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    Good hacking and livery options near Hull?

    My OH has been offered a job in Hull so it looks like me will probably be moving. Can anyone recommend a good area within say 10 miles for decent outriding (for endurance and TREC) and livery options, preferably grass or DIY. Thanks!
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    OS map vs. Definitive map

    There is a particular point in our riding around here (East Devon) which is marked as a green lane on the OS map, but not allowed to ride there on the definitive map. The land owner has blocked it, and hence access to the only river fording point within 1 mile in either direction. There are...
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    Livery DESPERATELY needed Woodbury Common area

    We've just been served notice from yard owner that horses need to go with immediate effect. Is there anyone who can offer livery, even if on a short term basis for one very behaved arab mare & owner within a 20 min drive of Exmouth?
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    Riding whilst pregnant

    So the partner and I are about 10 weeks pregnant. Baby is completely unplanned but we've got our heads around it and are getting on with it (we're 37 and almost 37 so figured we ought to get on with it!!!!). Am I naive to think I can continue to ride until I'm almost fit to drop? OK, so...
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    Moving and musings

    also posted in South West room by mistake! Just thinking out loud - no need to reply, unless you can provide some useful perspective I've not considered. Why is finding somewhere to live that ticks all the boxes so blimming hard! I live in Ottery St Mary, work in Exeter and have my mare...
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    Moving & musings

    Just thinking out loud - no need to reply, unless you can provide some useful perspective I've not considered. Why is finding somewhere to live that ticks all the boxes so blimming hard! I live in Ottery St Mary, work in Exeter and have my mare on DIY livery on a fantastic yard with 24/7...
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    Instructor needed

    Can anyone recommend a good instructor in the East Devon area? I've got a lovely little Arab mare whose brakes sometimes go AWOL when we are at endurance rides - she finds riding with a lot of other horses quite stressful. I can work on that, but a bit of additional schooling under our belts...
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    Anyone in Aberdeenshire?

    OH has a job interview in Aberdeen next week. Bloody long way from Devon, so I guess we'll be relocating if he is sucessful. Can anyone tell me what the area is like for riding? And endurance in particular? How does open access work in practice? Is there a lot of off-road riding? How wet & does...
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    Places to box to in Devon?

    OK, now that I have a new 4x4 and fully serviced trailer, I can start to have some fun outings again avec le Pony. We have a full endurance season planned, but as well as that, I'm looking for suggestions of good places to explore. She is stabled on Aylesbeare Common, so I am aiming for good...
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    sharers - how much would/do you pay?

    I've never had a sharer before so I have no idea how to pitch it. If you are a sharer, how much do you pay and what do you get? Or..... How much would you pay to share a 14.3 pba for unlimited riding? Hacking, schooling, local shows. Option to do endurance rides if you wanted? She's an...
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    Marjorie has cankles!

    I've never had this before. Turned her into a new, rested and very grass-filled paddock at the weekend. She's also had less work (well, no work) for the past week through a combination of lack of daylight, foul weather and my pressing deadlines. Anyway, I noticed this morning that both her...
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    Why do teenagers think they are invincible?!

    Usual story: 7:45 so dusk and car lights needed. Teenager riding through village where there are no street lights. No hiviz. No lights. Dark horse. Dark clothes. I stopped to check/ask what the heck they were thinking. "but we only live down the road" "but we got caught out" "but I will...
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    Small livery grumble - feel free to ignore!

    my fellow liveries are lovely people, but my goodness are they untidy! I got to the yard this morning to find: gates left open padlocks left off gates stable doors wide open barrows unemptied a broom on the stable roof (how?!) Muttered under my breath and sorted it all out.... Just as well my...
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    watching my horse learn...

    ... Is such a buzz! Marjorie has been showing signs of getting a little stale/bored, so I have decided to introduce her to the art of showjumping. What's that I hear you say? Arabs can't jump? Especially those of the chestnure mare variety? Wrong! She is positively loving it. And she's...
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    Was this you? Do you know this person?

    Riding out this evening in Venn Ottery, East Devon? On a grey appallosa? Crossing the busy B3180 at rush hour on a Friday? 5:40 in a gathering dusk? With no form of hi-viz or lights? Wearing dark clothing? Putting yourself, other road users and most importantly, your lovely little horse at risk...