better quality than most I've seen. Ours are the rubber, not the Eva ones although the Eva ones are lighter, from what I've seen of other peoples they tend to absorb more of the ammonia and...
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    a wwyd re: fellow livery issue

    Sounds exactly like the issues I had when I moved yards 12 months ago, and also had issues with the horse regarding hoof problems and recurring lameness and there was one particular person who was always in my face, giving pearls of wisdom and gossiping about me to other people because I like to...
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    Everyday riding hat

    Just wondering if anyone has a champion x air and what your opinion is of it? Currently looking at one as an everyday hat as I have managed to wreck my hs1by sweating so much that no amount of cleaners or anti-bacterial stuff will stop it giving me a bright red blistery rash on my forehead...
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    Best un-molassed chaff?

    Honeychop oat straw chaff. Completely plain oat straw chaff nothing added at all. Took me forever to find an alfalfa and molasses free chaff for my boy and the added bonus is it lasts for ages.
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    Kent & Masters saddle owners advice please

    Thanks, will have a look at those.
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    Kent & Masters saddle owners advice please

    Just took delivery of the youngsters k&m today and its lovely, but seems a very dark Havana brown, just wondering what stirrup leathers you all use on your k&m saddles, which are the closest colour match to the havana? Currently I'm using the bates ones off his old saddle which I like as they're...