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    Are your horses slipping more on the road ?

    I was going to post the same thing but thought I was going mad lol. Mine is slipping on the roads and on grass tracks, not our arena or our surfaced gallop tho. He’s shod in front and barefoot behind.
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    Stradivarious - One Final Song

    It was a great race I thought he was going to get there. Does anyone know why he’s got the huge scar down his tummy, presume he’s had some kind of surgery?
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    Catlips Farm sad news

    Oh how sad! Catlips was my go to when I lived over that way, she was always so helpful and literally knew everything about horses! RIP Sheila xx
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    Feather mites

    My boy suffers really bad from mites this time of year, I use frontline (the spray not the spot on). But you need to make sure the hair is short enough for it to get to the skin.
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    Omeprazole Injections Cost?

    I have a feeling it was for a months worth but don’t quote me on that, I just know they are very expensive!
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    Omeprazole Injections Cost?

    I was quoted £900 a time when my boy had ulcers, it’s very very expensive! I didn’t got for the treatment in the end and he was put on misoprostol instead which although very expensive as well, helped him.
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    Feeds that might make a horse itchy?

    Anything with molasses in. My boy used to suffer terribly with sweet itch when he was younger as soon as I stopped the feed with molasses in the itching stopped.
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    Being forced to sell...

    I was in the same situation as you some years ago, divorced and couldn’t afford to keep mine. He was 16 at the time and I just couldn’t sell as I couldn’t guarantee his future so sent him on loan to the local college. He actually hated it there and only lasted a few months but it gave me time to...
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    Windsor show parking FULL

    You could try the car parks by Eton college if there still there (used to live in Windsor many years ago!). Would probably be cheaper and the walk is shorter (just across the bridge) than from the town centre car parks.
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    Stopping ticks, how?!?!

    I’ve also used spotinor on mine as he was out in a field next to deer. I used the dose they suggested for a cow as he’s roughly the same weight as a cow bless him! I only used one application and I didn’t see a tick on him for a year.
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    Has anyone had there dog referred to Dick White’s Cambridge?

    Thank you appreciate it! Yes me too it’s been very frustrating!
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    Has anyone had there dog referred to Dick White’s Cambridge?

    Just wondered if anyone had any experience of Dick White’s in Cambridge? my little dog has been on and off unwell since January with breathing problems and swollen lymph nodes. She’s had every procedure under the sun (x-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests, biopsies) and no cause has been found...
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    Loaning to Hartpury

    Not hartpury but I sent my boy on loan to writtle a few years ago when I got in to financial problems and didn’t want to part with him. He is a dope on a rope and could literally be ridden by anyone but he hated college life, he lasted 6 months there bless him but I wouldn’t recommend if you...
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    What have you forgotten to take to a show

    I forgot my hat once…..didn’t realise until we got there and the show was 40 miles from home, couldn’t compete I was gutted!
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    Who on here used to work professionally with horses?

    I worked in a riding school straight out of school with the intent to teach, I did my stage 1 & 2 and taught my first lesson after I passed my stage 2 and realised I hated it (I got frustrated that I couldn’t preach what I knew!) and so ended up working in the NHS. I did dabble with freelance...
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    Equine dentist recommendations - Bucks

    I used to use Dorian when I lived in the area, he was very good especially with my old mare who hated having her teeth done, she never needed sedating with him.
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    Janet George RIP

    How sad :( I only knew her through saddle up but she really was a lovely lady. RIP Janet xx
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    My boy had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer :(

    Thank you for all the kind words, I’m completely devastated. I’ve owned him for almost 20 years since I was a child and I don’t know adult life without him :( the odd behaviour was classic ulcers signs, he didn’t like me touching him and would squeal and try to kick me whenever I touched his...
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    My boy had just been diagnosed with stomach cancer :(

    My 22 old had been having off behaviour for a couple of weeks so vet decided to scope him this morning and found a huge stomach tumour with secondary stomach ulcers. I haven’t stopped crying since and I’m in complete shock as we just thought we’d find ulcers. she wants to treat the ulcers to...
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    Livery Yards near High Wycombe

    Highly recommend Tudor equestrian I think you can Google them they have a website. Lovely facilities and the lady that runs it is really nice too. They do part and full livery.
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    Deleting social media

    I deleted Facebook about a year ago for my own mental well-being and honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, I won’t be going back. I’ve been on forums for a long time and much prefer them to be honest!
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    White hairs from ill fitting saddle

    No his is at the top of the withers just a spot and I was paranoid it was the saddle but I had it checked and double checked and saddler told me it would have been the rug. He suffered from sweet itch back then and had quite a tight fitting rug on 24/7.
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    White hairs from ill fitting saddle

    My boy had this when he was younger, it was actually his rug that did it. He’s 22 now and he still has the white hair so they never fade unfortunately.
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    Schnauzer..really bad news .

    I’m so sorry what a beautiful girl :( My mum has just had hers put to sleep, he had lung cancer and unfortunately went downhill very very quickly after diagnosis (he started coughing blood). I know it’s not an easy decision but I don’t think I would wait as they tend to go downhill really...
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    Ticks, ticks, ticks

    I’ve had a nightmare with tics this summer, I’ve kept them at bay with spot on (the spray not the actually pipelles).
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    TB direct from trainer, suggestions?

    I would also echo the above about the flat racers over jumpers, much easier to start from scratch. If you don’t mind travelling further I got my ex-racer from Michael Attwater in Epsom, really nice to deal with and often has horses coming out of training. He’s quite active on Facebook.
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    I haven’t watched the men’s yet but why are they allowed to wear spurs?! My OH was in fits watching it yesterday but I said to him it’s not really that funny, poor horses! I’d kill to be able to get mine to do a nice round over 1m20 and they were just awful. Not nice to watch at all.
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    Please reassure me..PTS😢

    I’m so sorry your having to make this decision massive hugs to you. Quite a few years ago I had to have my mare put to sleep and her and my gelding were literally inseparable so I was really dreading what was going to happen (he had lived with her from day 1). When she was put to sleep we left...
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    Panorama tonight - racing industry and slaughterhouses

    The guys that owned that grey horse are prolific owners in the jump racing game, I’m pretty sure they didn’t know there horse had ended up there. Its a bit like an everyday owner selling there horse to someone who promises the horse a home for life, once changed hands you have no control over...
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    Ventral oedema secondary to liver disease

    Vet is now coming tomorrow to do bloods as unfortunately it’s just getting larger and larger. It’s definitely not a fly bite. It’s almost covering his entire abdomen underneath now poor boy.