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    What bones do you give your dog? Does anyone give their dog raw hide bones as I have heard they can be dangerous in that dog can choke on them if bits get stuck in their throat. Mind has a nylabone but wondered what else you can recommend that he can chew on.
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    To neuter or not to neuter

    What are the pros and cons? My boy is 4 months and not sure what to do although vet says he wouldn't entertain doing it until he's 18 months. Opinions?
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    Raw diet

    I'm thinking of trying raw chicken wings with my 4 month old puppy. He is currently on 3 meals a day so do I substitute one of the meals purely with the raw wings or feed alongside his Orijen puppy food? Anyone else feed raw and do you think it is more beneficial ?
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    Puppy Food

    We have a 4 month puppy, currently feeding him on Orijen but at £63 per bag (lasts approx 6 wks) I'm looking for something just as good but cheaper. He is on a non grain diet, I.e treats etc. Got to say his stools are perfect, coat lovely and glossy and seems really well on it. It's just...
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    Going camping with new puppy in a few weeks. Any tips / advice of what to take etc.
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    Grain free treats

    Can anybody recommend a good nutritious grain free treat for puppy. Thanks.
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    Cats and dogs !

    We have recently had a new puppy but my cat will have nothing to do with him, she runs off - didnt think she would come back the first night but she has, mainly just to eat. She is now sleeping upstairs in our room instead of her own bed downstairs while he is in his crate. At the moment I am...
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    New puppy routine

    We are getting a new puppy so just wondered what your daily routines are re getting up walking / feeding etc. I have been told to leave about an hour between walking / feeding or vice versa. Which way round do you do it do you feed first then walk or other way round? Need to feed 3 times a day...
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    Dog Insurance

    Any recommendations of who to use? I have looked at Pet Plan but they are expensive, been advised against Tesco as they keep putting premiums up. Who do you use? It will be for a Lab puppy. Thanks.
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    Anyone noticed how the field is overrun with them at mo!
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    Private leassons

    Is there anybody on here who would be willing to give a private lesson. I am currently with a RS but would like some one to one, the only private lessons they ever have available are on a weekday but I am at work. Was looking for evenings or weekends in BIrmingham/Solihull/Warwickshire area.
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    Pony Trekking

    Hi I'm thinking of going on an organised pony trek. Someone has mentioned Kingsbury Park - has anyone been? Or can you recommend any other good places in BIrmingham/Warwick/Solihull area. Thanks
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    As not all of us have the luxury of trailers/horse boxes how do those of you manage when transporting your horses. Just wondered do you rely on friends or hire one ? How does it work ?
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    Beginner rider problems

    For those of you starting out on your riding journeys I just wondered what element of it you are struggling with. For me it is keeping my horse going in trot, I know RS horses are kind of insensitised to aids - just the nature of the beast with having all minds of beginners kicking...
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    Reliable plodder

    Thinking ahead to perhaps getting another horse for myself. As an older newbie to riding and not hoping to set the world alight, I'm looking for an older, reliable happy hacker, bombproof, safe plodder. Something that won't be used for jumping just a nice old walk and trot. So just wondering...
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    I ride in Toggi boots, do you think that certain styles of boots are better when riding I.e. Have a better grip in stirrup or are they more or less all fit for purpose and do the same job. Ps No I'm not trying to blame my boots for my riding skills LOL
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    Name suggestions

    For a female Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. Thinking of something maybe African or unusual or just cute. They are a gorgeous breed with lovely temperaments :-)
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    I am still quite new to riding - can trot but canter need lots of work (I'm determined to get there) so would it be OK for me to go out on a hack / trek do you think (in an organised group one of course ) or is it not advisable just yet ?
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    Falling off!

    Was talking to someone today who said that apparently you are not a proper rider until you have fallen off 7 times eeek! Having read some of the posts on here with regards to injuries sustained I do salute you getting back on! Just wondered in what capacity do you think most riders fall off...
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    My Gelding is not ridden at mo but has put on weight not too much to be worried about but could do with being a little trimmer. He is out 24/7 and has been rugged for most of the winter. Looking to move him over to his summer field shortly Yaaay but am looking at some ideas as to what to do...
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    Confidence Issues

    So I'm progressing with my riding slowly but surely :D still struggling with the canter but this is just a nerves issue me thinks. It's so much faster than the trot albeit a more comfortable stance. How do you get through your nerves when riding. Other than breathing obvs. Someone told me to...
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    Dog owners in Essex

    Beware of a fatal disease called Babesiosis caused by ticks which has just arrived in Uk. First cases been found in Harlow in Essex.
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    Cocker Spaniel v Beagle

    Which one would you go for? Undecided. Bit of background for us - has to be child friendly, will have lots of walks but will need routine as we work (OH works shifts - so always somebody home) want nice temperament and good with cats as we gave 10 yr old.
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    Who else finds this hard? Only done a couple, the first I thought I was going to come off which has knocked my confidence somewhat! When did you actually find it easy?
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    Unconditional love

    Just musing but to me there is nothing like the nicker my boy gives me when he sees me (usually with food I might add!) which has made me think do you think horses love you for being just you (like dogs are faithful usually to one person) or are they more like cats who will quite frankly go to...
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    Tethered horses

    Just noticed some travellers on my way to horse with about 10 cobs tethered to the roadside chewing away at Brambles and horse one is down a dip! What are your thoughts on this is it cruel to the horses or do they generally look after them ? Feel so sorry for them because most are tethered...
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    Feeding Times

    This is a question for those of you whose horses live out 24/7. Do you go up to feed them at the same time every day (inc weekends) or do you go up as and when given they're not waiting in a stable but are out and what time do you get there for in a morning ? Obviously this applies mainly to...
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    So when can I expect my once gorgeous Connie who now resembles a Yak to start shedding his winter coat?
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    Bad habits hard to break

    After reading a thread on here about keeping head up whilst riding just wondered what bad habits others have when riding, be it experienced riders or newbies like myself. Mine is also looking down especially when I'm about to do a transition be it trotting, turning etc. I also sometimes have...
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    Tell me it gets easier

    Am Feeling very despondent after my lesson yesterday. Have only been learning to canter a few times and I just can't get it! I'm struggling with being on the right rein then going from trot to canter. I have it all worked out in my head I know exactly what I'm supposed to do but it just ain't...